Treasure VI

20 Sep 2020 19:22
Blazekickn uploaded this achievement.
23 Sep 2020 07:49
"psyduck" promoted this achievement to the Core set.
OmegaVideoGameGod 6 Jan 2021 03:05
Try to get the blue coin from the eye in the room with the red coins first. including the one right on the edge.
OmegaVideoGameGod 6 Jan 2021 03:06
Once again, if anybody needs help message me.
killer9755 16 Apr 2021 13:11
I got the corner eye coins by letting it shoot you first then circling thru it
Dumelax 3 May 2021 18:36
By far one of the worst ones to get. Between the bat that flies near boulders, the eye that's chilling on the edge (that you almost HAVE to damage boost through) and the monkey bars over a bottomless pit, I have to say I hate the one who made this.
LolindirLink 28 May 2021 19:04
I reccomend NOT starting with the eye, Start by going left! Get the insect before he drops off into the void (happened to me at 100+ coins!) Try to get the bat in the little area with the heart and practice your long jumps back and forth.
LolindirLink 28 May 2021 19:06
These 2 enemy's are the worst.The eyes are not too bad. get hit by the eye shot, only 1 dmg! save some coins for recovery! THEN do the rest!
RandoT 29 Jul 2021 14:56
Agree. After that, go straight to the maze and get the blue coins. I got the 100 coins star right when I was getting the blue coins, and the animation made the timer run out. Circling through the Eyes while in i-frames was invaluable info!
Glendaal 22 Aug 2021 04:46
I got it on my 4th or 5th try, but I KNOW I've been pretty lucky, I fell down both times as the eyes were dying but I was able to wall jump fast enough to grab blue coins before they disappear. Got lucky with both bats on the ceiling of the red coins too. Glad I didn't have to struggle too much for once
Chaos447 26 Jan 2022 11:18
Please demote to bonus or remove bat coins. RNG should not be required for achievements.
jarccc 27 Apr 2022 13:58
lo más complicados son los 2 ojos,2 murciélagos que están en la sala de las monedas rojas y el murciélago de las rocas. Mi consejo es conseguir todo en la sala de las monedas rojas primero,luego ir a por la moneda delmurciélago de la roca pero dandole una patada al lado derecho y ajustando bien la cámara.asín resultará más facíl conseguir esa moneda y por ultimo sobre mi punto de vista las monedas azules tienen un pocode lio pero haciendolo rápido conseguiras las 7
EmeraldFox 31 Aug 2022 00:35
Tip for those struggling with the Mr. I on the corner, you don't have to run full speed around it, I was able to walk slowly around it to defeat it
BerkRider 10 Oct 2022 21:57
tip for Mr. I, let him hit you with the bubble shot then use the invincibility frame to circle around it, as for the bat, just drop down the abiss slide and jump spam near the right wooden door, the bat will easily get near you there instead of waiting for it to fly at the heart piece platform...
Todaug 6 Feb 2023 02:27
This turned out to be less challenging than expected. Based on the advice of others, start by striking the bat on the left, then gather the blue coin, and lastly concentrate on the eyes. Instead of waiting for the eye to attack you and circle around him, I found it easier to walk on him and circle around him while you're invulnerable for the next two seconds.
GUGA0x3 10 Feb 2023 03:01
Meu amigo oque dificulta muito coisas tão simples é a câmera do game , vc joga contra ela também kkk
SuperMeatBro 14 Mar 2023 14:21
this is more long than hard, the bat in the boulders part is the worst. The Eyes werent that much trouble you can kill them fast by damage boosting tru them, once you get that it is not to bad.
FreudianLisp 11 May 2023 15:48
The eye on the corner is super easy if you ride the platform over and park it kitty-corner. Make sure you don’t hit 100 coins during the blue coin timer. The bat is by far the worst part. It seems to fly directly away from you so I direct it towards the heart platform, then long jump over there to hit it. If you miss it there then there’s time to follow it to the boulders for a second chance.
ThePixelJunkie 11 May 2023 17:48
I agree with Chaos447. Bat coins ruin this cheevo for me entirely. Not fun
shub 1 Jul 2023 18:21
Advice for the Mr. I enemies: if you get hit by them and then run into them, you will essentially have infinite invulnerability while you're inside their hitbox. At this point, if you crawl around in a circle they'll still die and drop the blue coin. Much easier than trying to be precise with walking around them and falling off accidentally.
1 Sep 2023 19:24
ThatAmericanSlacker removed this achievement's type.
Jazmataz 13 Nov 2023 13:42
This should have been 25 Points in my Opinion. Too much can go wrong with Enemies.