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  • Hatch all Terry eggs in 7m14s or less (To start reenter Terrydactiland)(Don't skip dialogs)

    138 (123) of 1,380 – 10.00%

    8.91% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    10.00% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by Edel on: 01 Nov, 2018 09:02
    Last modified: 02 Aug, 2023 08:28

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    eldexter 3 Mar 2019 20:50
    CrazyDiamond00 3 Mar 2019 21:07
    Oh, so that's what I was doing wrong. Thanks.
    4 Mar 2019 01:40
    eldexter edited this achievement.
    CarinhaNice 21 Jun 2019 22:57
    What is the best route to do this achievement? I've been trying for some time, but I wasn't able to do it.
    CarinhaNice 25 Jun 2019 01:06
    It wasn't so hard after all, I'm just dumb.
    3 Aug 2019 02:30
    DrPixel edited this achievement.
    5 Jul 2021 01:47
    ViperZang edited this achievement.
    gustavovaladares 5 Jan 2022 17:55
    Took me some time to realize that, I never knew it, it's always the last egg the one with the big girl to be carried, it's not a determined egg,
    CassetteCobra 31 May 2022 11:09
    Would be nice to get an active challenge marker to tell the challenge is active.
    CassetteCobra 2 Jun 2022 21:16
    Help to those trying to get this achievement. For the fastest possible path; Talon Trot to the Unga Bunga cave to get its egg. next talon trot to the Oogle Boogle cave and hatch its egg. Leave Banjo in the cave and have Kazooie leave the cave. Jump from the thin walkway onto the platform with flight pad. Beak bomb 2-3x to get to the egg on the island quickly. Quickly return to banjo after hatching the island egg and go to the entrance warp pad to the top of the mountain. Go into the cave on the right of terry's nest to the last egg that you will need to carry. Since you have to carry the last hatchling and its the closest to the nest, you will have enough time to get there within 7 minutes.
    dericobanjo 20 Sep 2022 20:43
    Took me over an hour and half with CsaaetteCobra's strategie and it only unlocked when I skipped the dialog of the last eggs even if the desc say not to skip it.
    Zyvyn 23 Nov 2022 01:47
    Alright welp... The game decided it hates me today. This was the last thing for me to do in the level, and after a reset the game decided to not autosave anything I did in the level. I thought the game would autosave after every Jiggy but apparently not.
    dericobanjo 23 Nov 2022 02:02
    I think it only save when you enter any door.
    thunderaquadragon 19 Feb 2023 22:46
    I’m dumb, the timer starts when you re-enter the level and not when you hatch the first egg…
    Like Kazooie I don’t want to see any other (pterodactyl) eggs until the end of the game!
    thunderaquadragon 19 Feb 2023 22:53
    Anyway, here’s a video of someone getting this achievement if anyone needs a visual clue on what to do: ; challenge starts at 02:31:24 and he gets it at 02:38:06
    GoddessBow 21 May 2023 19:20
    This is a ridiculous achievement.....
    Why not have it start from the first egg you hatch!?
    2 Aug 2023 08:28
    blendedsea edited this achievement's badge.
    Jedgesaurus 30 Sep 2023 20:24
    A lot easier using CHEATO SUPERBANJO code (makes you run faster). Video of route I took:
    azealousindividual 18 Oct 2023 17:34
    The time is a lot more lenient than it seems at first glance, there are a bunch of routes that'll work. Definitely save the one at the top of the mountain interior for last since it's so close to the nest and you barely need to carry it. Entering via Witchyworld isn't a bad idea, either, since it starts you in the Oogle Boogles' Cave right next to one of the eggs.
    rhas777 14 Dec 2023 19:18
    - Learn Split-Up, Hatch and Taxy Pack

    - Enter Terrydactyland, take the warp pad and choose Top of The Mountain (that's the closest to Terry's nest).

    - You can acess the area (Inside The Mountain) from the top, right in front of a Split-Up pad and next to a egg. Split from Banjo here and hatch all the other 3 eggs in whatever order you choose. Save the egg Inside the Mountain FOR LAST (there's a Flying Pad for Kazooie down there close to the water). That way Banjo can carry the last baby in less than 15 seconds, no joke.

    It's not hard as it seems. Just memorize the areas.

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