Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
Console icon Genesis/Mega Drive

  • Bean Master

    (100) (1,147)

    Beat game in hardest level without using password and continues

    102 (57) of 2,975 – 3.43%

    1.92% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    3.43% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by Retromancer on: 11 May, 2014 17:13
    Last modified: 20 Jul, 2023 13:00

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    13 May 2020 10:06
    televandalist edited this achievement.
    Citan 18 May 2020 17:53
    Yeah I agree 100%
    FlamingRok 20 May 2020 15:20
    Quick tip for Puyo 1: a five chain is a guaranteed win. Stairs are easy, but any consistent five chain is great for this (you'll still get screwed from RNG but keep at it!)
    Juliushuber 2 Aug 2020 16:01
    I can't believe it! I finally did it! After weeks of playing and even dying twice on stage 12 earlier this day I went for 1 last try and I did it :D my hands are still shaking after beating final stage but I'm so glad I did it :)
    DigitalDusk 19 Jul 2021 11:47
    DigitalDusk 19 Jul 2021 11:48
    Fuckin GG on the people that did get this though.
    Lilpaulo3232 6 Nov 2021 11:33
    this is the kind of achievement that would completely screw over the entire set for me
    20 Feb 2022 18:11
    Nydaxn edited this achievement.
    darkwolf7786 29 Jun 2022 22:04
    To all those working on this achievement, I suggest the European version. It runs 16% slower at 50fps and makes it more manageable to attempt! Good luck.
    elvio26 18 Jul 2022 06:34
    worst chevo ever
    binton7 7 Dec 2022 06:56
    Ive tried at this for a while and i truly do not know how anyone got this. i'll be in stage 2 and be dealing with horrible RNG causing me to literally not receive any of the colors im working with until im either killed by the CPU or killed by myself.
    voitta 13 Apr 2023 08:20
    I've nightmares with this cheevo
    gamerX459 20 Apr 2023 10:57
    this cheevo can be nasty to complete..holding down constantly and dealing with the insane speed while trying to make 3-5 chains is pretty much required to win and even then the rng can make or break your attempts..especially since the ai has a very bad habit of performing instant killing 2-3 chains..kirby avalanche was far easier then trying to somehow cringe this

    best i can suggest is on the later stages of hardest (from about spike and beyond) try to go for quick basic 3 chains and don't try to go for any bigger set ups because the ai will usually kill you before you have a chance to complete any 4-5 chains

    i got this cheevo but it was very clutch on the last few stages..my field was usually 90% full by the time i win..i was hearing the danger theme far longer then most as i would usually trade 3 chain blows with the ai until both our fields were nearly topped off..surviving until the ai finally kicks it
    SonicRanticoot 4 Jul 2023 00:43
    I'll say I think by far the most problematic opponents are Skweel and Scratch, Spike a distant third. If you can consistently beat those two/three on your first try then you are in good shape. I'd probably say even Robotnik is easier than those three are.
    20 Jul 2023 13:00
    Tayadaoc edited this achievement's points.
    NicNamSam 21 Jul 2023 20:10
    This reminds me of the "beat the game without dying" achievements for arcade games that were specifically designed for you to die a bunch so you would put more quarters in, and where not dying is almost humanly impossible. It's just annoying that these kinds of "be in the top 0.001% players in the world :)" achievements infect these sets.
    blackrook29 8 Sep 2023 16:57
    RNG should not be an achievement, can get stage 5, 6 easy the garbage drops ruins the combo they constantly drop blocking the combo then get wrecked.
    blackrook29 8 Sep 2023 17:42
    furthest get stage 9, game cheats drops garbage constantly. or just get wrecked. this cheevo not worth it.
    blackrook29 24 Sep 2023 22:16
    still slogging this one out. the game cheats sometimes i can get to stage 6 7 8 9 easy but sometimes even stages 1 2 3 are rng aggressive. the game drops garbage just as your bout to trigger combo or holds off on the colour you need to win. waiting for planets to a line to get lucky on this.
    blackrook29 24 Sep 2023 22:16
    still slogging this one out. the game cheats sometimes i can get to stage 6 7 8 9 easy but sometimes even stages 1 2 3 are rng aggressive. the game drops garbage just as your bout to trigger combo or holds off on the colour you need to win. waiting for planets to a line to get lucky on this.

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