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  • Alt. Resort - Flashlight and Radio OFF - Kill 10 enemies in a row with melee weapons [No Pausing or Inv. Screen]

    250 (206) of 9,528 – 2.62%

    2.16% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    2.62% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by televandalist on: 27 Oct, 2019 07:48
    Last modified: 26 Oct, 2021 07:09

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    mkluis77 21 Jul 2022 18:52
    Hello friend, you can't open Harry's item menu, you have to kill all 10 consecutive enemies without using Healt Drink.
    And without turning on the flashlight, the advantage is that they can't see you with the flashlight off.
    mkluis77 21 Jul 2022 18:53
    HarryMason 22 Jul 2022 08:02
    Extremely helpful thank you
    VSilverwings 29 Jul 2022 22:21
    I made sure to do this on easy and like with achievement 3, I ran to the boat and saved, turned off the flashlight, and then went back and killed 6 before the boat and 4 after. Easy.
    losma1 1 Jan 2023 05:01
    Everything indicates that it is a lucky achievement. From the boat, after the cinematic with Cybil, save and take the hammer and go out the way you came and eliminate two dogs (2), quickly return to the boat and exit again for a third dog (3), return at full speed to the boat and exit to hopefully get a fourth dog (4). Then, from the boat, go to the lighthouse and stealthily eliminate the Romper (5), return to the boat and hopefully another Romper (6), continue and eliminate another Romper (7), continue on your way and you will find two Rompers (8, 9). At the end go up some stairs and you will find an Air Screamer resting (10), eliminate it by pressing quickly and consecutively x to fan it with the hammer.
    Sephy 8 Jan 2023 09:45
    Jeez this one is a bit tricky to get, considering you need to kill double the amount of enemies you'd need in any other Scary Harry achievement (Except for the Scary Harry VI, in Nowhere, since you also need 10 kills). Luckily I was able to get it without any Night Flutters/Air Screamers getting in the way; in order to do so, you need to walk as stealthy as posible the area (I used an ampoule, since it helps quite a lot, although, it possible to go for it without using it, if you're extremely careful in the area, and manage to get the kills without getting much damage), go stealthy, either with the Rompers or Wormheads, stealth and avoiding damage are important considering the amount of kills requiered for the achievement; use the hammer to kill the monsters, since the hammer deals a good amount of damage (If you have a katana or any of the unlockable weapons, those might work better). the enemies I killed were within the East Garage and West Garage area (in West Garage there's a Night Flutter on top of a Foodstand, near two rompers, so be careful here). The enemies were 6 rompers and 4 Wormheads/Groaners (that's because sometimes the enemies respawn even if I killed 1 of any kind in an area before). If you're stealthy enough, No Night Flutters will disturb you, if you're lucky enough, you will kill the 10 enemies without dying (it should go without saying that you shouldn't heal/look at the map or pausing once you kill the first enemy in order to get the achievement)
    brokendays 12 Jan 2023 12:01
    Thanks for the tips guys! I did this before the boat, I saved there then got back and found 10 enemies going back where you enter the boat, it's easier to see where you are going, it's wider than the other part of the boat, but do this on Easy, those floating enemies tend to drop down on Easy and are able to be hit with melee weapons pretty easily, if they are out of reach just run around a bit in circles avoiding their damage and they eventually drop where you can hit them with the hammer, pretty easy when you got this down, took my about 10 to 15 tries but I did it with the tips here and on Easy mode, now I can finally rest on these "Scary Harry" cheevos lol
    Also kicking enemies to finish them on the ground counts as a melee kill, but only counts on these cheevos if you are holding a melee weapon, so you can't use a gun for them to drop down then kick them to finish them off, yes it will count as a melee kill for the game but not for the cheevo, trust me I tried :p
    Serddar 23 Mar 2023 14:51
    This is worst achievement I had ever completed. Its simply not fun.
    Ax0les 4 Apr 2023 07:05
    Finally got it tonight! I made the simple but human mistake of doing this on hard; I tried doing it with the hammer but decided to do another run to get the katana and that proved to be the right choice!

