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Final Fantasy VII (PlayStation)

Defeat both forms of Sephiroth at full power without using Knights of the Round or Game Over.
Black Wing Metamorphosis (10) (42)
Defeat both forms of Sephiroth at full power without using Knights of the Round or Game Over.

Created by FBernkastelKues on: 25 Aug, 2019 13:55
Last modified: 26 Dec, 2021 01:33

Won by 91 of 1525 possible players (6%)

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yopadato 24 Oct 2019 01:45
I got Safer Sephiroth with 400000 HP (strongest form), beat him without using Knights of the Round or Game Over, but didn't get the achievement.
LaikWQC 31 Oct 2019 07:50
I have some trouble with math: Base Sephiroth hp: 55,100 HP. For killing head of Jenova 1 time -100 HP (55,000). For lvl99 character +30,000 HP (295,000). For using KotR +80,000 HP (375,000). Where is another 25,000 HP?
LaikWQC 31 Oct 2019 07:59
Oh, my bad - Base HP is 80,000. But then I have onother question: how to beat Bizzaro without killing head at least once?
LaikWQC 31 Oct 2019 08:09
And again I answer to myself: Core invulnerable untill both hands are dead. So with all lvl99 character you need to use KotR on Jenova, kill both hands and then core of Bizzaro without any aoe attack (like 4x attack) and kill Safer.
yopadato 31 Oct 2019 13:15
For Bizzarro, just hit the heart until he dies, don't bother with the core.
ChronoGear 27 Mar 2020 13:09
I don't understand what full power means here exactly. Don't attack anything other than the heart in phase 1? What about 2?
LaikWQC 27 Mar 2020 17:54
all characters lvl99, use KotR on 1st boss (jenova) and don't kill head of 2nd.
Bobbythegreat34 8 Jan 2021 05:49
Do all characters including the ones not being used have to be lvl 99 as well? WHen you destroy his body you never have to switch parties to destroy the core so i never end up using them
benmoot 17 Apr 2021 05:17
i think sephiroth only scales to cloud
Ness64 5 Nov 2021 02:19
No, you must grind all characters except Aeris to 99. He gets stronger for each one at 99, not just Cloud
Alucard2k12 17 Nov 2021 22:24
I did ALL that grinding for 5 points? Absolutely amazing set...
26 Dec 2021 01:33
televandalist edited this achievement.
ryanvelasco 22 Jan 2022 06:39
So i managed to get this ONLY by [phase 1] killing both arms and torso and [phase 2] killing normally.If there are specific requirements to complete this then be specific. So vague and a waste of peoples time to have them figure it out by themselves.
daktrgonzo12 13 Feb 2022 16:48
All my party members are lv99. During Jenova, and both Sephiroth fights, I destroy appendages first and I'm not getting the achievement. Could the Creator please explain what is needed?
daktrgonzo12 16 Feb 2022 11:44
Thanks to nexcoyocoatl for information that helped me get the achievement:1. Entire party is lvl 992. On first Jenova fight, use fully Mastered Knights of the Round3. Do not use KotR or Cait Sith's Game over on Sephiroth. First, Destroy Arm part E, D, C (You will get a message that says Core is vulnerable). Destroy E, D, C on both Left and Right side with the other parties. 4. Core becomes vulnerable for the main party. Destroy it, along with head. For me, the Head regenerated many times, but at some point stopped.5. When you destroy Head and Center Core, You can destroy the torso.6. Second battle with Sephiroth is hard, but straightforward.7. Enjoy your achievement
Xeishiki 11 Jun 2022 08:47
I got this and did NOT attack the head at all. I destroyed every other part, and saved the torso for last when it switched back to my main party.
rlxldk 24 Aug 2022 12:06
You don't need fully mastered Knights materia, first level work too. As for the other- I did all like in post above and got cheevo. That supernova animation......
Enzis 12 Jan 2023 18:11
Went in all at lvl 99, never used kotr or game over, and still didn't get it. Alarmed this achievement wants you to kill the parts in a certain order, but doesn't specify?

Absolute trash achievement. Not explained, requires an extra 30+ hours just running around leveling for no reason. Put this nonsense in a subset!
Enzis 13 Jan 2023 03:06
I believe you have to use kotr first on Jenova. I did that and ensured all bizzarro parts were dead before killing bizzarro body last
rlxldk 16 Jan 2023 14:52
Well, yes. You need use kotr on final Jenova

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