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For general discussion about developing achievements.
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Stuck on something? Need more info about the toolset? Post here!
16 Sep, 2020 05:06
Need to understand something more about RAGens or RASnes9x? Creating or improving achievements? What RAM is there to use? What challenges can I create?
22 Sep, 2020 02:12

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I have an icon that matches the rest of the FamiNES Rock/Mega Man icons Current [img=https://retr...
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yes they all play a little different to even with them all having basically the same lay out...
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Everyone has survived in week 15! ...
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Rescore proposal (399 -> ???) [b]Rough Draft[/b] - i didn't master the game yet, new points are ...
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That's totally understandable, thanks a lot [user=msdmario] for the great set and thanks for the ans...
on Today 07:43 in Metal Gear Solid: Integral
Japanese saves only on that one. Castlevania Symphony of the Night I know will work. I'm honestly no...
on Today 04:42 in Picross 3D
Because the dlc requires all 3 regions of roms. The dlc is gonna be added its just not ready yet . L...
on Today 04:31 in Why I am probably Leaving RA: Witchhunting and the willful ignorance of the lead team
It really sucks that some people cheat. Because of the more checks put into place to check connectio...