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Forum: SNES (RASnes9x)

What was your favourite SNES game? Post here about SNES games and about the RASnes9x app.
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What would you like to see achievable on SNES? Star Fox achievements? Mario? Zelda?
29 Nov, 2021 12:24
Bug ReportsBug Reports
Did something weird happen in RASnes9x? Crash? Unexpected behaviour? Please let me know with as much detail as possible!
23 Nov, 2021 15:11

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Delmaru on Today 13:52 in Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island [Bonus]
Official Topic Post for discussion about [game=5225] Created 29 Nov, 2021 13:52 by [user=Delmaru]...
dcmpinguim on Today 13:47 in Borda amarela de conquista e "mastered" sem realizar conquistas hardcore
Também não vejo como choro mas vejo sim que tem brechas mas a sony que você citou tem muitas e la...
Artanis on Today 13:00 in Borda amarela de conquista e "mastered" sem realizar conquistas hardcore
Ah foi vc então. Blz ^^ Concordo que é legal, brechas sempre haverão... Sempre jogaremos com ch...
Freakservo on Today 12:24 in EarthBound
Oop! Someone beat me to the answer! I concede! XD
Moka on Today 12:21 in EarthBound
You may want to look at the forum for the actual game you're interested in, seems like you may be in...
toro00 on Today 12:18 in Wonder Boy (Game Gear) achievement problem not working
hello please fix the achievements these are not working for this game to be able to complete it in n...
Zonlan on Today 12:10 in EarthBound
don't know if here is where I should do this inquiry but will there be any set for Mother 1+2? Becau...
Shmelyoff on Today 11:05 in ~Hack~ Castlevania - Rondo of Ruin
Version 1.0.4 was linked I didn't unlink 1.0.3 yet in case somebody currently using it. Right now I...