U.N. Squadron
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yoyo 16 Jan 2014 17:14
Nice achievements but nothing for completion? Hopefully there's one for at least completing the game, let alone on the three difficulties. Those would be achievements well-earned. :)
NickFurynstein 23 Feb 2014 05:50
Buy all planes achievement is nonsense since u cant make that money by finishing the game so ull just stuck playing the same crappy "shoot the trucks" until u have enough...imagine playing first level of tetris 100 times in a row to achieve something
Rewsifer 27 Jul 2014 19:11
... There's only 1 level of tetris :p
Balrogg 30 Jun 2015 16:17
no achievement for the hidden difficulty ? (gamer difficulty )
Atheistpanic 12 Sep 2016 07:05
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBReTPHzgeo <<< got all the planes and beat the game, although not done with the RA emulator. o_o Can't get them all, huh?
frenzymatt 7 Nov 2016 20:56
This awesome game deserves more love
SnaPPaGentleMan 2 Jan 2017 22:36
Don't think "High Fivin" works anymore, cause I maxed out my vulcan cannon..
shotobro 4 Oct 2017 00:06
High Fivin not working confirmed
GH59 5 Dec 2017 13:32
"High Fivin" is working. I've just unlock this achievement.
shotobro 5 Dec 2017 13:51
got it working ty
LouisDoucet 6 Jan 2018 16:12
Where is the best place for farming money? Is it worth doing missions and dying on the boss on purpose? (Vulcan upgraded to 5 didn't work for me by the way but I had switch planes in between levels so might be why)
shotobro 6 Jan 2018 21:35
Farm trucks right before the last stage
SilentComplexity 18 Jun 2018 08:21
...Farm 2 hidden money stars, in the (next to last stage) canyon. Use up continues. Each star = 50,000.
JailDesigner 25 Jun 2018 16:06
Which difficulty for killing the bosses?
LouisDoucet 25 Jun 2018 16:10
Any difficulty should work. If achievements aren't triggering for you when you beat missions then there's probably an issue with the ROM you're using.
JailDesigner 27 Jun 2018 21:15
It worked on the RGBPI. Maybe the PC didnt had wifi connection. Thanks
Earthsouls 7 Feb 2020 23:41
For those having issues getting money for all planes... you can farm the ex quartermaster missions. Before defeating the blackbird and ceiling machine.
TuxedoMarty 28 Feb 2020 23:03
Can't I play Area 88 INSTEAD of U.N. Squadron to get these achievements?!
CriminalCrimson 4 Sep 2022 22:41
For "Gotta Fly Em All" you must not lose any lives until you reach The Canyon (dont beat The Cavern yet, if you run out of lives during the money farm you can still try to beat this level). In The Canyon, the first and third tower have a hidden money star. Pick them and continue the level until the boss and die. Repeat the process until you get enough money (when i did it took only 2 continues, 1 left)
During this money farm, if you run out of lives and continues just continue playing to The Cavern (this boss drops $200,000)
Useful weapon for farm: Cluster (using crusader is only $3000), if you feel this game hard you can also use Mega Crush but remember use it only when you see the towers
CriminalCrimson 4 Sep 2022 22:43
Also, when you have the money, make sure to buy Efreet as your 1st plane, then the expensive planes and cheap ones to last. This is for, in case you need to beat The Cavern, you have already the best plane.
Idiopathos 16 Sep 2022 20:54
My vote also for adding a level of difficulty to the achievements (the 'gamer' one specially). Another idea could be the completion of a stage without being hit/killed, or points according to the number of stages completed from the beginning without getting down.
b1llygo4t 29 Jan 2023 09:28
I was also disappointed there were no difficulty achievements. I went back to farm the achievements in hardcore mode and did them all in like 30 minutes using easy mode. I definitely feel like i cheesed it.

The game has an alternate ending if you beat it on hard or gamer mode without using a continue. That should definitely be an achievement.
MogomraZero 8 Apr 2023 07:19
High Fivin' appears to be bugged. In order to unlock it, you need to raise your Vulcan Cannon up Level 5 *without* switching from the default F8E Crusader that you start the game with. You will need to collect 32 POW as Shin, 37 POW as Mickey, or 42 POW as Greg in order to raise it to level 5. Using Greg, I ended up hitting level 5 at the start of the Canyon Base. Probably best to go for the achievements "Efreet of Nothing" and "Cool Million" at the same time that you go for this one, as you'll have around $900,000 cash at the start of the Canyon Base run and a little over a million by the end of the stage - just in time to buy an Efreet and some weaponry to take on Ceiling Machine.
Limelight1210 30 Jul 2023 13:29
Fantastic set, I had a great time revisiting the game with these achievements!!!
ScruteyBaybeh 30 Sep 2023 09:22
Love this game, was my first horizontal shooter way back. Thank you for the nice set!