Final Fantasy VII
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  • Complete the game without anyone surpassing level 28.

    81 (78) of 2,542 – 3.19%

    3.07% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    3.19% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by FBernkastelKues on: 25 Aug, 2019 13:55
    Last modified: 02 Jan, 2022 21:35

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    Grandirus 26 Mar 2023 17:59
    I agree with @AngeloLeonhart.
    rlxldk 26 Mar 2023 21:11
    Maybe because it's not so hard? )
    Valenstein 3 Jun 2023 07:58
    Can the source trick be used in this run?
    rlxldk 3 Jun 2023 17:07
    Yes, but only with multiple enemies, you need runaway after sources copied
    benit149 7 Aug 2023 15:41
    Good lord, this was brutal. The trouble with this achievement is that FF7 has so many mechanics and exploits that it can be difficult to keep track of everything. In my run, Red XIII came dangerously close to hitting level 29, but just barely made it with 89 EXP needed. The best suggestions I have are;
    * use Guard Skip, Cosmo Canyon Skip, and Midgar Raid Skip to cut out some bosses (I couldn't do Cosmo Canyon Skip, so it was slightly harder to route the EXP)
    * do NOT buy the Exit Materia (too much money, plus too expensive on MP to escape each time)
    * use save states, especially for Carry Armor (save the Dragon Fang from Schizo for this fight)
    * feed AP into All, Comet, and Destruct Materia. All will be for selling, Comet if you want to use it against the final boss rush (otherwise just sell), and Destruct is for Safer Sephiroth
    * get Yuffie, Conformer and Double Cut Materia after the Hojo boss fight (she was level 27 when I got her)
    * dig up W-Item Materia in Bone Village, then dupe Sources
    * getting KotR is an option, but don't do it if you're super tight on EXP. You can't use it on Jenova-SYNTHESIS anyway, but blitzing through Bizarro and Safer Sephiroths would be nice
    benit149 7 Aug 2023 15:43
    As an aside, I strongly disagree with this achievement being in the main set. The longer I attempted this, the more I felt it belonged in the Bonus subset, given my experience with how difficult the Suikoden Bonus subset was. This turned out to be significantly worse due to the numerous mechanics I had to learn. Alas, plenty of players have acquired it, so I doubt this will change anytime soon. :/
    Enzis 7 Aug 2023 16:42
    I fully agree with @benit149. I got this achievement, but it was a horrible experience, and ruined my favorite childhood game. Achievements should be fun, not torture, and absolutely should not require 100+ hours for a single achievement. After finishing this set, I've stopped farming achievements.

    The mods of this site don't really standardize anything as one developer can wreck a game, but they should. As a dev myself in the real world, every software worthwhile requires taking a step back and considering the target customer. Most achievement sets are made almost out of hostility towards players who just want some fun, and it's very quickly backed up by the snobbiest "hardcore" players. But, there's no reason to alienate people who want actual fun. Subsets exist for a reason. Standards should be set, core sets should be fun, and subsets should be used so the "hardcore" still have their pleasure (check out the professor oak subset challenges.) There's easy everyone wins solutions. The mods just have to set standards and get involved.
    rlxldk 8 Aug 2023 19:36
    Disagree, I got it from first try, there are so many guides and faqs, difficulty of this cheevo is running to zero
    Eltana 2 Oct 2023 19:42
    Quick question! Does Aerith count for this?
    Enzis 2 Oct 2023 19:49
    Probably, but can't say for sure. Aeris is used to keep your team lower level though. As much as possible, you'll be feeding xp to Aeris instead of others. I wouldn't risk over leveling her to make early parts of this thing easier though. Besides, some of the hardest parts are well after, like the junon boss, that's heavy rng based (took me a few hours till rng worked. See guides for details).
    Eltana 3 Oct 2023 11:47
    Hmm. In that case, just to be safe, I think I'll devote my current run to getting the standard achievements, then do a separate one for this. Many thanks!
    Zyndeyqualarrin 17 Oct 2023 15:11
    After you get the Highwind, I recommend going to the Beach in the Mideel Area and farm Dragon Scales from that big worm enemy. Wonder how no one's mentioned that here
    rlxldk 19 Oct 2023 04:17
    "Right arm" from the bombs getting earlier and easily.
    18 Nov 2023 21:05
    FBernkastelKues edited this achievement's title.
    MrMalice 6 Feb 2024 17:08
    Never tried a low level run on this game before. Probably the most fun I have had playing this game in a long time. Started getting a touch of anxiety with how close I was to level 29 with most of my characters.

    Definitely not as hard as I expected, but still challenging. I probably would have failed if not for guard skip, cosmo skip and midgar raid skip.
    DevilishDanni 16 Feb 2024 11:00
    This achievement took my about 30hrs.
    I used the following guide to help me with who needs to be dead and who survives. I did not follow the guide completely as i used materia which takes some of the grind out.
    DiegoAG 27 Feb 2024 00:30
    it's just my opinion, but the simple fact that you have to use a shitload of glitchs to skip a lot of parts of the game that would never be used outside of a speed run is a prove in it self that this achievement dont belong to standart achievement...
    AriMaeda 27 Feb 2024 00:55
    @DiegoAG No glitches are required to do this run, that was another user's suggestion to make it easier.

    @benit149 Just FYI, using softcore mode to make progress on your hardcore save is against the rules. It's gotta stay hardcore from start to finish.
    Enzis 27 Feb 2024 05:19
    It's not a speedrun, but the opposite. This "achievement" falls under excessive grinding, which is supposed to be against the "unwelcome concepts" documented on this sight. What's worth, this so called achievement is so strict, you have to follow someone else's blueprint almost exactly, so no creativity. What's even worse, the game is blatantly not designed for this screwiness, so you'll die often and it comes down to very good RNG.

    Btw, RNG heavy achievements are also supposed to be an unwelcome concept. I've long given up trying to amend achievements. This website does need more volunteer efforts, but also.... every good you try to amend, either a dev, moderator, or other gamers will just argue to death.

    All I can say is enjoy what you can from achievements here. The awful ones will ruin games for you, so just don't do the bad ones.
    nibiru199 28 Feb 2024 12:01
    man this sh* has no business being in a mainset

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