Super Mario 64
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  • Collect the Star 'Pole-Jumping for Red Coins' in Dire, Dire Docks before the submarine moves away.

    1,370 (1,211) of 24,807 – 5.52%

    4.88% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    5.52% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by SporyTike on: 18 Feb, 2019 21:59
    Last modified: 18 Aug, 2021 20:52

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    MarioMario369 2 Dec 2023 15:31
    I'll admit it was hard, but not impossible. With the right momentum, this achievement was easy to nab.
    camneto 5 Dec 2023 20:39
    after 3 hours, many many videos watched and almost dropping, i picked the coin on the cage, hard af
    rhas777 6 Dec 2023 23:33
    All the red coins are doable except for the one surrounded by grate. I managed to grab that one using the triple jump + dive but took me forever.
    reypacino 8 Dec 2023 15:46
    Not so hard as I thought. Watched a video and it took me 20mins in total. The first 6 coins are easy, the hardest are obv the caged one and the one behind it.
    ColorPrinter 24 Dec 2023 01:39
    this is abject misery and does not belong in the main set
    neurospex 25 Dec 2023 05:53
    Found it pretty easy following the quality video by Jazmataz and also found it easier to do the methods mentioned in the comment: (link highlights the comment)
    aphexlambda 28 Dec 2023 00:10
    That Jazmataz video turned that challenge from a 100 difficulty level into a 10 real fast for me, lol.
    SolidarityGG 13 Jan 2024 01:55
    After wasting 4 hours of my life on an absolute lag fest which ate half my inputs I had to get it softcore for my own flipping sanity...whoever made this is an absolute demon...this is speedrunning type sh--, not a fair challenge to push yourself, just a tedious and frustrating mess.
    SolidarityGG 13 Jan 2024 01:57
    I'd love to know what emulator people were using that are bragging it was so easy, on RAP64 1.0 it ate more of my jumps than even a super-computer could probably count.
    Jazmataz 13 Jan 2024 03:48

    If the Ingame Lag bothers you, Use the Mupen64 Core on RetroArch. Check Core Setting. Search the Fullspeed and Count per Op Setting. If the standard Value is 0, Set it to 1. Worked fine for me.
    OliviaWants2BePretty 13 Jan 2024 15:26
    I'm not even gonna try to get this one. I agree that it shouldn't be on the main set
    ckfool 17 Jan 2024 09:59
    Agree with the others, this ones absurd.
    GoJamBe 17 Jan 2024 21:54
    Really not that hard, especially considering it's worth 25 points. Took me about 30 minutes and at first I was just messing around blindly. Definitely would not recommend the slide-wall kick method for the caged coin though.
    RaiiChu 22 Jan 2024 23:23
    Took me 30min using Jazmata’s video. I did the caged coin last, that caged coin was the most annoying one. Positioning and aligning is very important for all coins, don’t rush the attempts until you get good at setting up the angles. Referenced video has a link in a previous comment.
    Lasertronic 26 Jan 2024 00:20
    took 3 hours for one jump then 5 minutes for the rest
    dandark 8 Feb 2024 02:50
    This cheevo does't belong here. It's frustating and boring. It's a wate of time 'cause it's not about skill, its about luck.
    Yunalle 8 Feb 2024 20:19
    took me like 10 minutes, I thought it was easy peasy
    GameZone 16 Feb 2024 07:48
    Got in in 10 minutes. If you are lagging try to update your core to the latest version. It reduced the lagg significantly for me.
    PixelRoast 17 Feb 2024 17:52
    I did the triple-hop method from the sub to get the cage coin. The other method I couldn't get a jump while sliding off the sub even once.

    I watched videos here, plus found DarkWolf7786 (his success at 42:16). Overall I found it frustrating trying to get enough acceleration while also not overshooting the final jump. All of the video examples have a first hop that only moves forward a small amount, and a second hop that builds momentum and nails the very edge of the sub. This wasn't working for me. Even if I seemed to nail the edge, it wasn't enough momentum. Even if I seemed to have done it all correctly, it would barely miss and bounce off. I tried matching the starting positions of the videos and trying to mimic their hop acceleration and timing, followed the shadow positions of Mario relative to the star and everything but it failed and failed...

    Here was my success: I walked carefully to the final launch point. The place near the edge where Mario's feet last touch before the triple dive in all the success videos. From here, I backflipped three times. This point was further back than the starting points of the example videos. Backflipping preserved my angle, and instead of having to carefully try and get a goldilocks situation, it gave me exactly the right spacing from the edge to have a full or "regular" triple jump momentum for the first two hops forward, and I could land right at that edge for the triple dive without any effort. It let me cook with momentum and I got it the first time I tried this, after failing forever, and getting really really good at climbing the tail of the sub...

    From your starting point before your first hop, there should be roughly 1.5 "squares" across of the red grid cage's most distant wall visible to you, before the cutoff line made by the red cage's nearest wall. This was the good angle for me and it wasn't like super pixel precise.
    EfeNeptuno 20 Feb 2024 17:34
    "If I can do it, everyone can do it" ahhh achievement

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