Final Fantasy VIII (PlayStation)

Defeat Tri-Point without junctioning or leveling up.
Leaving on a Jet Plane [m] (25) (84)
Defeat Tri-Point without junctioning or leveling up.

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TristanParrish 9 May 2022 23:56
Used this guide to help but it's actually a lot easier than I was thinking:
TristanParrish 10 May 2022 00:34
REQUIREMENT: You can't complete this or the game in a no junction no level run without Gilgamesh, the specific non-mandatory GFs Cerberus, Cactaur and Tonberry to increase Gilgamesh's level the right amount, and probably at least the Flame Saber weapon upgrade for Squall. This requires a lot of RNG line up properly because you need to get Tri-Point at a low level and get Gilgamesh to trigger Masamune with enough damage to be able to deal 4400-4500 damage with that and only one hit from Squall to avoid the party killing counter attack. There's a few ways to increase certainty of these elements so you don't need to replay over and over.
TristanParrish 10 May 2022 00:43
CONDITIONING RNG: After you unlock the basement, save so you don't have to do the chandelier over and over. Pick your lowest level characters to reduce the range of levels Tri-Point can have. When you start the fight if Tri-Point does more than 30 damage for his basic attack, run away and rejoin the battle immediately until the basic attack does 30 or less damage, indicating he's the right level. Idle in the fight (fast forward if you can) until Gilgamesh shows up and if he does anything less than 4300 damage with Masamune, run away. If Masamune does 4300+, try to attack with Squall. He'll either die or you will if the total damage wasn't high enough with Masamune + triggered gunblade attack.
TristanParrish 10 May 2022 00:48
RETRYING: running from the fight the moment you know the RNG isn't aligned makes this away easier than just trying until you die. You can actually let all of the characters die except Squall without having to go back out to heal, just run from the fight and immediately rejoin. If your team gets too low health, just go back to the save point, heal, and come back. I got this with less than 10 deaths using this method before the correct RNG hit and it was actually less than an hour of play. Way easier than the guide implied. Good luck!
rlxldk 10 Jul 2022 17:06
Agree with previous comments, and add my experience.
This cheevo is not hard, it's one of the easiest, all you need is do is a one critical hit by Squall. BUT. It must be a Flame saber hit, and you need Gilgamesh, and you need kill all previous bosses, and so on, and so on :)
Seriously, road to a tri-point boss is harder then he is.
All you need is pure luck, Gilgamesh appear with 3 % probability in the beginning of battle, AFTER boss say his words, if Gilgamesh not appear, just run away. There are another 5% probability to his appearance, but I suggest don't bother with it. Because restarting battle is just faster, more tryes, more chances.
Masamune hit easy to predict. If first sword on screen RED, congratulations! it will be Masamune, all you need is low level boss in this moment. In my case he was xD
In my case, Gilgamesh appears 1-2 time in 50-60 run aways, and also FYI Gilgamesh appear once per battle, so if he use some shit, you need run away and start again. All his 4 attacks have about equal chance - 25%, some less, some more, you can find this info on Gamefaqs.
In the end I repeat, road to here is harder than boss, stay calm and keep trying. GL

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