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Do a tattle to all enemies
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Do a tattle to all enemies

Created by Edel on: 05 Aug, 2019 08:01
Last modified: 29 May, 2023 23:06

Unlocked by 403 of 4,598 possible players (8.76%)

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ColtonKP 23 Dec 2022 02:24
Just finished chapter 6, realized I forgot about Petit Piranha. Paaaaain.
EthanLikezCatz 23 Dec 2022 12:21
I feel your pain. Two days ago I was starting chapter 7 and realized that I had missed the Blooper Baby because I killed the Super Blooper too fast.
Awakened 31 Jan 2023 23:35
Is there anyway to see the list of enemies that I haven't tattled yet?
CassetteCobra 31 Jan 2023 23:59
Nay, sadly the tattle log didn't exist until the sequel.
Awakened 1 Feb 2023 19:58
Ah okay, I just didn't know if there a way I could read a file or something that would track tattles
Austinexe 1 Feb 2023 21:44
There is a list of all the enemies somebody posted on here. I just copied that to a Google keep note and take them off as I went
Lycanroc 2 Feb 2023 03:40
Here's the list I made a few months ago. It should be accurate:
RossWyatt 15 Feb 2023 23:49
I just got to 107 by leaving before the first real Bowser fight by tattling the Anti Guy, and now I'm panicking thinking I missed a tattle on a miss-able enemy like the Crystal Bit from the Crystal King. This achievement makes me livid as all hell, but at least 50% of me wants to laugh along with it
highTrolla 30 Mar 2023 23:08
If I miss an enemy and then grab it on a different save file, will that count?
Boomer69 21 Apr 2023 11:49
Also missed petite piranha. I was following an enemy list on some wiki and it omitted that one enemy, and I forgot they even existed. RIP
Brosephski 24 Apr 2023 05:07
It's possible to refight the lava piranha to get the missing tattle. First, do the Peach Warp setup to get inside the boss fight room

Then, instead of continuing to the other side, first strike the boss under the floor

After the fight, you can even exit back out the left side of the room to avoid losing story progress

Both glitches are very doable with enough patience. This glitch should fall under "allowable" based on the Code of Conduct
Brosephski 24 Apr 2023 06:14
Better tutorial to get in position:
29 May 2023 23:06
Gollawiz edited this achievement's logic.
Gollawiz 29 May 2023 23:07
The game actually has two tattles for both Lava bud and Lava Piranha. I have edited the code to allow either version of the boss to count towards this achievement. More info here
Mudkipology 7 Aug 2023 21:10
Is there any way at all to check the RAM to see what you're missing? I finished the game at 109/110, and I know it isn't Petite Piranha or Baby Blooper. Just wanna make sure it wasn't some random enemy I could go back and get.
Princescyther 24 Sep 2023 04:44
I also ended the game on 109/110. I'm tempted to watch back the 30 hours I put into this game to see which one I missed.
Mudkipology 24 Sep 2023 05:07
Unfortunately I can't really help, I just started over and played through with a list of enemies on 5x speed to get this achievement. Actually made for kind of a fun challenge run since action commands are so hard to hit.
Princescyther 24 Sep 2023 15:43
No problem.

I used Lyconroc's list and even though I ticked them off as U went I still managed to miss one or one didn't count.

I'll live i guess.
EdgyRobotnik 25 Sep 2023 01:06
Just got to the final Jr. Troopa and realized that I’m missing ONE enemy. I’m almost positive that I got petite piranha and baby blooper, so I don’t know WHAT I could be missing. If anyone knows how to look through the RAM to see which enemy I need, please let me know.
Boomer69 25 Sep 2023 01:27
I don't think you can. That's why achievements like these that aren't tracked in game can be a real pain, because one screw up and you're left wondering. One thing that worked for me when I was missing one unknown enemy, is early in the game I was turboing around and managed to die out of negligence to a flying Koopa near Koopa Fortress. Turns out I had tattled it, but due to the death, I no longer had it and forgot that it reset. So if you died at all in the game, go search around the area you died in. Also the game isn't all that big, just turbo around and find all non-missable enemies. Should take probably 30 minutes.

To anyone missing petite Piranha in the future, Brosephski's strategy works and I used it. It takes a little learning to pull the glitch off, but isn't very difficult. It's also kind of amusing.

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