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    Do a tattle to all enemies

    532 (464) of 5,966 – 8.92%

    7.78% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    8.92% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by Edel on: 05 Aug, 2019 08:01
    Last modified: 29 May, 2023 23:06

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    Princescyther 24 Sep 2023 04:44
    I also ended the game on 109/110. I'm tempted to watch back the 30 hours I put into this game to see which one I missed.
    Mudkipology 24 Sep 2023 05:07
    Unfortunately I can't really help, I just started over and played through with a list of enemies on 5x speed to get this achievement. Actually made for kind of a fun challenge run since action commands are so hard to hit.
    Princescyther 24 Sep 2023 15:43
    No problem.

    I used Lyconroc's list and even though I ticked them off as U went I still managed to miss one or one didn't count.

    I'll live i guess.
    EdgyRobotnik 25 Sep 2023 01:06
    Just got to the final Jr. Troopa and realized that I’m missing ONE enemy. I’m almost positive that I got petite piranha and baby blooper, so I don’t know WHAT I could be missing. If anyone knows how to look through the RAM to see which enemy I need, please let me know.
    Boomer69 25 Sep 2023 01:27
    I don't think you can. That's why achievements like these that aren't tracked in game can be a real pain, because one screw up and you're left wondering. One thing that worked for me when I was missing one unknown enemy, is early in the game I was turboing around and managed to die out of negligence to a flying Koopa near Koopa Fortress. Turns out I had tattled it, but due to the death, I no longer had it and forgot that it reset. So if you died at all in the game, go search around the area you died in. Also the game isn't all that big, just turbo around and find all non-missable enemies. Should take probably 30 minutes.

    To anyone missing petite Piranha in the future, Brosephski's strategy works and I used it. It takes a little learning to pull the glitch off, but isn't very difficult. It's also kind of amusing.
    vanstrummer33 18 Dec 2023 06:57
    There has to be some sort of internal value in game. I tattled Final Bowser and went to 109. Realized I missed paragloomba and went back and grabbed it. The counter went back up to 109.

    Just wish we could see that number/data somewhere
    Boomer69 18 Dec 2023 23:43
    Sounds like you need to tattle final Bowser again. Pretty sure he has to be last, due to not being able to save once that battle begins.
    TheRealHedgehogSonic 19 Feb 2024 07:38
    I tattled the Magikoopa in the prologue but it didn't count. Was that a glitch? Am I really doomed to 109 unless I start all over again?
    metwie 5 Mar 2024 21:25
    the magikoopa in the prologue can be tattled but doesn't count as an enemy. You probably missed something like lava buds
    Vopyr 27 Mar 2024 13:40
    I think I missed one enemy, even though I used the helper from the user above... now I don't even know where to look for that enemy.
    Vopyr 27 Mar 2024 15:17
    Yeah... 109/110...
    Vopyr 27 Mar 2024 15:22
    I analyzed all the enemies, bosses, and their minions for sure.
    LeKimFo 10 Apr 2024 18:31
    how can we see the number of miss ? exemple some comments said 109/110 how can i know that ?
    ErustDevilen 11 Apr 2024 23:39
    Enemy Encounter

    (I forgot the Red Magikoopa in chapter 5, he'll be counter in chapter 7)

    Prologue + Chapter 1: 17
    Chapter 2: 29
    Chapter 3: 45 - Counting: Bzzap! (Forever Florest), Gloomba, ParaGloomba, Spiked Gloomba, Dark Koopa, Blooper, Electro Blooper (Toad Town Tunnels)
    Chapter 4: 62 - Counting: Chan, Lee, Master 1 (Dojo) Antiguy, Hammer Bros., Koopatrol
    Chapter 5: 76 - Counting: Jr. Troopa (Toad Town), Super Blooper, Blooper Baby (Toad Town Tunnels) [Forgot: Red Magikoopa]
    Chapter 6: 88: - Counting: C. Koopa, Green Magikoopa, Yellow Magikoopa (Flower Fields)
    Chapter 7: 101 - Counting: Master 2 and 3 (Dojo), Red Magikoopa
    Chapter 8: 110! - You should be missing: Ember, Magikoopa, Bony Beetle, Bombshell Bill, B. Bill Blaster, Dry Bones, Jr. Troopa, Bower and Final Bowser
    Chows 2 May 2024 08:25
    To anyone else struggling or not wanting to struggle as bad as I did (I missed one of the masters and now I'll have to restart after I'm done with this playthrough) I made a spreadsheet to keep track of all of the tattles.

    Just make a copy to your google drive and you can check them off as you see them. Good luck!
    thatoneguy1851 12 May 2024 02:36
    Yikes! Had to redo the whole game again just for this one achievement. Assuming you tattled Koopatrol and Hammer Bros. early in the toy box and everything else that was required, by the time you finish Chapter 7 you should be at 101 tattles heading to Star Haven before getting the Ember enemy which should put you at 102.
    notjohn 20 May 2024 20:51
    ErustDevilen, your list is very helpful! I've been double checking at the end of every chapter with it c:
    NassouTheFool 29 May 2024 23:09
    Fuzzipede does count for this? because i think it can't be tattled
    ErustDevilen 29 May 2024 23:19
    Fuzzipede does not count
    Luwis1337 2 Jun 2024 01:28
    Importend: doing the tattle at the magikoopa on the shooting star summit FOR SOME REASONS doesnt count in the game for tattling the enemy. I replayed the game multiple times as i always throught i missed an enemy but even if you tattle the magikoopa on the shooting star summit, the HP are still hidden in Chapter 8.

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