Final Fantasy VII
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  • Escape from the Sector 1 Reactor with 7:45 or more remaining.

    881 (640) of 2,966 – 29.70%

    21.58% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    29.70% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by FBernkastelKues on: 25 Aug, 2019 02:17
    Last modified: 01 Feb, 2022 21:49

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    MrMalice 31 Jan 2024 22:30
    Just did it again for fun. 4 random encounters and still made it with extra time left. Speed runners can clear it at the 8:15 mark with no issues.

    Someone really should make a "Retro Participation Trophy" website for pandering to the people who whine about achievements being challenging.

    Fun achievement. I hope the revision adds more like this to the core set.
    SystemFailure0 9 Feb 2024 20:40
    Took 3 attempts to do. First attempt I got out at about 6:45 left. Second attempt 7:42. Third attempt 7:51.

    What helped me was raising the battle speed, the battle message speed, and the field message speed to max. RNG plays a bit of a factor as some enemy attacks take longer while you're trying to run, but it seems fairly doable.
    antimattr 10 Feb 2024 16:09
    New to RA so go ahead and skewer me but I feel like needing to research game engine manipulation or relying on RNG doesn't make a good achievement. There isn't any actual challenge in it, it's just tedious for the sake of being tedious.

    I want to play the game, not pause to pull up Youtube and watch a guide constantly. With a list like this I feel like I'm gonna spend more time researching obscure mechanics and meticulously planning my run rather than just enjoying the game with a handful of reasonable skill checks. This is far too meta. Just change the site to SpeedrunAchievements if this is what passes for normal
    nickwatic 22 Feb 2024 19:26
    yeah this achievement is nonsense, needing to learn RNG manip/counting steps in FF7 is ridiculous lmao
    RetroVanny 23 Feb 2024 09:59
    I uhh.. I got it first attempt. Just turned battle Speed, Message, and field Message to fast, and ran from every fight.
    Sortekona 23 Feb 2024 10:15
    First try with 15 seconds to spare. Two fights.
    RedrumOverdose 23 Feb 2024 10:17
    Yeah, it's so wild. I get notifications probably 3-5 times a week with people commenting how unfair this achievement is and all you have to do is just get out without messing around doing other stuff.
    antimattr 23 Feb 2024 12:57
    I tried like five to ten different times with all my speeds set to max, running from every battle, and by resetting to before the boss fight to advance my encounters by one. Best I could get was like 7:35 because I kept getting a fight RIGHT before exiting. It was frustrating and I gave up. Glad you guys had a simple and easy experience, the rest of us are just lying I guess
    TheGreatTave 23 Feb 2024 15:09
    The reason some people are finding this easy is because it is in fact easy, as long as you're on the right step count. If your steps are off before you enter the boss fight then you will get more than 2 fights when leaving no matter what. Speed runners have proven this and those 1-2 extra fights when leaving add an extra 30-60 seconds.

    If you got this first try, then hell yeah. You were in the right window of steps. If you can't get this, then try forcing a battle on the screen with the save point, just before the screen where you plant the bomb and fight the guard scorpion. That *should* put you in the right step count window for 2 fights when leaving the reactor. Do not do anything else other than saving Jessie and talking to Jessie/Biggs to open the doors.
    RetroVanny 23 Feb 2024 20:28
    @Antimattr No one ever said you were lying, was just saying I got it first attempt.

    Start a battle right before the boss, run, run into the boss room, beat it, then run to get Jessie, and run out the reactor.

    It gives you enough time trust me, I’m not saying you were lying that you’ve had a difficult time earning it, but you’re making it seem like an achievement that’s really not as bad as it seems needs to be removed.. Which I’ve seen worse cases on other lists. This isn’t bad.

    Just keep trying that method and it should work after a couple tries. If not, you can always try to upload a video of your attempt and the community can look at it and see what’s different from our runs than yours, but without that there’s not much we can go off of, other than giving our inputs for tips based on the words that are typed, not by what we can see.

    Thats all I’m saying, not trying to be rude whatsoever. At the very least I hope it helps and you earn the cheevo, if you didn’t care to earn it you wouldn’t say anything which I respect 100% 🙏🏻
    assdeper 24 Feb 2024 14:28
    I remember I was getting a battle just before entering Scorpion's room and still getting three fights on my way back, the last being near the exit
    MikageOkamoto 26 Feb 2024 01:45
    That was a close one. Did it with 1 second to spare
    notlikethesoup 12 Mar 2024 18:56
    Very unfun achievement
    zinnwell 14 Mar 2024 07:50
    Requires changing the battle speed to Max and have good RNG. Not a fan of this achievement
    HylianBrat 23 Mar 2024 03:57
    This wasn't too bad. Got it on the second attempt. Just max the battle and message speeds like they mention above. I held the buttons for escaping as soon as a battle was triggered (enemies always attacked first anyway). Missed it by 2 seconds the first time. Got it the second. Good luck guys!
    riven95 28 Mar 2024 02:08
    Who thought this was a good idea? Like, really.
    "But speedrunners can do it, just count your steps!" yeah, that describes fun. I have a better idea for an achievement, get exactly three battles with only the 2 MP's and 1 Death Machine, while the timer is between 7 and 8 minutes. I'm sure speedrunners can do it!
    loganizer 1 Apr 2024 17:52
    I won't pretend this was particularly fun but it wasn't too bad. It does require a bit of RNG and planning but it's also very repeatable. Came within one second on one of my runs, studied the route on a speedrun and got it the next time.
    Hollandex 2 Apr 2024 19:39
    The fact that anyone needs to study the route on a speedrun should be enough to invalidate this entire achievement.
    Feauce 12 Apr 2024 16:27
    Agreed that this is a really poorly designed achievement for the core set. Aiming for the 7:00 mark would be more achievable without changing the default settings or using speedrunner tactics.
    cavedweller2000 8 May 2024 10:01
    After reading all the comments in here I was dreading this achievement. However after changing all the in-game configs to "Fastest", I ensured I entered a battle just a couple of steps away from the screen with Guard Scorpion. I got it on my second attempt. On my first attempt I got an encounter just a few steps away from the exit. On my 2nd attempt I just polished my movement and got through on 2 encounters. Made it with 10 seconds to spare. On both attempts, my first two encounters were in the first screen back after Guard Scorpion and the screen where you save Jessie

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