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Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64)

Collect the Star 'Blast to the Stone Pillar' in Jolly Roger Bay without using the Cannon.
Jump onto the Stone Cliff (25) (104)
Collect the Star 'Blast to the Stone Pillar' in Jolly Roger Bay without using the Cannon.

Created by SporyTike on: 18 Feb, 2019 21:59
Last modified: 18 Aug, 2021 20:52

Unlocked by 1,325 of 19,169 possible players (6.91%)

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18 Aug 2021 20:52
SporyTike edited this achievement.
ConfluentOhm 11 Sep 2021 09:02
This achievement really proves that you're not just a clown, but the whole circus..Started laughing like I'd just lost my mind when I got it.
chocolatiel 19 Dec 2021 11:18
Remapping Control Stick Y- to Circle worked like a charm. Thanks to all for the tips :)
MrDynamite 23 Dec 2021 16:21
hard but not impossible. And you are glad to mastered this one :)
miccmike 31 Dec 2021 11:55
Tip: if youre relatively new, dont bother with the frame walk. Do the long jumps in the video. Make sure that the ship's sway is about even. good luck
OtavioX5 19 Jan 2022 03:27
Hard and Cool acheve
zXeros606 6 Feb 2022 19:50
I fricking broke the analog stick of my controller for this one and it wasn't even fun to achieve
jarccc 5 May 2022 18:57
por fin!al final era más fácil de lo que parecía
Ant1 8 May 2022 22:12
Not the hardest achievement for this game but even with experience this can take you around 10-20 minutes, would not recommend frame walking
EliasPapp 9 Jul 2022 02:00
Best tip I can give is: turn off hardcore, pratice the double forward jumps, get the right angle of the wall and when you're doing good, go for it without save states. Took less time than I expected.
miccmike 24 Jul 2022 17:53
Breembin 15 Sep 2022 08:13
This one was fun! I didn't realize that it was possible to do cannonless.
Alucard2k12 10 Oct 2022 11:40
Thanks for the vids. I really suck at wall jumping from a long jump so that wall walking was essential.
Ruustation11 21 Dec 2022 12:08
Omg i did it... My tip is: USE THE KEYBOARD!!!
gschleser 28 Dec 2022 09:08
YEEEEEAAAAAAH! Nailing that jump was so satisfying, if it wasn't for it being 2 in the morning i would be screaming in jubilation!
TimeLink 13 Jan 2023 12:33
I found this fairly easy to do using framewalking with keyboard (Up arrow key). It's not very precise, it's a fast rhythm but not mashing. It's definitely not a frame-perfect rhythm.
Just swim up to a stone pillar, do a neutral stroke to get on and start pressing up in a fast rhythm. After a couple attempts you should grab the top of one of the poles and from there you're good. It's probably a lot easier this way.
Mihoteo 16 Jan 2023 17:13
Framewalking on dpad is pretty easy i did it in maybe 10 tries.
wesleywithoutat 15 Feb 2023 01:28
I have an 8bitdo Pro 2 that has a turbo assignment button. Mapped joystick-up to my controller's X-button, turboed that, and frame-walked it in two tries.
evansfm428 18 Feb 2023 05:45
Cassievania 18 May 2023 22:19
After having spent over an hour trying to do this the way in the video, I was able to get this one via framewalking in about 5 minutes.

Framewalking is remapping Analog Up to any other button, like L, and then tapping it repeatedly after pressing A once to swim against the pillar. You have to tap a bit faster than the tempo of the music.

Using the pillar with the 1up, aim directly in the direction of the land. Framewalk up. Once Mario seems to be going into the pillar near the top, press jump and he'll come out the other side. He'll start sliding down. Press jump again and he'll kick his way over to the platform with the star.

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