Final Fantasy VII
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Complete the Crazy Course in the Snowboarding minigame with 90 or more points.
Crystalbound Chant (25) (138)
Complete the Crazy Course in the Snowboarding minigame with 90 or more points.

Created by FBernkastelKues on: 25 Aug, 2019 13:53
Last modified: 26 Dec, 2021 01:33

Unlocked by 85 of 1,996 possible players (4.26%)

25 Aug 2019 13:53
BenGhazi uploaded this achievement.
7 Sep 2019 16:47
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19 Sep 2019 08:35
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Luks18 5 Jul 2021 22:50
I already played a bunch of games before but I gotta say, THIS achievement is one of the hardest I ever saw, the Speed Square one is worse, but that's because it's mostly rely on pure decoration on where to shoot, but this one is actually difficult..
Luks18 5 Jul 2021 22:52
But not unfair or even impossible, I simply CANNOT do this in Hardcore mode, yet I can't complain too because it's not unfair at all, you have to me really good in your movements, even using save states I struggled a lot.
24 Nov 2021 16:02
siouxerskate edited this achievement.
26 Dec 2021 01:33
televandalist edited this achievement.
DEATHDragon 26 Dec 2021 06:39
That was actually easier than i thought. The parts that one needs to be careful are when inside the ice cave and the part with the purple rocks. Make sure you don't hit anything with your snowboard, as that retracts Technique points.
Veneficus 16 Jan 2022 20:32
Got it in 50 minutes (92 points), just keep practicing and slow down before the crazy parts, you'll get there.
Elbody 22 Apr 2022 03:40
Even tho there is a speed score, you don't need to finish fast AT ALL. Slow down (pressing down on dpad) as much as you need, specially on the corners, and if you bypass the blue and green balloons towards the end... you can turn around and grab them again. The most important part is getting as many balloons as possible + not bumping on to stuff, the speed score is piss easy to max EVEN when you slowdown everywhere.
AriMaeda 2 Jun 2022 20:03
As has been mentioned, it's not too bad. You can hit the brakes before every turn and still max the time score, and once you learn the obstacles, it's not hard to max the technique either. A solid third of the balloons are given to you right at the start, so there's a fair amount of leeway to reach 90.
rlxldk 26 Aug 2022 19:35
I beat it only with lowering "Overclock CPU" to 20 %. I just will forget this nightmare and go on -_-
One advise, SAVE after every successful course. If you reset game, you will need repeat all courses again.
MauricioReis 21 Sep 2022 13:41
For those who need help: Practice the initial jump a lot to catch all the red and blue balloons, they are easy and important. Remember that hitting walls/obstacles reduces technique points and the time requirement allows for a lot of braking. In the cave, slow down before the first stalactite, pass the first stalactites on the right and then on the left on the last ones. The blue balloon can be collected by drastically slowing down and doing a diagonal maneuver behind the snowman, and with good execution you can ignore the green balloon which is the most dangerous. If you manage to make the start of the course saving time in the safest parts, you will have time to use the brakes a lot at the end of the course which is extremely uneven and it is practically impossible to reach a high speed.
AlphaDragon 22 Jan 2023 01:47
You never lose it, a couple of runs and you'll remember your way. For actual advice, hit your brakes long before you hit a corner, rookie mistake is breaking too close to the corner and losing your movement control. Don't let balloons distract you too heavily, they give you a bunch at the start which gives you a little more lenancy. It's probably better for your score to prioritize avoiding the snow ball moogles rather than risking the balloons. The green balloon seems risky if you come in head on but hitting it at an angle makes it easy to slide on through. Remember, the score isn't just one factor, but a synthesis of your balloon catching, obstacle avoiding and speed, a couple of balloons could cost you more score if you waste time and hit obstacles. Lastly, have a little faith in yourself, you'd be surprised how fast you can take the sharp corners (it's only risky when they have consecutive sharp turns). You'll notice that the pink balloons after sharp turns are aligned in a way that lets you naturally slide into them after hitting a sharp turn at high speed (and will help build your confidence). You got this!

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