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  • Complete the Temple of the Ancients using magic only, initial equipment, without healing at an inn (full rules in comments).

    163 (152) of 2,987 – 5.46%

    5.09% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    5.46% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by FBernkastelKues on: 25 Aug, 2019 02:19
    Last modified: 06 Jul, 2023 14:31

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    HylianBrat 16 Apr 2024 23:02
    I'm still suffering. I thought I had it this time but nope. xD Guess i'll grind a little more and try again. I haaaate this demon door.
    HylianBrat 17 Apr 2024 22:38
    Oh i got it! Wow that was intense. Even with the suffering, it was actually very fun. Used I dont know how many bolt 1 and fire 1. Vincent ran out of magic, Aerith had 8 mp and was 3 seconds from petrify and cloud had 15 mp left. Insaaaane.
    fngreg7 8 May 2024 15:52
    Finally got this. Took me like 5 attempts, and then going back to grind out 20 more levels. Total of like 6 hours. I did not enjoy this achievement.

    I believe it is needlessly complex (I had to read these comments MULTIPLE TIMES), and this challenge restrictive for no reason. The game does not track/care about the conditions here, and using someone like Cid means you get a Gold Armlet (and not screwed with Bronze Armlet). What's the point?

    Once your party level is high enough to do this, it's not even a challenge, it's just...handicapped and time wasting.
    cavedweller2000 9 May 2024 21:47
    I cannot find Aeris' Guard Stick anywhere in my inventory. I knew about this cheevo when I started the game so I made sure not to sell any equipment at any point in my run so far, and still it is not there. I have used 15 rolling saves and even the oldest save does not have her initial weapon so I am clueless as to where that has gone. I'm assuming this means I will need to start a separate run from scratch or tag it on to my separate low level run I'll be doing...
    rlxldk 9 May 2024 23:12
    Never heard about vanishing equipment. Is there a chance that you sold it and miss it ? Anyway, realy strange situation
    FBernkastelKues 10 May 2024 11:35
    There's a good chance it got stolen by the thieves in sector 5.
    rlxldk 10 May 2024 19:27
    Or during prison adventures. There are a lot of thieves too. I suppose mystery solved
    cavedweller2000 10 May 2024 19:55
    Yes FBern, I think you are right. I have a save from before Modgar Zolom and it's still missing then. That's the only thing I can think of. Good solve
    cavedweller2000 16 May 2024 12:54
    Well I did it, but the cheevo didn't pop. The only two things I can think of is that I saved in the temple (I didn't reload my save however) and I haven't yet recruited Vincent. Neither of these things are specified in the rules though. All characters have starting equipment, no accessories, never used items, never used the inns, no physical attacks/limit breaks and no forbidden materia
    rlxldk 16 May 2024 13:21
    Link with rules is dead. This is full rules
    rlxldk 16 May 2024 13:21
    NI = No Items: You cannot use any items at any point of the achievement.

    IE = Initial Equipment: You are not allowed to equip any Weapon or Armor. You can only use the Equipment the characters are equipped with when they join the party.

    NA = No Accessories: Accessories are prohibited. No exceptions.

    NPA = No Physical Attacks.

    NLB = No Limits Breaks: You are not allowed to use any Limits.

    NNMI = No Non-Mandatory Inns: You can't rest unless the game forces you to do so.

    This all means that you are only allowed to use materia, but not all.

    Allowed Materia

    Added Effect
    Magic Counter
    MP Turbo
    HP Absorb
    HP Plus
    Luck Plus
    Magic Plus
    Speed Plus
    Full Cure
    MP Plus
    W Magic
    EXP Plus
    Gil Plus
    Enemy Lure



    - The achievement begins once you place the Keystone in the alter make sure you're at full HP and MP before then.
    - Summons are banned from the challenge.
    - The Enemy Skill materia is banned.
    - MP Absorb, Gravity, Quadra Magic and All were all banned because they are too powerful.
    - You can't use any materia that might interfere with the rules (Deathblow, Throw, Added Cut, Slah-All etc....).
    - You must open every chest (including the ones that contain a forced fight), and pick up every freestanding item in the Temple of the Ancients.

