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For general discussion about developing achievements.
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Stuck on something? Need more info about the toolset? Post here!
16 May, 2021 18:22
Need to understand something more about RAGens or RASnes9x? Creating or improving achievements? What RAM is there to use? What challenges can I create?
12 Apr, 2021 06:41

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YahwehTzVaoth on Today 04:17 in Peak Streak
Day 91 [game=14157] ^Best badge icon on the website, by far.^ QotD: No. I think they’re s...
malasdair on Today 04:07 in Final Fantasy III (J)
There's one missable achievement not listed in the otherwise reliable missables post: [ach=42889] ...
SlashTangent on Today 03:04 in The Unwanted Month 11: 5/15 - 6/15
Two more to clear the game of ALL tickets. [game=14337]
mikeisafighter on Today 02:55 in Peak Streak
Day 49 [game=1470] This feels like a personal victory for me. Been struggling so much to get this...
Hotscrock on Today 02:55 in RA RnR #49 (May 08 - May 14, 2021)
Revisions and Rescores that took place in the last week: [img=
GalacticSpear on Today 02:23 in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest
I want to make a revision proposal for this set, the set will be highly focused on: - Hard Mode C...
Bendyhuman on Today 01:24 in Peak Streak
Leaderboard updated. QotD: Do you enjoy creepypastas?...
ForwardedCall on Today 01:05 in ~Hack~ Crystal Clear
I'd just give up on this. Upgrading from v2.2 is already buggy. Wouldn't want to imagine starting fr...