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Final Fantasy VII (PlayStation)

Complete the Temple of the Ancients using magic only, initial equipment, without healing at an inn (full rules in description).
Ancient Steps Retraced (25) (92)
Complete the Temple of the Ancients using magic only, initial equipment, without healing at an inn (full rules in description).

Created by BenGhazi on: 25 Aug, 2019 02:19
Last modified: 24 Jan, 2020 01:03

Won by 21 of 270 possible players (8%)

Recent comment(s):
15 Dec 10:55 2019
can someone provide a list with initial eq for every character because I was trying few different combination and still no luck witch unlocking the chivo. Thanks
15 Dec 11:55 2019
Look on any wiki or IE challenge guide
15 Dec 13:28 2019
I check many sites and I equip initial eq for all 9 characters, use only magic and don't use any NPCs and still nothing. I wonder what is wrong. Every other Achievement to this point unlock without any problems.
15 Dec 18:09 2019
I remember a guide on gamefaqs getting Cid's equipment wrong, what do you have on him?
15 Dec 18:13 2019
I was trying gold and silver armlet witch no luck.
15 Dec 20:13 2019
There are any extra rules for this achievement?
15 Dec 20:37 2019
Do you get all items and win 3 useless battle? You not used ALL, do you? If so a video will be a good opportunity to check this for us :)
15 Dec 21:05 2019
I remember I read a pastebin with rules some time ago but now I can't figure out where it was. I think it was in this section in one of the first comment but now there are only a recent ones and I don't know if there is a way to read older one
15 Dec 22:24 2019
I see only recent comment and no any "show older comments" button. weird=)
15 Dec 22:27 2019
I can tell about rules in 2 words: take all items (even 2 chest with no items in it). Use fire/thunder/ice, poison, cure, mp+. Don't rest on NPCs. No attack/limits/items.
15 Dec 22:35 2019
Oh so now I know why it isn't working. I didn't know I have to get ALL items :) Thanks You so much, I will try it tomorrow.
24 Jan 1:03 2020
BenGhazi edited this achievement.
10 Feb 17:05 2020
More info here: Do not use forbidden Materia (such as All), do not use Defend.
31 Mar 17:12 2020
At least can I run from battles? This achievement sucks x.x
31 Mar 17:14 2020
You can run from battles but you need to complete some of the battles in order to get key objects.
31 Mar 17:16 2020
Yes, the two empty chests on the Clock Room and the battle before Nail Bat, right?
31 Mar 17:28 2020
Whatever is in the pastbin link, I don't remember exactly. Don't forget the stuff you reach only by falling off the clock.
2 Apr 0:40 2020
Seriously, stupidest achievement ever, i spend ALL of my MP using LvL3 spells on Demon's Gate and he doesn't die xD
8 Apr 0:22 2020
After days of grinding and tries I made it! I'm pretty sure someone will need an explained guide for this, so I made a video to help newcomers who'll try this one. I hope it helps someone.
15 May 15:48 2020


UserHardcore?Earned On
Hardcore!15 May, 2020 04:32
Hardcore!11 May, 2020 10:36
Hardcore!30 Apr, 2020 01:30
Hardcore!21 Apr, 2020 21:32
Hardcore!19 Apr, 2020 15:10
Hardcore!14 Apr, 2020 00:30
Hardcore!07 Apr, 2020 03:20
Hardcore!03 Apr, 2020 20:11
10 Mar, 2020 00:19
Hardcore!24 Jan, 2020 01:04
Hardcore!23 Jan, 2020 19:41
Hardcore!18 Jan, 2020 00:05
Hardcore!16 Dec, 2019 13:07
Hardcore!04 Nov, 2019 21:10
Hardcore!02 Nov, 2019 21:05
Hardcore!02 Nov, 2019 02:24
Hardcore!17 Oct, 2019 08:25
Hardcore!29 Sep, 2019 18:46
Hardcore!27 Sep, 2019 11:09
Hardcore!19 Sep, 2019 06:27
Hardcore!11 Sep, 2019 13:05


Complete the game in the fastest time.
Obtain the highest score during Speed Squares roller coaster ride.
Obtain the highest score during the G-Bike mini game.
Complete the Undersea Mako Reactor Battle in Torpedo Attack in the fastest time.
Complete Level 1 of Torpedo Attack in the fastest time.
Complete Level 2 of Torpedo Attack in the fastest time.
Complete Level 3 of Torpedo Attack in the fastest time.
Complete Level 4 of Torpedo Attack in the fastest time.