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Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64)

Collect the Star 'Pole-Jumping for Red Coins' in Dire, Dire Docks before the submarine moves away.
Submarine Jumps for Red Coins [m] (25) (130)
Collect the Star 'Pole-Jumping for Red Coins' in Dire, Dire Docks before the submarine moves away.

Created by SporyTike on: 18 Feb, 2019 21:59
Last modified: 18 Aug, 2021 20:52

Unlocked by 1,015 of 19,169 possible players (5.30%)

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MeggySpletzer 19 Apr 2022 19:14
This achievement should not be a normal achievement, but a BONUS achievement!
cutegirlclover 4 Jun 2022 16:28
whewwww !! really hard but it was fun
PrincesseCupcake 11 Jun 2022 12:34
It was a nightmare, but it's finally done. :')
For the most troublesome coins, i followed alternate ways showed in this video:
L0an47 12 Jun 2022 15:34
This achievement is just a pain!
gotenks 20 Jul 2022 23:05
Why are those walls solid with a Vanish Cap?! They look exactly like the walls you can walk through! Would've saved me having to do that longjump/walljump/divejump combo...
EliasPapp 23 Aug 2022 00:37
For the next challengers, I recommend doing the methods shown in the video that @PrincesseCupcake shared.
@gotenks you got a point, but sadly they are solid.
OceanManow 12 Sep 2022 13:15
I find it funny that this cheevo exist, my first time playing i thought that this was the normal method of getting the star.
Hady 3 Feb 2023 00:39
Honestly this should be a "bonus" achievement not a regular achievement just because of how almost near impossible to get to the platform with the blue switch
VGLongplays 3 Feb 2023 03:10
For your own mental health do not go onto the blue switch platform, that is next level BS. Follow PrincesseCupcake's shared video, it's much more consistent. Requires a triple-jump + dive (right after the third jump for extra distance).
wesleywithoutat 17 Feb 2023 03:40
Not only are some of this just stupid insane, but my Mupen64 core is slowing down any time I'm on the submarine, making it impossible to time the jumps. (This is the first slowdown I've experienced on any N64 games)
wesleywithoutat 17 Feb 2023 05:57
Two hours trying to get that last gd coin. Tried it both ways over and over and over and over and over and it never felt like it was getting any closer. I'm done.
GUGA0x3 22 Feb 2023 00:23
Boy, I spent 43 hours to platinum this game fighting all the time against the boss called camera and you put even one of these there is fucked up kkkkk
Blatancy 25 Feb 2023 16:52
I practiced the top of submarine fin longjump method in softcore, and once I could get it a few times switched to hardcore. Personally had no luck with the other methods.
GUGA0x3 25 Feb 2023 22:48
That's exactly what I did too, buddy, I only succeeded by jumping off the submarine's fin.
pedanticwarrior 20 Mar 2023 08:19
An expert level achievement like this should be in a bonus set. It's way too hard for this set.
ScruteyBaybeh 31 Mar 2023 23:53
Got it, but man was it tough. I have to agree with folks that this is probably moreso bonus-set material, as it really throws from the flow of the majority of the set. I used the video @PrincesseCupcake posted and it really helped a lot.
LadyLumina 2 Apr 2023 12:42
Unfortunately, I believe I must give up on that last caged coin for the sake of carpal tunnel issues and mental health. Admittedly, I feel these kind of challenges really saps the fun out from games and provide more of a sense of relief once accomplished as opposed to satisfaction.
AstroFennec 5 Apr 2023 11:59
I enjoyed this achievement because it's a unique challenge, and I would never have thought to try this in a regular playthrough.
RobbieD3King 24 Apr 2023 05:35
first time i got the 8th coin, had a major brain fart and hit the other star on the sub. then the second attempt took me WAY longer, and after I finally did it, I realized my internet had disconnected😭😭😭time to do this a third time. i have never become so intimately familiar with the triple jump before lol major level up
RobbieD3King 24 Apr 2023 05:47
omg after doing the first two attempts for like an hour and a half i just got it on the third try in ten minutes!!! Loved this achievement, have never felt this accomplished in mario 64 before. really great final challenge in this set

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