Mega Man X5
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  • Beat all stages using only Unarmored X (Fourth Armor in intro) on Xtreme, without upgrades, parts or life DNA (One session)

    141 (120) of 2,330 – 6.05%

    5.15% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    6.05% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by CrazyDiamond00 on: 09 Dec, 2019 21:43
    Last modified: 08 Jul, 2021 00:08

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    19 Dec 2019 18:53
    matheus2653 promoted this achievement to the Core set.
    6 May 2020 14:44
    matheus2653 edited this achievement.
    AlexGatao 22 Jun 2020 16:48
    O problema pra mim o boss rush kk ate o sigma no d tanto trabalho
    WordXT 21 Jul 2020 16:56
    Depois de 25 mortes finalmente eu consegui kkkk
    Rapid 20 Aug 2020 20:20
    Mano, como eu odeio esses blocos roxo do sigma, que inferno
    MaxMilyin 7 Sep 2020 04:36
    now THAT, was tough
    AquaAnimus 2 Apr 2021 04:45
    wow 8hrs but i finally did it T-T
    DarknessMan 16 Jun 2021 01:04
    Pode pegar tanks nessa conquista?
    PGabriel01 19 Jun 2021 04:36
    Bem que poderiam dividir esta cheevo em duas, igual a do zero
    nijoakim 30 Jun 2021 16:19
    I agree with PGabriel01 that this should be split up into two achievements, in the same way as the Zero variant is.
    8 Jul 2021 00:08
    GalacticSpear edited this achievement.
    swordlunge 21 May 2022 04:01
    Getting through the game as naked X is not THAT hard. The toughest part is Sigma 2nd form and his devilish purple cubes. My strategy was basically killing him as quickly as possible so he that the likelihood of him using his purple cube attack is diminished. He'll only use the purple cubes when his health bar is lowered past a certain threshold, and the RNG will dictate whether he uses the 4 purple balls, the electric big claw, or the purple cubes. With a little prayer to the RNG gods he'll use the purple balls or the big claw instead of the purple cubes, but it's important to kill him fast so that he gets as fewer RNG cycles as possible: getting lucky will only get you so far.
    cielle 3 Jun 2022 02:42
    Once I figured out you could just camp the wall in Sigma's first form , it all fell into place shortly after. Intense but not overly difficult.
    sulpemago 1 Dec 2022 02:34
    Depois De 7 Horas Finalmente

    Eu Agradeço Ao Sigma Por não ter Usado o Choque e nem os Blocos Roxos Comigo
    sharivan 1 Dec 2022 02:35
    Recomendo assistirem esse tutorial antes de tentarem esse desafio:
    TimeLink 13 Jan 2023 11:51
    Some advice from personal experience:
    Rangda: C-Shot works well as good, fast damage on the red and blue eyes. For the green eye, jump onto a wall and release a charge shot into it, that'll destroy its projectiles and deal good damage. You then get a free pass to the other side and repeat, damageless. Hit the eye with 3 Goo Shavers and finish it last. Bonk it if you get both top-side spikes.
    Sigma 1: Camp the top-left corner for the first half of the fight. You can hit him from there with Tri-Thunder and nothing can hurt you.
    For the second half, two things can hurt you. For his wave attack, dodging it just takes practice and time. The top and bottom ones get pretty easy after a while, the middle split one you want to follow Sharivan's video above and just full-height dashjump to the right from the left side of the screen (a little distanced from the left wall). Don't use the wall, it's your worst enemy there.
    For the orbiting Sigma viruses, just keep firing at Sigma with Tri-Thunder, climb up and down the left wall as needed. You'll hit him or the viruses, either or is good. They don't do a lot of damage either.
    Sigma 2: Make a choice of whether or not you want to learn any of the Phase 2 attacks early. In fact, probably before you start this achievement run so you can practice on Softcore.
    I personally did not and went with swordlunge's strat, but if you do I imagine Sharivan's video is very helpful. For the luck-based approach:
    Scale the right side instantly by jumping on a hand if possible and get in 3 Spike Balls each vulnerability cycle. How long the hands stay is luck based, but they stay longer if you kill neither. Hopefully you get him about halfway, then when the hands leave climb the left side and fire from there. Pray for the simple electric orbs and dodge them, focusing on damage again ASAP.
    If you're lucky, hands phase + 2 orb cycles let you kill him if your damage output is good. Good Luck!
    Ness64 17 Mar 2023 00:07
    A tip I can give for Rangda is to use Wing Spiral as a double jump (I used that and the Buster). Used correctly, it goes a long way in helping you dodge the red eye and dealing with any of the wall spikes. Best seen in this video: (1:57 if timestamp doesn't work)

    I'd also recommend leaving the "sun" for last instead of the eyes. Damage it a bit when you can, but if you destroy the "sun" too early, destroying the eyes when there are walls can get much rougher depending on which eyes remain.
    As for Final Sigma... Yeah, do not try this achievement without practicing that fight first, you'll need it. It seriously sucks to play the entire game only to hit a brick wall right at the end.

    You also can end the hand lightning early if you spam Tri-Thunder to hit the hand above you. About 7 shots should destroy the hand. You'll still have to dodge the attack a bit, but you should skip the harder part if you do this.

    I tried to never destroy the hands and use the X-Buster from the left wall until Sigma was around 55-60% health, then I held off attacking him, waited for the hands to show up again and tried to rush him as much as I could with both the Buster and the Spike Ball. I'll admit I got lucky because I ended up getting him under 50% too soon, but not only I got 3 orbs in a row in that cycle, I rushed enough to kill Sigma literally right before the cube showed up to kill me, if I missed him I would have died. I'll take this victory.

    I only got this achievement on my second run, but I saved towards the end of the first so I could still practice Sigma (and the boss rush) under these conditions before I started that second run. This fight would be much more manageable if you didn't have to stay at full health just to not die instantly to the cube. Or even better, that stupid cube attack just didn't exist. Legit one of the worst final bosses in the entire Mega Man franchise because of that attack alone...
    eternalblue 9 Dec 2023 20:55
    I mean, how do you even avoid getting parts?
    14ausher 15 Dec 2023 20:02
    I would assume that the achievement would just want you to not use them, getting them is probably fine.
    okciu 3 Jul 2024 02:30
    odeio blocos roxos

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