Metal Gear Solid
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  • Destroy the tank with only two grenades (No Bandana)

    542 (288) of 10,119 – 5.36%

    2.85% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    5.36% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by WilHiteWarrior on: 23 Aug, 2019 01:03
    Last modified: 28 Sep, 2021 23:11

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    7 Aug 2020 04:01
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    Falcus 11 Apr 2022 15:55
    Hi, I haven't started on this set yet (although plan to soon!) and was wondering about this. Can you use other things as well like chaff grenades, or can you only use 2 grenades in total for this? Thanks!
    WilHiteWarrior 11 Apr 2022 17:21
    This only applies to grenades that go boom. lol chaff grenades are fine
    Falcus 11 Apr 2022 17:32
    Thanks for the quick reply! I thought I'd check just in case :D
    Bevintock 24 Jun 2022 01:53
    I highly recommend for anyone going for this cheevo to use c4 or claymores to disable the treads on the tank first.
    Nohman 22 Sep 2022 01:11
    I'm a scrub but can someone please explain this set to me? When I throw a grenade on the tank it just does normal damage. How am I suppose to just use two grenades?
    WilHiteWarrior 22 Sep 2022 01:14
    If you get the grenade directly in the hatch, it will take out the gunners with just one each. Note this only applies to hand grenades, you can use chaff, claymores and C4 all you like
    GreatOneBeast 31 Mar 2023 04:43
    Is there a way to throw the grenade directly into the hatch on command? I can do it from time to time but I still feel like there is some kind of variable at play that makes it to where it won't go in.
    Falcus 31 Mar 2023 12:38
    Your movement affects the throw as well. I found it easiest to do by facing away from where I wanted it to land, then turning in that direction then throwing whilst still moving. If you're stood still it throws slightly differently.
    GreatOneBeast 1 Apr 2023 05:31
    Thanks for the tip. I finally got it right now. I would recommend to anyone else you definitely want to wait for the gunners to stop shooting as they will interrupt your throw. Also it seems if you get close enough to the hatch that counts as well. You don't necessarily have to get it directly into the hatch for it to count.
    27 Dec 2023 18:34
    WilHiteWarrior set this achievement's type to Missable.
    manormanmark 4 Jan 2024 12:24
    This cheevo is bugged, I just did this in two grenades, and it must have counted the chaffs.
    15 Jan 2024 18:39
    WilHiteWarrior edited this achievement's logic.
    Rampagingtaru 4 Feb 2024 14:55
    Ok I think I have the best way to get this done. First off toss a chaff, after it goes off run straight down the middle to the tank don't zig-zag just run straight, ignore the gun fire and take the damage, try to line up snake with the gunner, you will want to be semi close to the tank but not right on it around one step away. Toss a grenade and it should go in, also don't move or run away, once it goes in turn to the left but don't move just face left, after that you should get the new gunner cut-scene, pretty much right after you gain control of your character toss another grenade, and that's all you gotta do. I'll post my video, I don't really make videos or upload but this method probably needs to be shared lol.
    Rampagingtaru 4 Feb 2024 14:56
    Rampagingtaru 4 Feb 2024 14:58
    Enjoy, let me know if this helps.

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