Final Fantasy Tactics
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  • Genji Theft

    (25) (81)

    Steal All Equipment from Elmdor

    189 (149) of 2,050 – 9.22%

    7.27% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    9.22% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by siouxerskate on: 10 Jan, 2020 18:41
    Last modified: 18 Jan, 2020 17:54

    10 Jan 2020 18:41
    siouxerskate uploaded this achievement.
    18 Jan 2020 17:54
    siouxerskate promoted this achievement to the Core set.
    ricardol14 31 Oct 2020 06:31
    This is damn hard...
    Xiroes 6 Apr 2022 21:55
    An hour in and one of my characters countered Elmdor and killed him after I collected all but the sword T.T... Finally got it after 2 failed attempts - Using slow, 108 gems accessory, and a bit of spacing and healing was my best friend during this fight lol
    Ness64 18 Apr 2022 23:24
    I had Ramza with Talk Skill make Elmdor's Brave go as low as possible, and a female Ninja with Steal and Concentrate. Pretty much all of my other characters were on reviving duty after I dealt with the assassins (and Slow simply wouldn't stick to Elmdor at all), especially the Black Mage with Math Skill (at least Elmdor was too busy killing the other people again and again to go after her). Try to have equipment that protects against Stop, Instant Death (Dead) and Blood Suck for this fight, and even then Elmdor can Confuse you too.
    Ness64 18 Apr 2022 23:41
    Or at least have most people able to use Holy Water and Phoenix Down... As for the actual stealing, there's a good guide for this over in GameFAQs, but you don't have to do all of that (it's way better if you do though). The bare minimum you should have on the thief is status protection (against Blood Suck and maybe Confusion at the very least), every ability that steals equipment (duh), good Speed, Concentrate, and a Zodiac sign that isn't terrible against Elmdor. Elmdor is Gemini, so Sagittarius is the best one possible if the thief is female, but the worst one possible for a male, and no matter what, avoid Virgo and Pisces. I had a neutral matchup (Aries) and it still took me a while, so I don't want to imagine how worse it is with the bad ones... Other characters should help messing with Brave and Speed (on both ends) if they aren't too busy dying. Good luck, you'll need it
    carminelake 29 Sep 2022 18:47
    finally got everything from Elmdor but cheevo didn't pop up :(
    AriMaeda 5 Apr 2023 23:39
    I didn't bother with any kind of status prevention, but rolled in with an all-offense party with four Angel Rings and a Chantage: the re-raises bought me enough time to quickly wipe out Celia/Lede and get control of the battle. Killed and revived anyone afflicted with charm or blood suck. Once it was down to Elmdor, I got his speed to 1 (I used Slow Dance), had Ramza scream his throat raw and then got to stealing.

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