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Resident Evil 2: DualShock Ver. (PlayStation)

Complete Scenario A and B without killing any zombies (First sequence only)
Dead People (50) (333)
Complete Scenario A and B without killing any zombies (First sequence only)

Created by wilhitewarrior on: 12 Oct, 2019 19:42
Last modified: 22 Oct, 2019 20:16

Won by 13 of 183 possible players (7%)

Recent comment(s):
12 Oct 19:42 2019
wilhitewarrior uploaded this achievement.
12 Oct 19:48 2019
eldexter edited this achievement.
12 Oct 19:49 2019
wilhitewarrior edited this achievement.
12 Oct 19:52 2019
eldexter edited this achievement.
13 Oct 2:29 2019
wilhitewarrior promoted this achievement to the Core set.
13 Oct 21:28 2019
Note that stomping a zombies head that starts out on the ground will not count as killing it, nor do monsters count as zombie kills. Anything else will though
17 Nov 0:34 2019
When does the the first sequence end?
17 Nov 0:54 2019
When you finish scenario B. I wasn't sure how else to say it but a sequence is a playthrough of the A and B scenario
17 Nov 1:37 2019
Ah so load B game with the cleared file on which the zero zombie kills was achieved on.
17 Nov 2:39 2019
Yes. The reason it has to be on the first sequence is because kills carry over between clear data. So you need to have not killed any in scenario A or previous clear data
17 Nov 7:30 2019
Just finished b without killing and it didn't trigger
17 Nov 7:49 2019
If ada kills does that count? Because I remember her taking one out on the way to the factory
17 Nov 11:23 2019
Unfortunately yes it does. Important to note that this doesn't have to be done in one session so probably best to make a save before the part where you're dragging her along
17 Nov 11:23 2019
On ralib you can keep track of zombies killed in rich presence but unfortunately retroarch doesn't support rich presence yet
10 Jan 4:06 2020
Hi. "Zombies Are People Too" triggered in my "scenario A - Leon", but when I finished "scenario B" with Claire in the save loaded from this "Leon Scenario", the "Dead People" achievement didn't come.I didn't kill any zombies 100% sure.
10 Jan 8:44 2020
If Ada kills a zombie unfortunately that will count. There really isn't anything I can do about that one but be very careful when you've got her with you
10 Jan 13:36 2020
I know. But in "Scenario Leon with Ada", the cheevo triggered for me. I saved and loaded this save with Claire. In the end of scenario "dead people" dont come. Ah, no matter, I play again. This time, I do Claire Scenario first. Thanks.
10 Jan 17:51 2020
I see. If you do it again and it still doesn't work, if you can get me a savestate near the end I can see if I can figure it out
10 Jan 19:28 2020
Ok. Thanks again.
10 Jan 19:36 2020
Also, hopefully it will be supported in retroarch soon but in ralib you can check the rich presence to make sure you haven't killed any zombies


UserHardcore?Earned On
Hardcore!27 Mar, 2020 02:33
Hardcore!09 Feb, 2020 08:21
Hardcore!03 Feb, 2020 09:45
Hardcore!27 Jan, 2020 19:07
Hardcore!08 Jan, 2020 01:07
Hardcore!03 Dec, 2019 22:48
Hardcore!17 Nov, 2019 20:08
Hardcore!07 Nov, 2019 16:56
Hardcore!25 Oct, 2019 13:09
Hardcore!23 Oct, 2019 23:04
Hardcore!21 Oct, 2019 06:42
Hardcore!20 Oct, 2019 18:11
Hardcore!19 Oct, 2019 13:33


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