Final Fantasy VII
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  • Complete every optional Fort Condor mission.

    171 (143) of 2,539 – 6.73%

    5.63% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    6.73% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by deividokop on: 25 Aug, 2019 11:37
    Last modified: 24 Oct, 2023 23:29

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    DesertWorms 24 Jan 2022 08:26
    Do you have to do every battle now? Did a few and always had them funded. Did not get after Phoenix materiz.
    Mooseh 20 Apr 2022 18:02
    this didnt drop for me, im sure i did every battle and had 30k+ gil funded for the whole time.
    Rivaille 8 May 2022 13:40
    Triggered after 19 battles after getting highwind & tifa as party leader, better if triggered during last condor fight for big materia
    sakuramboo 29 May 2022 18:19
    Does this have to be done in a single playthrough? Or, can I do most of them and then load a previous save to do those I missed?
    Rivaille 30 May 2022 03:54
    sakuramboo 31 May 2022 02:31
    That doesn't answer my question. In order to get this achievement, does it have to be done in a single playthrough? The buggy broke down, so I can't do Battle 5. I have a save that was back at the chocobo farm, but if I can continue on the story and then load that older save to get to Battle 5, will it still give me the achievement? Or, does it have to be done in a single playthrough?
    Rivaille 31 May 2022 02:50
    it should be single playthrough, if you visit gongaga before cosmo canyon your buggy will break down so don't let your buggy pass cosmo canyon, if you near cosmo gorge better if you walk
    Xeishiki 1 Jun 2022 07:22
    This didn't trigger for me. Got the phoenix materia, and followed the guide by guddentehpwner for when to go back for the battles. Question though. Do you have to stop the enemy from reaching the shack and kill everythingbefore that? Or can you just let them reach the top and fight the boss? I just let them hit the top for the boss battle without putting troops down.
    Mophmeister 8 Jun 2022 11:17
    I'm also curious if the battle HAS to be won with your troops or if you can just kill with commander. I suspect it's the former since you get the item that way, but it would be nice to get clarification.
    Xeishiki 8 Jun 2022 13:07
    I ended up restarting and doing the battles with the soldiers and not letting them reach the top. This caused the achievement to pop for me when I got back to the airship with Tifa as the leader.
    rlxldk 17 Aug 2022 17:43
    Swanstation, android, got it using link with "Condor War " above. Just read carefully and you be OK. Cheevo will pop up after winning fight with Tifa as lider. and of course you need WIN in game battle not beat commander. In other words, you must earn rewards for all fights. Also don't forget, you CAN stay buggy unbroken, I repeat "Read carefully condor War link above.
    As for the fight tactic : place one fighter and a start battle after that start placing fighters lower and lower red line until bottom. Then place in bottom as much soldiers as you want, pair or triple tristoners work well too
    Enzis 9 Jan 2023 19:56
    Immediately after getting the Highwind, go STRAIGHT to court Condor. This is the last mission to unlock the achievement. I gave an extra 3k Gil for the mission after, but probably wasn't necessary. Their starting Gil was enough. Duckstation works fine.
    Enzis 9 Jan 2023 19:58
    I wish I did this at the same time as the low level achievement playthrough just to get it over with. Kind of a high-stress achievement b/c you never know for sure until it pops. I kept double-checking to ensure Fort Condor was still at the starting 15k gil, and saving only after double-checking.
    BirdHouseGaming 29 Aug 2023 18:08
    Retroarch shows 19/19 but this hasn't unlocked for me. Not sure why
    Zyndeyqualarrin 4 Oct 2023 05:58
    I checked like 10 times if this achievement existed and I missed it. Ugh, guess I'll have to do this in my low level playthrough
    Zyndeyqualarrin 17 Oct 2023 11:53
    Totally possible together with Low Level, got it
    ruijian 23 Oct 2023 18:07
    Same as big house gaming shows 19 out of 19 but didn't pop and I got the Phoenix materia
    24 Oct 2023 23:29
    FBernkastelKues edited this achievement's logic.
    18 Nov 2023 21:04
    FBernkastelKues edited this achievement's title.
    InBoxLife 11 Dec 2023 12:14
    So I went there every time I had the opportunity and scored 14 or 16/20, and before the fight for the huge materia, for some reason, when I pressed “wait”, my counter would accumulate, but even when I scored 20, the achievement did not count, including after winning and receiving huge matter. What did I do wrong?

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