Final Fantasy VIII (PlayStation)

Defeat 1 of every enemy on The Island Closest to Hell in 1 session without magic junctioned, leveling up or lowering the enemy's level.
Highway to Hell [m] (10) (38)
Defeat 1 of every enemy on The Island Closest to Hell in 1 session without magic junctioned, leveling up or lowering the enemy's level.

Created by FBernkastelKues on: 29 Jan, 2020 02:15
Last modified: 10 Jul, 2022 17:37

Won by 25 of 515 possible players (5%)

29 Jan 2020 02:15
BenGhazi uploaded this achievement.
29 Jan 2020 02:19
BenGhazi promoted this achievement to the Core set.
14 Aug 2020 01:18
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14 Aug 2020 01:21
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TristanParrish 20 May 2022 06:55
Thanks Elbody for helping me figure these out. Despite the wording, this achievement works exactly like the no level/no junction achievements, and not being able to junction means you can't kill them without leveling. You have to soft reset (L1+L2+R1+R2+Start+select) to get all the kills in one session.
TristanParrish 20 May 2022 07:01
IMO this shouldn't work this way because it seems like a hack and achievements shouldn't encourage players to engage in manipulation outside of the game loop to accomplish them. I get that the logic is based on showing that it can kill the enemies at the base levels, but this achievement goes so far to be punishing with the requirement that it actually has to require you break the game to accomplish it. There's really no excuse for this.
17 Jun 2022 08:20
FBernkastelKues edited this achievement's wording, logic.
10 Jul 2022 17:20
FBernkastelKues edited this achievement's logic.
10 Jul 2022 17:37
FBernkastelKues edited this achievement's logic.
rlxldk 11 Jul 2022 17:06
Woo-hoo, just did it xD.
Damn, please add to description that soft reset, also reset progress of cheevo. You need kill 6 monsters without death and loads. Here is how I did it. First of all be ABSOLUTELY sure that you have no Odin, he is ruin this cheevo as hell, I had to load my buck up saves cuz of him.
Second, complete CC cards quest for Gilgamesh card. Third, lower hp as possible to Zell and Irvine, also buy some dark ammo in Estar. Fourth, get abilities Card, Card mode, Alert, Initiative don't need. Learn abilities on Cactuars island or desert near island. Be sure to not level up, Irvines fire shots work very well here.
Fifth, Do a separate save, go to ICtH. Junctions : all must have Item command, Squall also have Card command, be sure you do not junction magic, set Battle speed to middle or lower.
In battle: use Holy War whenever person is first, then use Zell 3 hit combo "up-down", "right - left", down, O, up, O" exactly in that order.
its fastest way to deplete mobs HP here, be cause all monsters on both island receive damage from Meteor strike.
Irvine can use dark shot just in case, Squall just try Card enemies.
Run away from monsters which you already defeated.
List of monsters: T-Rex, Hexadragon, Blue Dragon, Ruby dragon, Malboro and Grendel. My advice run away from double Grendel, look for single one.
Dont save during hunt, if you die you anyway must begin from zero.
After getting cheevo load your save with Gilgamesh card, and go to Island closer to Heaven :)
Warbler 11 Jul 2022 19:52
To add onto Rlxldk's comment, you can also give a 2nd GF the Card ability by refining 5 Shumi Tribe cards into a gambler's spirit (Prince Spade in Balamb Garden has some (can save and reset in dorms to skip matches where he doesn't offer it)). Might be overkill but then your whole party is active with Zell Meteor Strike spam and two card casters. I had Odin GF; can confirm that he can be annoying.

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