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Darkomegalord DarkomegalordAn Offline Mode 4 minutes ago
I think offline mode can be work. You just need ditch the competitive in softcore mode or make separate mode like hardco...
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ladynadiad ladynadiadI am the developer of the Life is Strange Gameboy adaptation, Lifeis2-D. 4 minutes ago
Once you have your discord account verified post in the tech support forum pinging qa-maintainer and ask for the jr dev ...
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jabman696 jabman696Manhunt 2 13 minutes ago
Alright, I'm going to try to dev this again. With the knowledge that I have now from making 4 sets on this set, I h...
jabman696 jabman696Lethal Weapon 18 minutes ago
Finally after all the work and extra support and help from @suspect15, this set is finally official!!!
CzesiekPL CzesiekPLRA Site Enhancements Userscripts 19 minutes ago
ColorMarkGame dont work for me. Maybe I am doing something wrong but not work on forum and in Hubs there is everything o...
televandalist televandalistChallenge League The Top 100 [1/1/23-12/31/23] 45 minutes ago
[023/100] @DanielARP's Challenge: ...
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Doggy227 Doggy2272023's RetroAchievements Roulette (RAWR) 1 hour ago
Week 33: a twobie cuz no bizhawk for me Gravity Well (5) Hi-Score (1)
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Stenzek StenzekEmudeck Duckstation - Hardcore Mode no longer works 1 hour ago
> wait for Discovery Flatpak to update itself. Which is exactly one of the reasons why it's unsupported. I have ...
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ladynadiad ladynadiadHouse Cleaning 1 hour ago
New tickets resolved: 2 September/October tickets resolved: 5 + 9 carryover Ticket 63635 Ticket 63641
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f3rns f3rns~Homebrew~ Full Circle - Rocketeer 1 hour ago
Thank you so much for this achievement set. I had a hard time making the game to run, basically if your are not fami...
Amir96lx Amir96lx~Homebrew~ Planted Spy 1 hour ago
Official Topic Post for discussion about ~Homebrew~ Planted Spy (Game Boy) Created 23 Sep, 2023 12:56 by @Amir96lx Resou...
ZeeRA ZeeRADora the Explorer: Dora''s World Adventure 2 hours ago
MiningMario MiningMarioPeak Streak 2 hours ago
Day 230: Brain Power (Watara Supervision)
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Kyluya KyluyaSuper Metroid 3 hours ago
I think it could be neat to have a subset where you beat the game without using any save points. Little...challenge run.
joker1000 joker1000~Hack~ Pokemon - Fools Gold 3 hours ago
What is with the Kanto Gym Leader? Defeat Red and the Kanto Gym Leader Rematch Teams are at Level 90 and higher? My Team...
Lifeis2D Lifeis2DNew Game Page Requests 3 hours ago
My own game (s), Life is 2-D, an episode by episode Gameboy adaptation of Life is Strange, created via GB Studio. Epi...
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AnTiHrIsTiS AnTiHrIsTiSMetal Slug Anthology 4 hours ago
The game won't even start. Black screen
QRS666 QRS666Resident Evil 2 4 hours ago
2 times in a row now I have been dying (Trying the no save runs...) by the "Locust" in the tunnel while playin...
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bryandelmond bryandelmondStill struggling with the rules eh? 4 hours ago
I regret only finding about this thread now because I'll never be able to read the original unedited OP post. That ...
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thegotoguyy thegotoguyyAny sets that are completeable by a normal person with a normal amount of time and no knowledge of exploits and glitches? 5 hours ago
Very good addition I must say
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fieryfire fieryfireKingdom Hearts II: Final Mix 6 hours ago
Can anyone help how do I install xdelta3 on steam deck. I've been struggling with this for 4 hours looking to patch...
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Bl4h8L4hBl4h Bl4h8L4hBl4h~Homebrew~ Cheril Perils Classic 7 hours ago
Official Topic Post for discussion about ~Homebrew~ Cheril Perils Classic (SG-1000) Created 23 Sep, 2023 07:25 by @Bl4h8...
GodricZero GodricZeroPokemon Pearl Version 7 hours ago
Got it, thank you!
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Hexadigital Hexadigital~Homebrew~ Hopman 8 hours ago
Official Topic Post for discussion about ~Homebrew~ Hopman (SG-1000) Created 23 Sep, 2023 06:44 by @Hexadigital Resource...
Hexadigital Hexadigital~Homebrew~ H7N9 8 hours ago
Unfortunately, the SG-1000 port of this seems to be broken and doesn't let you collect keys. Dropping the claim.
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