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  • Ribbon Master

    (50) (297)

    Obtain all the ribbons on a single Pokemon. (Use the pokenav to check the ribbons)

    84 (78) of 1,859 – 4.52%

    4.20% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    4.52% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by jos on: 25 Dec, 2019 18:15
    Last modified: 07 May, 2020 19:48

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    jos uploaded this achievement.
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    Kryle 6 Jun 2021 08:08
    25 Ribbons. Do not level your intended Pokemon past 50 otherwise you will miss the ribbon for Lv.50 challenge on Battle Tower.
    DarknessMan 28 Dec 2021 13:54
    How do you get the ribbon from the Slateport market girl?
    BeekBeek85 28 Dec 2021 20:12
    You need to max out your stats on a single Pokemon. My question is: What Pokemon is best for doing all the contest types?
    Lokomelo 12 Mar 2022 02:23
    Use a Banette, Faint Attack/Curse/Spite/Destiny Bond, Destiny Bond must be from breeding.
    WKGames 28 Jun 2022 22:17
    Just an FYI, if you're using the Serebii list, the final ribbon should be for clearing 56 battles in the Level 100 mode of the Battle Tower, not beating 100 trainers in a row. I managed to beat 105 trainers in a row on Level 50 mode but didn't get any extra ribbons :(
    WKGames 6 Jul 2022 00:07
    To help with getting all the contest ribbons, you might want to get the contest-boosting scarfs from the Fan-Club in Slateport City. The five scarfs (Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, and Pink) boost the five corresponding contest stats (Beauty, Tough, Cool, Smart, Cute) and can be obtained by showing the Fan-Club President a Pokemon with 200+ in the corresponding contest stat. I managed to get them all with three Zigzagoon. I fed the first 12 Indigo Pokeblocks made from Kelpsy Berries. I fed the second 12 Purple Pokeblocks made from Pomeg Berries. I fed the third 12 Purple Pokeblocks made from Qualot Berries. I chose their natures so they would eat these Pokeblocks happily (as long as they are not unhappy it should be fine). By showing the Fan-Club President these Zigzagoons 2 times each, I was able to get all the different scarfs (you can only get 1 of each per save file. You should NOT use these Pokeblocks on the Pokemon you plan to get all the ribbons on as then your stats will not be well rounded.
    WKGames 6 Jul 2022 18:05
    To get well-rounded stats on my ribbon master Pokemon, I followed the guide here: https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemonribbons/comments/78cot6/pokeblock_recipes_for_wellrounded_contest_stats/ Try to get a Pokemon with a neutral nature (Hardy, Docile, Serious, Bashful, or Quirky). Look at the possible moves your Pokemon can learn either via the move tutor with heart scales or via TM and determine which contest category will be the hardest to master. Using the guide above, prioritize that category so its stat is higher than the others. With this guide, I was able to get stats of ~160 in each category. I used a Banette as my Ribbon Master Pokemon and I didn't have many "Beauty" moves to choose from so I decided to prioritize Beauty.
    WKGames 6 Jul 2022 18:09
    I managed to get all the contest ribbons with a Bashful Banette with the respective scarves equipped and the moves Curse, Spite, Grudge, and Destiny Bond. (You must breed your Banette to have Destiny Bond by breeding a male Wobbuffett with a female Banette). Use Destiny Bond in Round 4 or 5 for high appeal with minimum cost. Curse makes you go last on the next turn which greatly boosts the appeal of Spite/Grudge. Spite has more appeal the later you go and is roughly equivalent to Destiny Bond if you go last. Grudge is basically the same as spite. If you talk to the Curator of the Lilycove Art Museum, it's possible to also get all five of the painting achievements while getting the contest ribbons.
    WKGames 6 Jul 2022 18:11
    Arguably the hardest ribbons skill-wise are the Battle Tower ribbons. You need to clear 56 battles in a row on the Level 50 and Level 100 modes of the Battle Tower with your ribbon Pokemon for those ribbons. You will need to do EV training and get decent IVs / Pokemon for a good chance of passing the tower. My team was based on @Rarronak's team from the Champion of Champions achievement on Ruby version. I led with Metagross with Metal Coat and the moves Meteor Mash, Earthquake, Aerial Ace, and Hyper Beam. Then I had Latias with Leftovers and the moves Psychic, Dragon Claw, Thunderbolt, and Recover. Finally I had Banette with Blackglasses and the moves Shadow Ball, Faint Attack, Curse, and Destiny Bond (I plan on getting all ribbons with it). My Metagross was Serious with high Attack and Speed IVs and I maxed out its attack and speed EVs as well so it tended to OHKO a lot of Pokemon. My Latias was Quiet and had low IVs (due to a glitch, all Latios / Latias in Ruby/Sapphire will have low IVs in everything except HP). My Banette was mostly useless but it was Bashful and had decent IVs in Special Attack and Speed. Here were my exact stats at Level 50 (HP/ATK/DEF/SpATK/SpDEF/SPEED): Metagross (154/183/149/111/103/118), Latias (142/88/95/160/135/131), Banette (131/128/73/132/81/114). Remember to delay the evolution of Metang from Level 45 to Level 50 so you learn Meteor Mash at Level 50.
    WKGames 6 Jul 2022 18:14
    It took me a few weeks of playing but I managed to get all 25 ribbons on my Banette! Thanks @Lokomelo for this strategy, it worked wonders for all the contest ribbons and I'll probably use it again in Emerald version. This was far more difficult than I anticipated and I am glad it's finally over.
    Andrevus 2 Jul 2023 23:27
    This is one achievement i wish trading was available for, i love doing Ribbon Masteries in Gen 3 and that of course means starting with a purified XD Shadow Pokémon.
    Agnam 19 Nov 2023 02:35
    I'll put it here but I found Shock Wave, Destiny Bond, Spite and Curse were the best Benette moves for contests. During master contests I went last (Didn't do the final four berries for the all round contest pokemon WKGames linked) so Spite was instant 6 hearts to first place (Except when up against a a couple of pokemon which I just reset for), Shock wave was 6 hearts, curse down to last place, Spite for seven hearts, then Destiny Bond. Gave me the most consistent master contests and was how I got all the pictures, only real problem is heart dropping moves from others and not getting to first place after first turn.
    The1upBlock 31 Jan 2024 20:56
    The Banette strat did the trick. It's a bit RNG heavy, but there's really nothing you can do about it. The worst part is having to grind your BT Pokemon to level 100 and EV train them for Maximum effect.

    I already hated the deeper mechanics introduced in Gen 3.. This achievement did nothing to improve my opinion.. lol

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