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  • Have all Ribbons related to the Battle Tower except the two impossible ones a Single Pokemon. (View Summary)

    77 (60) of 1,408 – 5.47%

    4.26% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    5.47% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by Blazekickn on: 04 Feb, 2020 06:02
    Last modified: 11 Apr, 2021 06:41

    4 Feb 2020 06:02
    Blazekickn uploaded this achievement.
    4 Feb 2020 06:20
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    23 Feb 2021 15:02
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    PrimalGiratina 1 Apr 2021 16:42
    Had to open a ticket for this one, checked the summary of my Salamence with the four possible ones: "Ability, Super Ability, Double Ability and Multi Ability" Ribbons and no achievement.
    11 Apr 2021 06:41
    SporyTike edited this achievement.
    Empovyle 6 Aug 2022 21:41
    I used Garchomp adamant 255 attack/255 speed earthquake/outrage/fire fang/swords dance, Starmie timid 255 sp.att/255 speed surf/psychic/ice beam/thunderbolt, Blissey bold 255 hp/255 defense softboiled/toxic/substitute/refresh for singles and multi and picked riley or mira only. Riley's dragonite is definitely the preferred partner for garchomp. For doubles I added an Infernape Jolly 255 attack/255 speed fake out/flare blitz/close combat/stealth rock. This team made quick work of the tower and I only had to restart a few times total when blissey got left alone with a poison or steel type and couldn't do damage.
    WKGames 12 Feb 2023 05:05
    This should be worth way more than 10 points considering you basically have to reach the Gold Print of the Battle Tower three times.

    I beat the Single Format using Johnstone's Level 50 Platinum Battle Frontier team. I led with a Naughty nature Salamence with TM26 Earthquake, Tutor Outrage, TM35 Flamethrower, and Egg Move Dragon Dance and the Life Orb equipped. For more offensive coverage, I used a Rash nature Lucario with Aura Sphere, Dragon Pulse, TM30 Shadow Ball, and Tutor Vacuum Wave with Choice Specs equipped. Finally, for defensive stall strats, I used a Calm nature, Serene Grace Togekiss with Heart Scale Air Slash, TM90 Substitute, TM51 Roost, and TM73 Thunder Wave. I EV trained Salamence for Speed and Attack, I EV trained Lucario for Speed and Special Attack, and I EV trained Togekiss for speed, defense, and special defense. At Level 50 my stats (HP/Atk/Def/SpAtk/SpDef/Speed) were Salamence (168/200/99/130/83/151), Lucario (138/125/76/182/80/140), and Togekiss (154/60/132/138/168/110).

    For the Double Format, I used the above team and just added my Level 48 Garchomp that I got while catching them all. I didn't do any EV training and I didn't give it any item. For reference, my Garchomp was Quirky Nature with the stats (180/139/99/95/89/126) at Level 48.

    For the Multi Format, I led with Salamence and had Togekiss as backup. I tried to pick partners that had a defensive stall-based grass type as a lead so that Salamence could use Earthquake without any issues. This strategy seemed to work well.

    This achievement took a full day of work but with this I am finally done with the Battle Tower in this game (atleast I hope lol).
    WKGames 12 Feb 2023 14:24
    Wait a minute, why do 45 people have this achievement when only 35 people have the "Competitive Champ" achievement for getting the gold print in the Battle Tower? More people should have the "Competitive Champ" achievement considering you have to do that first before you can possibly get all battle tower ribbons.

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