LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game
Console icon PlayStation 2

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Tuskkar 28 Apr 2022 22:18
jerbq 13 Sep 2022 22:31
so hyped for this one
TheRealBillHicks 14 Sep 2022 00:52
I remember the day this came out. Pure nostalgia. Every lego game I've played on RA was because i couldn't play this one (yet). Hyped for this set!
Vervaticus 1 Oct 2022 03:06
Why is this not in the lego hub
Anic 1 Oct 2022 03:09
It is now.
Vervaticus 1 Oct 2022 03:10
Awesome ๐Ÿ‘
krehztim 1 Oct 2022 03:51
For achievement runs, how can I save progress and still get hardcore cheevios? no clue how to save and load, unless it's just through the ps2 interface itself.
LivRetro 1 Oct 2022 15:07
you can save everytime you clear a level
VGLongplays 1 Oct 2022 18:57
Kinda wish there were challenge achievements (e.g. finish a level without jumping more than 5 times), but still fun to re-play this masterpiece.
Anic 1 Oct 2022 18:59
I want to add those challenges (damageless, least studs) in subsets but my request was refused.
TheRealBillHicks 1 Oct 2022 20:07
Petition for a subset? Lol
PedroAceytuno 2 Oct 2022 02:26
what version do you go down to have the trophies in this game?
TheRealBillHicks 2 Oct 2022 02:47
USA v1.01
Mischef02 6 Oct 2022 02:24
im using a physical disc copy and the achievements arent loading. Is there a way to check the hash on my disc to see if it matches up?
TheRealBillHicks 6 Oct 2022 02:34
Might be able to scan it with retroarch, then check the hash from its playlist entry. Ive never tried with a disc before though.
VenHur 8 Oct 2022 02:37
Anic 8 Oct 2022 21:50
Added support to all regions and versions.
SCIM 11 Oct 2022 22:09
Mastered. This was fun, I'd like to see the sequel get a set too at some point.
TheRealBillHicks 11 Oct 2022 22:25
There's a solid port of lego star wars 2 on PSP that has a set already, but yes, i agree. I hope to see all the early Lego games here one day.
Schlim 21 Oct 2022 23:16
Mastered. So happy this is a set. Fingers crosses for Lego Star Wars II PS2 set...
GorbrushThreepwood 23 Oct 2022 19:53
Are you able to use the Invincibility extra you can purchase without locking achievements? Getting True Jedi rating on Kashyyyk will be much less irritating.
TheRealBillHicks 23 Oct 2022 20:54
Yea, invincibility is ok to use.
Kinsei1 24 Oct 2022 01:28
M644 24 Oct 2022 02:52
Mastered, My first mastered game actually, was fun to come back to this game
IantasGames1995 26 Oct 2022 02:16
Mastered! / Platinado! :D

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