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Note About Upgrading

If you were brought to this page because the emulator told you that a new version is available, download the new version and extract it over the existing folder. This way you won't lose any save files that you may have.

RAppleWin (AppleWin)

RAGens (Gens)

RALibRetro (LibRetro)

RALibRetro is a multi-emulator that can be used for achievements development.

RAMeka (Meka)


RAP64 (Project64)

RAQUASI88 (Quasi88)

RASnes9x (Snes9x)

RAVBA (VisualBoyAdvance)

RetroArch (RetroArch)

Maintained by libretro. Supports a multitude of platforms - including Linux, Mac, Windows, Android.
Download from See Cores Compatibility List.

Source Code

All RetroAchievements emulators are released as free software. Licensing terms for usage and distribution of derivative works may vary depending on the emulator. Please consult the license information of each one for more details.
Standalone Emulators repository:
RALibretro repository:

Legal does not condone or supply any copyright-protected ROMs to be used in conjunction with the emulator supplied within. There are no copyright-protected ROMs available for download on