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Final Fantasy VII (PlayStation)

Complete the game without anyone surpassing level 28.
David and Goliath (100) (605)
Complete the game without anyone surpassing level 28.

Created by FBernkastelKues on: 25 Aug, 2019 13:55
Last modified: 02 Jan, 2022 21:35

Won by 57 of 1525 possible players (4%)

Recent comments: (All 34)
DaniloZlatan 11 Aug 2021 19:18
Um chievement dificil e longo desse valendo so isso de pontos eh mancada hein! O set eh legal mas pouquissimos pontos
DaniloZlatan 11 Aug 2021 19:18
Deeveria ser 100 ou 125
5 Nov 2021 19:28
StingX2 edited this achievement.
MauricioReis 17 Nov 2021 21:46
Fair score!!! ok, it may not be so difficult, but it requires an extremely meticulous and long gameplay, besides, the player needs a very advanced knowledge in the campaign and in the mechanics, 100 points is fair for that!
tinycyan 21 Nov 2021 13:25
thank you for 100
MauricioReis 25 Nov 2021 10:55
Aos BR que forem buscar essa xivo: este eh o melhor guia para isto, pode usar o tradutor do google que faz uma traducao precisa o suficiente para entender plenamente! Alem disso, no guia ha uma restricao de "no materia", o que o torna mais facil ainda de fazer pois vc vai ter a vantagem de poder usar todas as materias (especialmente Steal). Thank you ChronoGear for the guide link!!!
DEATHDragon 28 Dec 2021 18:53
As soon as you get the Exit materia, hold on to it for dear life and use it as much as possible. It helps alot when trying to run away from strong enemies.
2 Jan 2022 21:35
BenGhazi edited this achievement.
Cadaxar 9 Jan 2022 06:00
Do not follow the guide by KADFC, wish I had looked here for the guide by GarlandG. Got to Disc 2 and realized KADFC's guide is incomplete and inaccurate.
BubbleRoxie 10 Jan 2022 07:42
KADFC's guide will get you through the game to the achievement but it makes so much of the game needlessly complicated by skipping useful items and also not understanding basic game mechanics, I would just use it for the "who lives and who dies on this boss" chart but look elsewhere for strategies.
marshm8low 5 Feb 2022 05:23
dude what a run
Elbody 30 May 2022 11:11
duuuuuuuude what a run
rlxldk 8 Aug 2022 21:22
That was very interesting journey. Thanks for the guide linked above, and still I almost fuck up my run. Wrong experience to wrong person cost me some nervous brain cells xD
Some thoughts : if you use guide then READ it very slow and careful. Buy additional steal materia asap, it helps a lot, because you CAN steal and RUN, items stays without getting exp.
Steal 99 Right arms from bomb in corel will make run pretty easy.
Enemy skill big defense must have! At least on two pieces.
After getting w-item materia difficulty of challenge is run to zero. Morphing sources and other items make last bosses harmless.
Last Jenova must cast ultima.
P. S.
Carry armor is a sneaky bitch -_-
Enzis 25 Nov 2022 07:13
Can this achievement be moved to the bonus subset for this game? It seems like it was intended to be there instead.
Actarus 27 Jan 2023 12:15
Ok so this is definitely a speedrunner set, right ?
LaikWQC 28 Jan 2023 17:00
In bonus you need to complete it with level 27 max and without materia or changing equip. So it is very light version of challenge (no challenge at all)
Grandirus 2 Feb 2023 17:42
So, I love the idea of have achievements in old games. All devs that make it deserves all the thanks.
One chevo that you need to go to point C, without passing througt point B, is good enough to be done, but a chevo that removes all beauty from a game, just to be a "chalenge", must stay in an appropriate set.
I think that chevo is good, but not to be here.
AngeloLeonhart 26 Mar 2023 17:17
If we have a Lowest Level Subset and a LLNIIENACMO Subset, why do we still have this achievement on the main set?
Grandirus 26 Mar 2023 17:59
I agree with @AngeloLeonhart.
rlxldk 26 Mar 2023 21:11
Maybe because it's not so hard? )

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