Contra III: The Alien Wars
Console icon SNES

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Brian 7 Jan 2015 21:45
If you're wondering why this game doesn't have a High Score leaderboard, well it's because it's extremely easy to infinitely grind free score on this game.
p4uloalmeida 22 Feb 2015 12:52
I think u can not press L + R + Shot buttons for achievement "Complete the game without using a Bomb"
NewJourneysFire 9 Jul 2015 16:56
Why not have a speed run leaderboard?
IggyDaDino 3 Aug 2015 18:23
Not a huge fan of hitless achieves, especially those that require a lot of time investment before needing to reset.
Brian 3 Dec 2015 11:51
I'm revisiting this soon. Also I'm pretty sure there's no in-game timer for a speedrun leaderboard. I plan on removing the achievement for beating the game on Hard without dying.
Brian 3 Dec 2015 19:40
Demoted 3. If you don't feel like the set is good, leave a suggestion, because I don't see how I can improve it further.
Brian 3 Dec 2015 19:42
Going to recheck the actual code of some of these soon, because it was only my 2nd set and I know the RAM in this game is bad.
jeandelima 17 Jun 2016 23:37
Nossa vio, terminar no hard sem tomar um tiro. Tem que ser fodo mesmo.
EcchiCR 9 Aug 2016 00:42
Someone for a netplay try??
TressTM 11 Jun 2017 17:33
Insane hard. very challenge x_x
alexminasepm82 18 Mar 2018 17:25
Hi Evereyone....I asked meleu to link the hash 01e10d6afdd0c4a3e160ebb7286c18ba to this game. It's a MSU1 patch for better sound effects.
gonta89 24 Jan 2019 16:45
One of Action Game Masterpiece! (^o^)/
HeavensFury 16 Aug 2019 14:44
HeavensFury: MASTERED!
HeavensFury 16 Aug 2019 14:45
On my birthday too. lol
AzuchiAkeshi 21 Jun 2020 16:07
I didn't remember this game being so difficult! I give up... .-.
VitorWYX 23 Jan 2021 20:33
how I can play??
AzuchiAkeshi 1 May 2021 15:02
Finally Mastered! *~*
Metahold 4 May 2021 05:52
Mastered! Thanks for the awesome set!
ggodeny1 25 May 2021 04:21
RetroBoy79 25 May 2021 18:07
One of the best games on the Super Nintendo
RossWyatt 26 May 2021 21:07
lol I quit before I beat stage 1, I took a look at the achievements and ultimately decided "forget this crap", I've already completed this game anyway on the Contra Collection on Xbox One
Retrogamerdude23 20 Sep 2021 14:02
The game is already hard enough. Ridiculous cheevos. Looks like they have a fetish for "not getting hit"
DenguinhoI 7 Mar 2022 13:28
MASTERED!!! check my channel to see tips how to master this game.
Apocalypse612 2 Sep 2022 01:14
Look how low the achievement acquirement rate is for almost half the set, which are the hitless achievements on an already very difficult game. Why do certain devs do this? Realllly lame, in my opinion, so I must agree with the others.
knochenfabrik 22 Mar 2023 21:12
These achievements... i'm out.

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