Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
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Reveal the rare drops of all enemies (use bestiary to keep track)
The Rarest of Monster Droppings (50) (526)
Reveal the rare drops of all enemies (use bestiary to keep track)

Created by televandalist on: 08 Sep, 2019 01:59
Last modified: 04 Apr, 2022 05:20

Unlocked by 348 of 19,312 possible players (1.80%)

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KojiroS 4 May 2020 11:21
Can you get this cheevo with missing bestiary entries? Because I missed Richter's on my thief mode save.
TomuCat 4 May 2020 18:00
the mudman summon from the demon boss in the library and Richter.
JeremyStCyr 29 Jun 2020 03:08
that took a minute to do but i got it! especially grabbing the runesword from dodo bird.
KojiroS 16 Nov 2020 23:57
Answering my own question, yes, you can get this cheevo even if you are missing boss entries in the bestiary.
Grahamtams 13 Mar 2021 01:37
For anyone who missed Mudman, this will pop without mudman in your bestiary :)
ArtLexxGames 19 Jul 2021 17:21
it took me around 10-12 hours.. sweeping the whole both castle
iamnotokay 7 Aug 2021 04:05
apparently you dont even need to pick the items, as long as they drop it counts, so if you dont pick one quick enough and it disappears dont waste your time trying to make it drop again
rafaelrroocc 23 Aug 2021 07:50
Meus amigos, podem me explicar melhor como consigo conquistar este trofu?
rafaelrroocc 23 Aug 2021 07:52
My friends, can you explain better how to win this award?
ChocoMilk 8 Sep 2021 00:25
You may find this useful: Use 2X Ring of Arcana. For monsters with lower drop rates, you can use luck potion + duplicator to increase your chances (equip rings after consumption). Around 6-8 hours for me.
timenoe 22 Nov 2021 21:37
This one took a very long time. The Ouroboros gave me the most trouble. Farmed that thing for hours
30 Mar 2022 12:58
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4 Apr 2022 05:19
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4 Apr 2022 05:20
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Emoon 30 May 2022 21:38
@ChocoMilk's that page is a godsend and whoever did the reverse engineering should get like a million dollars.
Fungus 13 Jun 2022 14:43
Uh, What about the Fire Warg's Karma coin? I heard there was a bug where it doesn't drop the karma coin.
IzaNamiZX 30 Oct 2022 02:47
Put on your straw hat and overalls for this one because it is a FARMFEST.
Yiiaz 3 Nov 2022 08:07
For some reason the rare drop of monster #137 Azaghal doesn't count. It's the Mourneblade weapon. The achievement should be 107 instead of 106.
axcelon 2 Oct 2023 15:29
A tip for people doing this, to add to the great info @ChocoMilk provided, is that you can use the Alucart, not Alucard, Alucart with a T, set to get a massive boost in luck, and since this set doesnt conflict with what ChocoMilk said, you can do both and use your alternate forms to do the damage (wingsmash is pretty good on a ton of cases) and your chances are boosted a ton.
in summary: duplicator + luck potion, then equip dual ring of arcana and the alucart set, then kill enemies.
make sure to equip a familiar thats below lvl 50 so you can passively get XP for that achievement
SoHai 3 Oct 2023 20:16
This took me 18 hours to achieve, it was not an easy task...
You'll definitely need:

Complete AlucarT gear (Sword, Shield & Armor): +30 luck;
One or more Lapis Lazuli: +15 luck each;
Duplicator + Luck potion: +20 luck temporarily;
One or more Ring of Arcana: Increase rare items drop rate.

My alucard was on level 65 during the grinding, so there is a good amount of base luck on him. With that gear in hand you'll want to mix between two arcana rings/lapis lazuli, or mix between arcana with a lapis lazuli...
With the gear equipped you'll want to use a luck potion to raise your luck a little bit. Here's an example of a instant heaven sword drop:

During your grinding i strongly recommend you to use these links below:

1. Rare items drop rate calculator based on your current luck and amount of arcana rings:

2. Monster compendium (locations and drops):

3. Detailed map locations:

Hope this helps everyone, and if you're doing this cheevo on luck mode you'll probably finish this challenge in much less time than i took lol (18 hours oh my god)...

Here's my two vod's in case anyone is curious about my runs only with this cheevo:

Part 1 -
Part 2 -

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