Streets of Rage
Console icon Genesis/Mega Drive

  • The Last Soul

    (50) (889)

    Complete Round 8 in 1-player mode on Normal difficulty or higher without dying

    360 (130) of 11,963 – 3.01%

    1.09% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    3.01% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by jplima on: 20 Nov, 2019 05:30
    Last modified: 15 Apr, 2024 15:31

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    20 Nov 2019 17:28
    jplima edited this achievement.
    21 Nov 2019 18:28
    jplima promoted this achievement to the Core set.
    29 Nov 2019 00:29
    jplima edited this achievement.
    FlavioSP 8 Dec 2019 17:39
    this is too hard, I recommend using adam because of its flying kick
    NimbusHard 23 Jan 2020 12:25
    Should be 50 points for this. You have to pass through the whole 8th level AND beat the final boss without losing a single life. Very tough!
    23 Jan 2020 12:28
    jplima edited this achievement.
    TomuCat 29 Jan 2020 22:16
    ugh i cant clear this. I get to mr X and everything goes to crap :/Any tips?
    TiagoBreaking 11 Jan 2021 23:35
    Consegui hoje, s faltava essa conquista.
    TiagoBreaking 11 Jan 2021 23:36
    Uma dica, pode usar a seleo de tela pra ir direto pra fase
    deadbeer 2 Feb 2021 01:45
    o adam e o melhor para matar o mr x mas o pior para combater as gemeas!
    RafaelBard 22 May 2021 00:12
    This is the hardest cheevo of the entire set. Mr.X is pretty unbalanced LOL
    Boomer69 13 Nov 2023 10:11
    This is a brutal achievement. It took me many attempts and hours of practice with states and I advise you to do the same, you'll need it. It becomes not too bad with enough practice. Made a video:
    cyax 23 Jan 2024 17:03
    even though it can be done on normal difficulty, this one is even harder than the achievements on hardest! spent hours on this trying and practicing but not yet...
    cyax 8 Feb 2024 14:36
    done this shit after weeks of trial and practice...
    Gamechamp 8 Feb 2024 23:41
    For me the hardest part was beating the twins without running out of time; if you can manage to bring a pipe to them, they become incredibly easy. I got the achievement the first attempt I actually managed to keep the pipe alive.
    cyax 19 Feb 2024 01:59
    dunno if it will work for you or not but since the toughest part for me was retrying stage select process and killing weak mobs over and over to get the twins with full HP which was just the start of main thing, i tried the boring part while watching something to take away my focus from it and get annoyed less
    Tsuzuriko 12 Mar 2024 05:05
    This was a tough one to get. I ended up getting it with Blaze, but I didn't go for the jump kick strat as Adam seems to be the best for that strategy (harder Mona and Lisa fight though, also felt more reliant on Mr. X RNG). I focused on maneuvering around the Galsias and trying to grab>throw Mr. X as my main source of damage. Throwing Galsias to get iframes is crucial in order to avoid his rifle butt attack and get a grab on Mr. X after the animation finishes (timing is hard tho). Lastly, throwing Galsias at Mr. X for some minor damage and repositioning when in a tough spot is also helpful.
    JunoAndrade 13 Apr 2024 01:03
    Conseguir hoje esta conquista! Essa realmente é a mais dificil porém conseguir com o Adam, mas antes de tentar treinei com a Blaze e depois fui com o Adam. A Blaze é mais rápida e fraca porém o Adam é mais lento e mais forte e o jump kick ajuda bastante no Mr. X. Dica fica na parte superior dando voadora nele até ele sair da tela ai vc volta para o outro lado e ai agarra os capangas e joga nele quando vier para cima de vc e ai repita isso até ele morrer.
    15 Apr 2024 15:31
    Nepiki edited this achievement's title, description.
    CelestialBunny 3 May 2024 02:49
    Tried this one but no luck so far, certainly earns it's place as the toughest achieve on here. If one attack does not down you, another one will. Even extra lives beyond x9 don't negate the effect, if you down just ONCE you cannot get the achieve. Tough as nails!

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