Pokemon Platinum Version
Console icon Nintendo DS

  • Obtain TM64 Explosion from the Game Corner.

    124 (107) of 1,829 – 6.78%

    5.85% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    6.78% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by Blazekickn on: 05 Feb, 2020 09:48
    Last modified: 19 Sep, 2022 01:12

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    6 Feb 2020 21:04
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    drisc 19 Sep 2022 01:12
    Let Clafairy leave so that the minigame ends, otherwise the rounds don't count.
    TimeLink 22 Jan 2023 23:10
    To summarize all the information floating around on the internet into a comprehensive guide:
    - Spin the wheels until Clefairy appears. Exit out and retry if it's not a Shiny Clefairy.
    - Follow Clefairy's directions to stop the wheels depending on where it points. After 15 stops, Clefairy might leave and you'll have to retry. It has to stay 10 times in a row, which is luck-based (with Shiny Clefairy having the highest odds).
    - While Clefairy is pointing, if the moon flashes red, mess it up. Success will tire Clefairy and increase its chance to leave.
    - If the moon flashes white instead, make sure you get it right, as it guarantees it to stay for another round.
    - As said above, once you have your 10 rounds, play until Clefairy leaves, then exit. Do not exit prematurely or it will not count.
    adamdotpng 10 Feb 2023 12:42
    I don't know if choosing a machine matters, but I was able to get over 10 rounds twice with the machine that's above the blonde NPC. That one felt more likely to get Clefairy chances too.
    WKGames 12 Feb 2023 20:40
    I possibly got really lucky, but I managed to get this on the very first Clefairy I encountered (it was a Ditto Clefairy and it was in the slot machine adamdotpng mentioned for what it's worth). I'm glad this done, I was expecting this to be super annoying.

    I read on the wiki that if you quit out of the slot machine before losing the bonus round, you don't get it, so make sure you keep playing after Round 10 until you finally lose.
    RestlessTome 9 Sep 2023 09:12
    To clarify what others have said up there, use the machine above the female blonde NPC on the left, not the guy in the middle.

    Using that machine, I got multiple Shiny Clefairys quickly and the third one stayed for 15 rounds. Wasn't so bad in the end.
    CaptainEffort 11 Sep 2023 20:53
    Consistently got no more than 2 bonus rounds until suddenly getting 18. Thank god that’s over lmao
    DragonCurse4 17 Nov 2023 01:53
    Just like all Game Corner achievements, this one was pretty stressful towards the end lol. I spent several hours trying to get it yesterday with several shiny clefairys. The first one was the closest I got with 8 rounds before the clefairy decided to peace out. After that the clefairys wouldn't stay for more than 5 rounds. So I decided to call it a break until today, where I was able to get it on exactly 10 rounds on the third clefairy (who was a normal one by the way).

    Glad that's done. When I'm not trying to do a specific thing for hours for an achievement, I have to say I think this is my favorite game corner game. Or at least the one I had the most fun playing.
    Darkrai 24 Jun 2024 03:36
    Awesome I got this on the first Clefairy that popped up, also I used the machine adamdoypng said to use the one above the beauty NPC.

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