Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
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  • Nice Flight

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    Wing smash consecutively for 8 seconds (no pausing allowed)

    806 (537) of 24,676 – 3.27%

    2.18% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    3.27% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by Shmelyoff on: 30 Aug, 2019 11:03
    Last modified: 27 Apr, 2020 05:04

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    slashfour21 30 Oct 2022 20:45
    I hadn't thought of using analog. I will try later. Anyway, it's very boring to do this.
    Bhiargo 18 Dec 2022 00:05
    Don't overthink the combo. Take things slow.

    Hold [Jump], roll the analog from ↑ to →, then release [Jump]. Let the analog reset. Then do the combo again.

    If you attempt to cheese it by rolling the analog in a full circle, it'll become much harder for you.
    Jow9001 30 Dec 2022 13:28
    Esaa conquista requer prática. Uma dica: fique olhando para o morcego, qdo ele der uma "subidinha" é hr de repetir a magia, treine também a velocidade de fazer a magia.
    Neuro35 8 May 2023 12:00
    I have no clue what a wing smash is, but I somehow accidentaly performed one moving back and forth inside a bell.
    FelipeSilv 8 May 2023 12:32
    Wing Smash is a skill from the bat... basically hold [JUMP] + ↑↖←↙↓↘→, release [JUMP]
    Raykusen 3 Jul 2023 03:52
    Let me guess, this is a speedrun glitch... This is annoying.
    LeturLefr 5 Jul 2023 23:02
    @Raykusen no, it just spamming moves but like doing combo in fighting game, you just need to take care of your timings.
    endtimes 29 Nov 2023 16:07
    Fly into one of the hanging tower bells and do the motion. You can do the charge infinitely until you drip yourself out.
    29 Nov 2023 19:00
    Shmelyoff edited this achievement's logic.
    ModelZGolden 4 Dec 2023 17:16
    Nem acredito que consegui!!!!! Finalmente!
    badatrowing 20 Dec 2023 16:17
    Whoa, you can CHAIN WING SMASHES?! Why didn't anyone ever tell me this...
    KnockerKrazy 9 Jan 2024 03:38
    Not a bad cheevo at all, actually pretty helpful to finally learn this trick because Wing Smash is really fun to use. The Black Marble Gallery has a hallway that is ideal for this achievement. Basically, you preform the Wing Smash command a little after the the beginning of the move and keep doing that in a somewhat fast rhythm. It's kind of tough to explain, but it should be pretty smooth and quick once you get it down. Doing it sooner rather than later is the main aspect of chaining them. Fun achievement!
    14 Jan 2024 00:04
    Shmelyoff edited this achievement's logic.
    AABattery 3 Feb 2024 18:03
    Actually wasn't as bad as I thought, but that's probably cuz I took @KnockerKrazy's advice. Without it, this achievement would probably suck REAL BAD to get, especially cuz I'm on keyboard lol.
    ludrian 11 Feb 2024 17:54
    nossa finalmente consegui, fui para marble gallery e fiquei uns bons minutos tentando fazer, que prazer terminar essa conquista e até que divertido fazer.
    rafadnt94 14 Feb 2024 03:31
    Galera melho jeito de se fazer e ir no (corredor invertido da black marble gallery) comece da ponta da porta e vai indo ate a aoutra porta e um (corredor sem quartos) e bem grande e aquele que leva ao relogio do boss fight com dracula ( Como o teto e reto nao vai bater a cabeça do morcego assim so se preocupe com fazer o comando do dash certinho ( melhor jeito e fazer sequencias dos comando secura o botao faz o comando e solte repita rapidamente e vai pegar a conquista obg.
    rafadnt94 14 Feb 2024 04:25 (Não Apareceu a Conquista Porque Ja tinha Feito)
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    LeoOfAstora 19 Feb 2024 19:49
    Eu estava um pouco intimidado com esse troféu. Wing Smash não é novidade para mim, sempre abusei disso em todas as minhas plays. Agora manter o Wing Smash foi novo, sempre joguei castlevania na seta, más para esse esquema eu usei o Joystick, é muito mais fácil ter controle no padrão que você precisa manter. Eu estava tentando na seta, quando eu fiz essa alteração para o Joystick foi na terceira tentativa.
    ModelZGolden 19 Feb 2024 22:12
    Eu também @LeoOfAstora achei impossível nas setas (que é onde costumo jogar), foi a única conquista que usei controle, e foi bem rápido depois que usei controle.
    rlxldk 24 Feb 2024 09:53
    Better do it in reverse castle, in normal you wil always bump into ceiling xD. And, as for me, doing this from right to left side it seemed a little easer

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