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  • Skip past all the Robo Sentries on the 48th floor

    597 (498) of 7,641 – 7.81%

    6.52% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    7.81% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by cirellio on: 24 Jun, 2014 03:18
    Last modified: 04 Sep, 2023 10:34

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    tinycyan 16 Jun 2021 15:56
    worked poggers
    BeetleGoose 11 Aug 2021 19:59
    Got it on 10th attempt. S/o to Kayesay for the video.
    Jenettebaghead 2 Sep 2021 04:31
    Tried about 7 times and slapped myself on the forehead before I got it
    H1gh5pd 15 Sep 2021 18:59
    Got it following the video that Kayesay posted, truly a lifesaver
    BagBass 17 Oct 2021 05:44
    Ok, so I killed all the sentries, died to the clumsy one, then got the achievement when I went back
    MaidenVoyage 10 Jan 2022 00:43
    This one is no fun.
    16 Jan 2022 01:55
    Nydaxn edited this achievement.
    KevinCarbonara 8 Feb 2022 19:25
    I finally sat down and unlocked this achievement, it seems to have been fixed compared to the last time I completed the challenge. I now feel qualified to say that this is an awful achievement that adds nothing to the game, and it should be deleted. It's pretty luck-dependent, if the first robot responds early enough he's impossible to get past.
    7 Mar 2022 17:32
    adamjohnny5 edited this achievement.
    celestorion 22 Jul 2022 04:58
    Achievement will trigger if you kill all the sentries but lose to the Clumsy Robot. When you re-enter the floor, there will be no Sentries, so when you reach the Robot, the achievement will trigger.
    EternalThrylos 15 Aug 2022 23:16
    Tip to fellow hardcore players, pause hardcore mode and use save states to practice at this, and when you can get it all in one go THEN try it on hardcore mode, you'll thank me when you don't have to walk from the hotel to the Monotoli building about 50 times. Now that I've done this achievement I can say this absolutely is annoying, and a pain to do and should absolutely be deleted. But it's not nearly as difficult as some people here make it out to be, I think of few of them overraxaggerated a bit. It's certainly not as bad as Kingly Regalia I [m] or The Cutest Ribbon of All
    DigitalJeremiah 26 Aug 2022 21:45
    I recommend spamming B-button, or whatever you set to bring up Ness and Jeff's status windows. When you bring up the status windows it pauses the action, giving you time to think where to go next. Since I'm not speed running the game, I needed to do this strategy because I would run against walls for too long after eating the skip sandwiches. Haha.
    Felipe1090876 14 Jan 2023 16:00
    I would also recommend ( if you are using a controller ) to switch to keyboard to do this achievement. I was using controller and was having a tough time avoiding the first sentry robot and after i switched to keyboard i was able to do it first try.
    DeliaSymbols 20 Feb 2023 19:34
    Took me a few tries, but I got it.
    4 Sep 2023 10:34
    televandalist edited this achievement's logic.
    Mageryan 7 Sep 2023 18:36
    Exactly why visible encounters ruin rpgs.
    Comments about dying to boss to clear robots are outdated.
    quick16g 7 Nov 2023 03:07
    This achievement is actually fairly easy. Do it with keyboard and use a skip sandwich dx at the beginning. Get past 3 robots. Then use one more skip sandwich dx to squeeze past the last one. Do a few practice runs first before you attempt it to learn exactly the route you need to go.
    permafrosty 6 Dec 2023 18:24
    Took about 10 tries
    liifstarstorm 14 Jan 2024 15:17
    Even if you perfectly run the exact route, the second robot's position in the long hallway is random, which makes it totally luck-based if you can make it quickly enough. It's so endlessly stupid and frustrating. The feasibility of an achievement should not be based on RNG
    cainslove 31 Jan 2024 15:01
    This is very RNG based. spent too long to get it. the second robot was in the way of the door alot of the time.

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