    But seriously, I imagine it'd've been way easier on easy. That Air Screamer was the worst part of it all
    Jabbawocky 6 Oct 2023 18:35
    Any advice for someone with not great eyesight? The previous Scary Harrys (1-3) I could handle because of the smaller areas of combat and less mobile enemies (bar those little buggers in the sewer I took a few swings at to eventually get).

    Obviously I get the idea is to not really be able to see but this takes it a bit to far for my own vision. The area is too big for me to memorise a route and turning up the brightness only kind of turns the distant black turn into a distant grey lol. Is there any accessibility options or something that could aid me otherwise I feel like I'm going to have to give up due to my own physical limitations.
    VSilverwings 6 Oct 2023 18:39
    I can't think of anything except to have a wingman help you as you do it. Maybe you could share your screen on say discord and someone can talk you through it. If anyone remembers a show from the late 80's early 90s called Knightmare where 3 people had to guide a 4th person through a virtual dungeon (couldn't see because the helmet covered their vision since there was nothing to really 'see'. This is basically the same, have someone aid you.
    Jabbawocky 6 Oct 2023 18:54
    Lol. Yeah I'm old enough to have watched Knightmare when it was originally on. This might have to be how to attempt this.
    Jabbawocky 7 Oct 2023 11:34
    I got it! Should have done what I always do when I start struggling with a game, go to sleep and get some rest.

    I decided to run around the empty screen like a madman and alerted enemies to my position. That way they could find me instead of looking for them with my limited vision.

    I actually found the air screamers to be the easiest ones to deal with because if you clip them with the hammer in flight they come crashing down. You can also hear them from quite a distance. If you're lucky the grounded ones can't get into the air fast enough to get away from you if you run up to them and attack.

    Rompers were a bit harder since their jump attack is brutal but you can afford to take a small amount of damage and when you push them off they take long to recover than you do giving you opportunity to stun them with the hammer when you get back up.

    Dogs are a pain as they are very quick but 9/10 they followed a pattern. Jump attack, run away, come back from same direction they ran off to before running off again without attacking, come back from a different direction and jump attack. If you don't get them from the first jump attack just be patient and wait for them to approach for their non-attacking run and you can smash them pretty successfully with the hammer.

    Also as long as you are holding a melee weapon the kick to finish them off is fine.
    Zombietraine 13 Oct 2023 13:14
    Just wanted to further confirm here that this can be done on EASY. I highly recommend using the hammer for this as well as it gives you a wider range of impact to help with the flying gargoyle things.
    WeskerHunk 26 Nov 2023 19:35
    Well this was a pain. I didn't mind the other Scary Harry achievements so far because they were all over with quickly and didn't involve enemies that were too complicated to deal with, but here the dogs that have to be killed at the start are too agile and there's just too much blindly trying to fumble through the environment. This one certainly wasn't fun and was excessive with the number of kills (it would have been fine with 5 enemies), but thankfully so far it was the only achievement that I really have a problem with, the rest of the set has been great.
    11 Dec 2023 08:33
    televandalist set this achievement's type to Missable.
    skydra 28 Jan 2024 05:55
    First of all, don't set the difficulty to easy cause otherwise there won't be enough monsters around for you to kill, set to normal instead. Secondly, u can get 6 guaranteed and ''easy'' kills starting from the boat and those are the 2 dogs just outside the first door, 2 dogs at the second sewer entrance and 2 Rompers (monkeys) on the way to the lighthouse... The rest is up to you.
    skydra 28 Jan 2024 05:56
    Anyways, there's always that crappy cheevo on the set and I think this is the one, I mean, 10 kills on a huge area where u can't see shit without a flashlight? Such a waste of time
    Jabbawocky 28 Jan 2024 14:49
    You can get this one on easy. The only one that needs to be on a harder difficulty is Scary Harry VI.
    Zombietraine 29 Jan 2024 12:47
    Echoing Jabbawocky and my previous post, this can definitely be done on Easy, I did it on easy. You may have to do a bit more running around to find all the kills you need, but it's doable. Normal+ I'd imagine you wouldn't need to run around as much, but it's obviously more difficult.

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