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  • Press all 4 safe buttons at Cuckooland in 4m30s or less (To start reenter Cuckooland)(Don't skip dialogs)

    120 (106) of 1,380 – 8.70%

    7.68% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    8.70% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by Edel on: 01 Nov, 2018 09:02
    Last modified: 02 Aug, 2023 08:27

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    eldexter 3 Dec 2018 04:54
    I suggest this order, first go for the one close to the ice cube > the one inside central cavern > go outside the cavern and go for the one inside the trash can > now fly to the top entrance of the central cavern and activate the last switch
    Zyndeyqualarrin 3 Dec 2018 09:23
    Thanks a lot! Gonna try it when I have some time.
    3 Dec 2018 18:27
    eldexter edited this achievement.
    eldexter 3 Dec 2018 19:41
    Tutorial added, also I reduced the frames when the achievement pop-up
    4 Mar 2019 01:40
    eldexter edited this achievement.
    3 Aug 2019 02:31
    DrPixel edited this achievement.
    Shwoo 31 Jul 2020 04:19
    Does this also require getting the Jiggy? I thought I pressed them all in time, but it didn't trigger.
    Shwoo 3 Aug 2020 03:03
    Finally got it, but only after pressing all the buttons as Banjo and Kazooie together. Is that a requirement? I was doing it as Kazooie alone before, because she's faster and more mobile.
    5 Jul 2021 01:47
    ViperZang edited this achievement.
    TheLooseGroose 17 Jul 2021 23:19
    Literally 1984
    20 Aug 2021 22:37
    SlashTangent edited this achievement.
    CassetteCobra 3 Jun 2022 05:29
    In my opinion, this time is a bit too precise, you can't make a mild mistake or else you'll fail this achievement. The main issue though, is that the developer forgot to do the cutscene that plays when fly for the first time, grunty talks for two or three seconds which wastes precious time. I followed the video as best as possible, but failed because of that cutscene. I managed to get it because I chucked a clockwork egg at the bottom of the cliff area near the first button, saving me some time getting that specific egg.
    Andrevus 12 Jun 2022 03:31
    I used a different route. First get the 1 near the ice cube, then i went for the trash can, then i went for the one on the top of the central cavern, and finally i used the safe fall trick (ground pound and use the after-pound momentum to veer off a cliff, while banjo is still in the "flip up" animation, you will recieve no fall damage. It's a Banjo-Kazooie trick that also works in this game) , then get the final switch near the safe.
    MrMasterMan46 1 Oct 2022 21:42
    It’s gotta be with Banjo and Kazooie together I assume. I just did it with Kazooie alone after some practicing and finished in less than 4 minutes and it never popped. Very frustrating as I have gotten pretty much every other missable achievement up until this point.
    thunderaquadragon 26 Feb 2023 17:32
    Yeah, don't be like me and do the Eyeballus Jiggium cheevo first; this way Grunty's dialogue won't interrupt you mid-flight and waste precious time. I got it with Banjo and Kazooie together, it's a shame that apparently solo Kazooie isn't able to make this one pop... it would have been so much fun!
    2 Aug 2023 08:27
    blendedsea edited this achievement's badge.
    rhas777 15 Dec 2023 20:53
    Friendly tips:

    - Knock down the Ice Cube before atempting this challenge for dialogue skip. He's on top of a useful flying pad.

    - For the love of God, try to quickly kill the zubba all the way up in Central Cavern before crossing that damn narrow passagem.

    - The Clockwork Kazooie Egg glitch does not work (firing the egg in a gap Inside Superstash Deluxe).
    rhas777 16 Dec 2023 18:57
    Very good news, guys.

    Last time I've tried this I gave up when just one switch remained when that bee located on top of Central Cavern pushed me over the edge.

    I've reentered Cloud Cuckooland, went directly to the switch, used the Clockwork Kazooie Egg and the achievement poped up!
    Andrevus 16 Dec 2023 19:44
    Pretty sure that's an unintended bug and will be patched real soon.
    firkinblin 28 Jan 2024 01:47
    In my case, I used solo Kazooie and it triggered no problem.

    Here was my route:
    1) Warp to central cavern. Split up. Glide across to the one cliff nearby with the red wall. Jump the gap and then shoot the egg near the hole. Hit the switch.

    2) Glide back to the springy shoes in the center and use them to jump to the exit on the opposite side (it's the exit above the shockjump pad, on a double layer). From there, exit and run and glide to the water below on the right. Shoot the egg into the hole. Hit the switch.

    3) From here, you can directly glide to the garbage can while directing Kazooie towards the back of the can. Run to the back, shoot the egg into the hole and hit the switch.

    4) On the other side of the garbage can is a flight pad, take it and then fly up as high as you can until you get to the cave platform at the top of the level (NOT the platform with a red wall). Go inside. Ignore the Zubba (enemy bee) and just try to jump across the path rather than balancing or gliding. It only takes like a couple of jumps with solo Kazooie. Shoot the egg and hit the switch. Done.

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