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Did something weird happen in RAVBA? Crash? Unexpected behaviour? Please let me know with as much detail as possible!
19 Mar, 2020 04:25
What achievements work well with Gameboy or GBA titles? What would you like to see? Let us know!
02 Apr, 2020 13:32

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on Today 19:36 in Fantasy Zone
Boss Blizzard: it's a sprite glitch (not exactly a glitch, but acts like one) when you hug the left ...
on Today 19:10 in Sonic CD
So, is this really the correct version? This is good! As for RA Checksum comparison, usually the RA ...
on Today 17:59 in ~Hack~ The Senate
on Today 17:23 in ~Hack~ The Senate
Official Topic Post for discussion about [game=16190] Created 2 Apr, 2020 17:23 by [user=jeandelima]...
on Today 16:37 in Crash on input configuration
Isn't there a file that I could edit?...
on Today 16:35 in Crash on input configuration
Hello Same here: 100% of the time, the app crashes when I am required to configure the START butt...
on Today 16:02 in Parasite Eve
Ok, thanks for the tips. I'm on my way to complete the game and then I'll start grinding for junks. ...
on Today 15:38 in How to close tickets?
Rod Land: problem was not in RetroArch. Fixed. ...