Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
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    Defeat the fake heroes with Richter without taking damage (no heart usage)

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  • Created by Shmelyoff on: 08 Sep, 2019 18:03
    Last modified: 26 Oct, 2019 10:25

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    Jazmataz 21 May 2022 00:24
    That was insane. Without the Air Blades this Fight is nearly impossible.
    AnTiHrIsTiS 19 Jul 2022 07:16
    Oh god I'm glad they can be killed without Air Dash otherwise it would be the end
    NMZ 1 Nov 2022 09:09
    Challenging, but I probably handicapped myself even more since it seems I was the only one killing Grant first lol. Can't record it but final order was Grant > Trevor > Sypha. At the beginning of the fight, standing on the far right you can blade dash through Sypha, pushing her to the right far end of the screen (where you were) then you can move to the opposite side of the screen and completely forget about her til you take care of the others.

    At this point I found it easier to bait Trevor's attacks while uppercutting Grant, making him fall a couple times, then dealing with Trevor and finally getting back to Sypha. Obligatory for anyone who wants to do it this way, leaving Sypha last gives her an annoying tetra-spirit-like move (that can and will home-in) and a move to raise a zombie Trevor, which isn't as bad as the real-fake-Trevor but still takes way more hits from your whip than I'd recommend figuring out before you get tetra-spirit'd again
    FabricioPrie 12 Nov 2022 19:00
    Cassievania 22 Nov 2022 16:18 - Trevor -> Sypha -> Grant

    So it turns out that the time it takes for Fake Sypha to cast ice is the exact amount of time it takes to hit Fake Trevor with a spinny + whip + spinny and then take a step back. This also makes it so that the timing on Sypha's ice and Trevor's cross lines up perfectly to do another spinny + whip + spinny on Trevor.

    Open with a spinny + whip on Trevor and their timing should line up perfectly.

    From there, you can either do hit & run tactics on Sypha, or take out Grant to essentially stunlock Sypha by hitting the reanimated Trevor 3 times and then hitting Sypha twice. I chose to take out Sypha first, because I didn't trust her to not come out of nowhere with her massive ice attack.

    For Grant, let him come down, jump over him, and whip him 2 or 3 times. I wouldn't recommend using the spinny against Grant, because sometimes he can take knockback from it, which makes him land exactly where Trevor lands.

    There are definitely faster ways to finish this fight, but I found this to be the safest and most reliable. The hardest part is being able to reliably do the spinny attack.
    JUNI2BLUE 7 Jan 2023 18:07
    That was really crazy, I tried for 3 days
    What a work
    MrX2784 16 Jan 2023 16:51
    Peço a todos gentilmente um 1 minuto de silêncio em memória do meu estimado Joystick paralelo… amigo fiel de velhas batalhas
    Jow9001 16 Apr 2023 15:51
    Essa foi a conquista mais difícil sem dúvidas, levei 4 horas pra fazer. Odeio o dash do Richter. :,(
    Raykusen 20 Jul 2023 05:53
    This cheevo is impossible unless you are a god in street fighter. That whip guy is too slow and clunky, and his dash attack is insanely hard to execute fast.
    Seiya7 11 Sep 2023 07:33
    It took me ten years (in the joint) but finally!!!
    Cassievania 4 Nov 2023 15:50
    Remember to remove the si= code from all YouTube links! That's a code Google is using to identify you and your friends' activities across the internet!

    With it, Google now knows your RA account and can harvest your daily activities, and use those to build a profile around you so that it knows all your accounts on all websites. It's an invasion of privacy and likely illegal in many countries, but Google is doing it anyway, because it's more valuable to spy on you than to get slapped with a fine.
    Jazmataz 4 Nov 2023 16:53
    Dude, your Comment almost sounds like a Conspiracy Theory. ๐Ÿ˜‚
    Cassievania 5 Nov 2023 17:18
    If only it weren't true. ๐Ÿ˜ญ
    Silinto 29 Nov 2023 15:43
    If your hands are not the fastest in the Wild West, you can try this tactic. As you can see, I hardly used Richter's abilities.
    JooJnin 4 Dec 2023 06:34
    lost my mind only trying kill them without item crashes
    Elisson93 7 Dec 2023 06:04
    Never leave Trevor for last, otherwise he will attack you with a flurry of knives, it's better to leave Grant for last as it's easier. By the way , this was the most difficult achievement in this set
    DamnFineDigital 31 Jan 2024 17:52
    Here's what i did to get this without using any of Richter's moves except the super jump.

    Grant: start by standing near his coffin, aligned with the left column. As soon as Grant activates, super jump to knock him off the ceiling. On the way down, try to land close to him and whip him 3 or 4 times. When he jumps up again wait for just a second before repeating this process - if you super jump too soon it won't knock him off and you'll take damage. Without crits, it should take three super jump cycles to kill him.

    Trevor: When Trevor whips, duck under. Once his whip animation ends, hop towards him and whip him. As he goes into that recoil animation, hop back. That way you're out of range of his retaliatory cross that he throws at you. Once that cross is boomeranging back towards him, hop in and strike again. Get this rhythm down and he's not too bad. Hop in. Hop out! (Try and get a hit on Sypha during the hops, to keep her away, if she's too close, or you're underneath her, she'll use that ice spell instead of her fire).

    Sypha: Once Trevor and Grant are dead she'll reanimate Trevor by floating above the ground. Hit her twice as she summons, then smack the zombie three times to kill it. Do not ignore the zombie, otherwise she'll blast you with magic. Take your time here and it's practically free.

    Hope that helps anyone who can't reliably pull off that blade dash - you really don't need it to win.
    LeoOfAstora 20 Feb 2024 21:02
    Demorei um tempo para fazer esse. Fica muito mais fácil quando entender que o problema é o Trevor. A Sypha e o Grant são previsíveis, quando matar o Trevor acabou a pressão. No começo fique entre os caixões da Sypha e do Trevor, ataque o caixão da Sypha (rodando a corrente) após o primeiro hit já vire para o Trevor e solte um Air dash e corra para a parede. Quando o Trevor for vir na sua direção pule por cima dele e comece a atacar levando ele em direção a parede, agora é muito importante administrar o Stunlock no Trevor para não ser punido quando o Grant estiver perto. Quando prensar o Trevor na parede tem como travar o Grant, basta esperar ele atirar a faca e vá um pouco na direção oposta dele, se fizer correto ele vai ficar indo infinitamente em direção a parede, basta ficar agachado e girando a corrente até matar o Trevor. A Sypha não vai ser um problema a maioria das vezes, é possível matar o Trevor antes de ela se aproximar. Matou o Trevor é GG. A ordem foi Trevor > Sypha > Grant. A Sypha basta abusar do Air Dash (não ignore o Grant pois perdi algumas tentativas nessa parte). E o Grant e vi no youtube o pessoal usando o gancho para acertar ele no teto, eu achei muito mais seguro esperar ele vir para o chão, no meio do caminho acerte ele com a corrente, corra, e pule por cima dele e ataque até ele voltar para o teto, repita o processo até ele morrer.
    rafadnt94 25 Feb 2024 17:27
    Trevor > Sypha > Grant
    rlxldk 3 Mar 2024 15:53
    LETS FUCKING GOOOOOO!!!!! This one is.... no words. For me, best strategy is fast kill Fake "spider man" Grant and then pray to no holy water for trevor. Sypha just stun locked with ethernal summon. Check video of FabricioPrie above.

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