    Item Checklist

    [ ] Trident
    [ ] Turbo Ether
    [ ] Mind Source
    [ ] Silver Rifle
    [ ] Rocket Punch
    [ ] Luck Plus
    [ ] Morph Materia
    [ ] Nail Bat
    [ ] Clock Room I Chest
    [ ] Clock Room III Chest
    [ ] Princess Guard
    [ ] Ribbon
    [ ] Trumpet Shell
    [ ] Megalixer
    [ ] Work Glove
    [ ] Bahamut

    If you did everything correctly in one session the achievement will activate when you beat Demons Gate.
    cavedweller2000 16 May 2024 14:14
    Thanks, I have scoured the full rules on multiple occasions. Ticked off the treasure chests/items as I collected them etc. I just tried a second run (after picking up Vincent) and got attacked from both sides on my way to Demon's Gate - after killing one of the enemies I didn't have enough MP to beat DG. Time for run 3!
    cavedweller2000 16 May 2024 14:34
    Nope, beat Demon's Gate again, still nothing
    cavedweller2000 16 May 2024 14:52
    I was using the All bad. I'll try again a bit later...hopefully that was the only blocker!
    Masamune456 16 May 2024 15:57
    Big frustration...bro...
    cavedweller2000 16 May 2024 18:21
    Finally got it! It was the All materia stopping it. Also I didn't realise through any of the comments that there was an indicator for this cheevo? I don't remember there being one for any other cheevo in this set so I assumed there wasn't one here. If I knew that it prob would have made my life a lot easier lol

    Anyway, glad I got it! Thanks for the support! :-)
    cavedweller2000 16 May 2024 18:27
    As I haven't seen a full list of initial equipment anywhere in the comments I thought I'd post it here for any future challengers:-

    Cloud - Buster Sword + Bronze Bangle
    Barret - Gatling Gun + Bronze Bangle
    Tifa - Leather Glove + Bronze Bangle
    Aeris - Guard Stick + Bronze Bangle
    Red XIII - Mythril Clip + Mythril Armlet
    Yuffie - 4-point Shuriken + Carbon Bangle
    Cait Sith - Yellow M-phone + Silver Armlet
    Vincent - Quicksilver + Silver Armlet
    Cid - Spear + Gold Armlet
    rlxldk 16 May 2024 20:33
    There are no indication of cheevo. Yeah, i once fuckuped with ALL materia too xD
    CHillpx 24 May 2024 12:14
    Might take a bit of a grind if you're not prepared, but here's what I did

    Your main struggle is going to be mp pool, so you'll need at least 2 MP Plus materia. You'll need poison, bio 1 is fine. you need heal lv2 for esuna if demon wall stone gaze. And you'll need everyone to have a basic lv 1 spell to attack with (except earth). lv 2&3 spells are too expensive to be viable

    I was level 35-40 for my first attempt which was doable but I had to grind materia, which can be done outside of mideel, on the grass patch. The green enemies there spawn in packs of up to 4 and with double growth you can get about 500 ap off of a beta cast or 2. By the end I was 45-50.

    I used Cid as my third since his default equipment has the most slots.

    There's 2 sections to this strategy, demon wall, and everything before demon wall.

    Put everyone in the back row with sadness applied BEFORE you enter (and remember this achievement has an active notification, so if you mess something up you'll know)

    Cloud had mp plus lv 5 and restore. Aerith with poison. Cid had 2 MP Plus lv 5, one HP plus lv 5, probably overkill. He ended up running out of mp, but I wasn't efficient. Also sleep, heal, and restore lv3. The final two slots were time for slow, and barrier, neither are really necessary but help against the wall.

    For the ambush in the clock's pit, cast bio and sleepel on the dragons and wait for poison to tick them down, save all the mp you can, heal as needed. For 1:00 make sure you cast bio on the woman !ASAP! for an instakill. if aerith gets frogged & the lady confuses someone the attempt is likely over. The two slimes at 3:00 also die instantly to bio. DO NOT CAST ANYTHING ELSE or they take your MP. For the red dragon cast bio and wait, heal as needed.

    Now the wall. Trade clouds restore and aeriths bio with a reg. Spell. Cid won't need sleep, bring revive just in case and esuna and a spell. Cast slow on the wall then use lv 1 spells til it dies. I used Regen for heals.
    CHillpx 24 May 2024 12:22
    Also want to note that 1, there was a time the cheevo randomly disqualified me while transitioning to another screen so be sure to keep an eye on it. And 2, you can save and continue the challenge while inside, but note if you fail the challenge by doing something illegal, you'll have to load a save that's outside the temple, go back in to restart the cheevo, then soft reset and load your save inside to continue. Why? Not sure. If you fail by dying you shouldn't have to do that though. Just make sure the cheevo notification is active.

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