Super Mario 64
Console icon Nintendo 64

  • Race Koopa the Quick in 20 seconds or less in Tiny-Huge Island without using the Koopa Shell.

    1,095 (987) of 24,895 – 4.40%

    3.96% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    4.40% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by SporyTike on: 21 Feb, 2019 22:40
    Last modified: 19 Oct, 2019 14:58

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    zyousuke306 14 Nov 2021 16:34
    This should either be changed to just be "less than 20", or be changed to always trigger when the game shows 20.0 (even if the internal value is actually 20.03 or whatever). The current description+behavior are misleading, and it was about to make me submit a ticket until I happened to notice another comment explaining the extra decimal place...
    ReverieEmanon 16 Dec 2021 07:02
    I'm on the road to 200% and this is by and far the hardest achievement. Spend probably 2-3 hours grinding this. The sad thing is I got 19.80 but dove off the map about 30 mins in my grind.
    ReverieEmanon 16 Dec 2021 07:05
    Basically spent 2-3 hours learning how bad I am at the game. =)
    miccmike 21 Jan 2022 10:27
    Long jump into the pen with the goomba, if you didnt bounce on him, long jump again, sharp turn, long jump, long jump, get up the tiny incline with dive rollouts, jump, no fall damage with dive, long jump, long jump just before the bridge, after you land just keep walking, and then dive rollout into the flag as soon as the wind stops. thats how i got 19.7
    NumberXV 10 Mar 2022 18:30
    FINALLY achieved this thanks to miccmikes comment, after trying so for long speedrunner achievements should just get their own bonus set.
    terra22 22 Sep 2022 05:59
    This achievement can be stupidly hard. You don't have to use speedrun routes though which is nice, just use a ton of long jumps for the route and make sure you're able to long jump as soon as you're close to the bridge to cut a few seconds from the wind slowing you down and do an instant dive once off the bridge to the flagpole, you'll get it barely.
    Alucard2k12 16 Oct 2022 21:53
    19.9 holy crap. That was a bunch of fun but I never want to do that race again :D
    EricFilippoBR 5 Jan 2023 14:39
    English (Google Tradutor): Thanks to the link in this video, I got the achievement... AFTER THE NINTH ATTEMPT! HAHA
    I used and abused Mario's Long Jump and Belly Jump hehe

    Link to the video I used for the achievement:
    bardemz 26 Jan 2023 22:51
    Big thanks to miccmike and EricFilippoBR above; both comments helped me get this in 10 minutes or so.

    I got angry about the annoying camera angle when running across the bridge, so I changed the R camera type, and held R after landing on the section with the black balls rolling around you. That way I could just hold up until I was across the bridge.

    Good luck all
    CassetteCobra 27 Jan 2023 23:17
    19.9 damn.
    evansfm428 18 Feb 2023 04:25
    NeoZeroDestiny 23 Feb 2023 03:58
    19.7 , finally :'D
    PikachuInTheShower 17 Apr 2023 02:15
    Got 19.13 with mostly long jumps. Helps to clear out the goombas in and near the fence so long jumping over it is easier. Keep long jumping up the hill, then to the right up the other hill then long jump slightly off to the left and you should hit a bit before the bridge. I got one more long jump here then walked across the windy bridge. At the end, long jump into the flag.
    1 Sep 2023 19:24
    ThatAmericanSlacker removed this achievement's type.
    reypacino 5 Dec 2023 16:06
    18.7 :)

    Long jumping all the way (except for the bridge)
    rhas777 7 Dec 2023 16:00
    Did it in 19:4

    I actually think this is easier than the race in Bob-Omb Battlefield simply because is much shorter.

    Just long jump like maniac, begin slide rolling in the bridge with the wind and you save time.
    Lasertronic 26 Jan 2024 01:24
    did it in 20.0 and it didn't unlock
    Yunalle 9 Feb 2024 06:12
    You'd think you need to longjump but diving is way faster, no leeway whatsoever with longjumps, did it first try by only diving
    ASR94 15 Feb 2024 19:53
    19:9 I finally did it! 🥹
    emersonhatake123 24 Feb 2024 13:23
    19.4, the worst and most difficult and frustrating achievement so far, I spent at least 1 hour always getting frustrated with Mario using ground pound during the long jump, and I still managed it with exactly 20.0 and I didn't get the achievement, which makes me really pissed me off, I definitely hate speedrun achievements in the main set

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