Contact Us

Admins and Moderators

Send a message to RAdmin for:

  • Reporting offensive behavior.
  • Reporting copyrighted material.
  • Requesting to be untracked.

Developer Compliance

Send a message to DevCompliance for:

  • Requesting set approval or early set release.
  • Reporting achievements or sets with unwelcome concepts.
  • Reporting sets failing to cover basic progression.

Quality Assurance

Send a message to QATeam for:

  • Reporting a broken set, leaderboard, or rich presence.
  • Requesting a set be playtested.
  • Hash compatibility questions.
  • Hub organizational questions.
  • Getting involved in a QA sub-team.

Art Team

Send a message to RAArtTeam for:

  • Icon Gauntlets and how to start one.
  • Proposing art updates.
  • Questions about art-related rule changes.
  • Requests for help with creating a new badge or badge set.


Send a message to DevQuest for submissions, questions, ideas, or reporting issues related to DevQuest.

Cheating Reports

Send a message to RACheats if you believe someone is in violation of our Global Leaderboard and Achievement Hunting Rules.

Please include as much evidence as possible to support your claim. This could include screenshots, videos, links to suspicious profiles, or any other relevant information that demonstrates the alleged violation. Describe each piece of evidence in detail, explaining why it suggests a violation of the rules. The more comprehensive and clear your submission, the more efficiently we can evaluate and address the issue.

Writing Team

Send a message to WritingTeam for:

  • Reporting achievements with grammatical mistakes.
  • Reporting achievements with unclear or confusing descriptions.
  • Requesting help from the team with proofreading achievement sets.
  • Requesting help for coming up with original titles for achievements.


Send a message to RANews for:

  • Submitting a Play This Set, Wish This Set, or RAdvantage entry.
  • Submitting a retrogaming article.
  • Proposing a new article idea.
  • Getting involved with RANews.


Send a message to RAEvents for submissions, questions, ideas, or reporting issues related to community events.

Send a message to TheUnwanted for submissions, questions, ideas, or reporting issues specifically related to The Unwanted.