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LukeMaPi LukeMaPiWhat are Retro Achievements? 1 year ago
This is a fantastic video ! As the site, as the idea, as all that has gift us a new way to enjoy retrogames. Discovery this site and its communi...
LukeMaPi LukeMaPitelevandalist dev log [remastered] 1 year ago
I only have one word: thanks
LukeMaPi LukeMaPiHi there! 2 years ago
Welcome. I love Binding of Isaac too. Great game but too hard achievments
LukeMaPi LukeMaPiMoldorian - The Sisters of Light and Darkness | Hikari to Yami no Sister 2 years ago
Great work, I have started it today. I don't play an old style RPG almost twenty five years.
LukeMaPi LukeMaPiHello everyone 2 years ago
Having discovered this fabulous site will give me a second youth (I need trophies but old great games too). You guys have made a great job gr...