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  • Up For The Job

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    Finish All Propositions

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    4.94% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    5.47% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by siouxerskate on: 15 Jan, 2020 17:28
    Last modified: 31 Jul, 2023 13:17

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    30 Jan 2020 13:59
    siouxerskate edited this achievement.
    AndreSparvolli 18 Feb 2020 01:11
    Well, i think than that this important bit of info should be in the cheevo description since it's a missable.God, i'm having touble to get the reward on some propositions. :(
    ilikepie345 2 Mar 2020 07:51
    For money rewards, how are you supposed to tell if you succeeded or failed? Do you just not get money?
    AndreSparvolli 10 Mar 2020 17:49
    If the reward is "nothing" you didn't get the best result as far as i know
    Jakalope 9 Sep 2020 11:33
    Everything is so vague and embiguous. It's so hard to know if you have the best result. Screw up and you have to play the whole game again.
    AllSensesClean 13 Dec 2020 16:01
    Several props will always say nothing. In addition, two of them told me the job had failed but still gave me the treasure or unexplored land and I still got all of the props achievements.
    AllSensesClean 13 Dec 2020 16:03
    There are also several props that are difficult to encounter, aka the 5 contests will only appear during certain months. I was nervous that the achievement was glitched, but it turns out I just hadn't found the meister and magic contests yet.
    Hoopernatorial 1 Apr 2021 14:48
    I think you can fail jobs and still get this. I failed some early on, but they showed up again later and I was unlocked the achievement after finishing the last contest.
    Weltall 25 Apr 2021 02:18
    The gameFAQs boards long ago confirmed that you can't permanently fail any jobs, they come back after a while.But this could really us a progress indicator like some achievements have.
    MustadioB 19 Apr 2022 06:17
    I have a question, trying to do the "Master Math" on Gariland Magic City Propostion, but it keeps Saying that "Squire" didn't participate on the proposition, even i send 3 calculators. This give me a fail (60-80 jp). But can't get other result, somebody could help me on this please?
    Weltall 19 Apr 2022 11:34
    Master Math only gives a tiny JP Reward even on a success. Check the Brave Story proposition records for "Courage of Durman!". If you have that entry, you've done enough for the achievement.
    Slayn 18 May 2022 17:42
    If you're struggling with this cheevo, remember:
    1- there are some propositions that are only available at certain periods of the year.
    2- the proposition system may be a bit bugged: there was this one, Secret Hunt, which I could never get the best outcome. Yet, at a thousandth 'failed' try, it stopped resetting and I still got the cheevo.
    lexify 31 May 2022 09:28
    Not sure if this is missable, as long as you get all treasures and lands propositions, im sure you'll able to get this, I have propositions that seems like failed, but still got this cheevo.
    Ness64 20 Jun 2022 21:18
    This isn't actually missable. A proposition only stops appearing after you get the best outcome on it, which adds it to the Brave Story menu. If you don't get that outcome, you can try again a month later (or the next year if you get unlucky with those available at a certain time of the year). I'd recommend doing every quest you can ASAP anyway. Many of them can only be done in Ch. 4, but there are so many it's easy to lose track of what you already did, especially since the entry listed in Brave Story won't necessarily 1:1 match the proposition title you've seen at the bar
    taterz 21 Oct 2022 00:56
    a cheap trick to take advantage of: 3 squires will be able to always win. it's the weirdest thing, but their point values always add up to the best.
    15 Nov 2022 18:32
    siouxerskate edited this achievement's logic.
    Xiroes 10 Jan 2023 06:50
    Sorry I got frustrated with this achievement and assumed I screwed it up. To my knowledge, there’s a total of 4 special propositions that are only available on certain months of the horoscope days of the year. There’s one in Gariland, Goug, Zaland, and Yardow.
    Gariland should be available around Aug 23rd - Sept 22 (Virgo)
    Zaland should be available around March 21st - April 19 (Aries)
    Goug should be available around Nov 22nd - Dec 21st (Saggitarius)
    Yardow should be available around June 21st - July 22nd (Cancer)
    Hope that helps ppl that are trying to figure out which ones they are missing :)
    Pesmerga 10 May 2023 19:36
    I think I finally found something definitive about this one. The Proposition 'The Wandering Gambler' always ends the same way with someone mention that some kind of consolation would have been nice. The thing is, it's supposed to end this way. However, the proposition will show up again in other cities. Complete it every time and eventually this achievement will pop.
    31 Jul 2023 13:17
    siouxerskate edited this achievement's title.
    mukreng 20 Aug 2023 10:42
    finally figure it out. This Proposition is 100% NOT missable so don't get bother, the most important is ALWAYS SEND 3 units each Proposition for you to get the best reward.

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