Date Night - Women Love Bad Boys [m]

4 Mar 2022 01:46
adamjohnny5 uploaded this achievement.
4 Mar 2022 23:25
adamjohnny5 promoted this achievement to the Core set.
Daphtaru 6 Mar 2022 06:12
Might just be me but I can't seem to get this one to work yet.
MaxMilyin 6 Mar 2022 07:23
Yeah, this is the only one I can't pop- tried everything
MaxMilyin 6 Mar 2022 07:51
Ok the trick is that Marin also has alternate dialogue for breaking pots just like with the chicken
Daphtaru 6 Mar 2022 09:11
Haven't ran into an alternate dialogue for throwing pots.
Delmaru 6 Mar 2022 10:29
Just gotta keep throwing pots in the ghost's house, is all. Seems random for both that and the Cucco dialogues, but you'll get them if you keep trying.
adamjohnny5 6 Mar 2022 11:10
With me, it took entering and exiting the ghost house a few times, resmashing pots for her to say her line. sorry for any confusion.
Daphtaru 6 Mar 2022 11:12
Yeah, I have it now after around 300. Had no idea this was a thing, I knew about the other 2.
6 Mar 2022 11:12
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6 Mar 2022 16:25
adamjohnny5 edited this achievement.
adamjohnny5 6 Mar 2022 16:26
Updated the achievement and logic. IDK why i thought forcing the dialogues to take place in certain screens was a good idea.
6 Mar 2022 18:09
adamjohnny5 edited this achievement.
Glendaal 8 Mar 2022 04:27
I got it in miss mew mew's house, there is a big load of pots there
Ghal416 8 Mar 2022 22:58
Omfg finalllyyy....I must have destroyed like hundreds of pots over a half hour or so before Marin finally decided to spill the beans sigh.
9 Mar 2022 00:10
adamjohnny5 edited this achievement.
adamjohnny5 9 Mar 2022 00:11
Upgraded points to reflect potential RNG difficulty
REDS 5 Jul 2022 20:58
The only thing to worry is to wait until pop the right message. It tooks me 4 minutes
Xaxuslyph 27 Sep 2022 02:02
So I looked up the alternate dialog and found that someone noted that she says the alternate in houses with multiple rooms more frequently. Sure enough, after smashing all the pots in Madam Meowmeow for what seemed like forever. I go to the house at the top of Mabe Village where you trade the Yoshi Doll. The second pot I smash gives the alt dialog. I also attacked the Cucco on The Shop Screen that I saw in the same linked page and got THAT alt dialog pretty quickly too. Here is the link -
Enzis 13 Nov 2022 08:14
There are 2 pot dialogs, 2 chicken dialogs, and one drawer dialog. Get the drawer one in bowwows home.
Davehx 25 Feb 2023 03:59
@Xaxuslyph...Superb advice, thank you