Mega Man X2
Console icon SNES/Super Famicom

  • Beat the game without any Upgrades, Sub-Tanks, Heart Containers and Zero Parts [No Passwords]

    583 (387) of 4,853 – 12.01%

    7.97% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    12.01% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by FrozenRain on: 28 Mar, 2014 06:28
    Last modified: 15 Sep, 2022 04:17

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    ribb2112 21 Nov 2022 23:16
    This achievement really is bad. So much doing the same bosses over and over, killing myself to get weapon energy back. Not to mention a bore.
    TimeLink 21 Dec 2022 21:06
    There are only three major rough spots here:
    Violen: Cry. I somewhat kept distance and dashed back and forth to fire bubbles but it's just super luck-heavy. Him jumping up to one of his own blocks keeps you pretty safe while firing bubbles from below. Just keep trying.
    Serges: Silk Shot takes out the turrets very effectively.
    Sonic Slicer and Speed Burner deal 2 damage, I prefer Sonic Slicer.
    Stand in the middle spot between the two platforms so you always get picked up by the other one halfway down. Get about half of his health down with Sonic Slider, then the rest can be done with Magnet Mine for 1 damage from anywhere.
    Final Stage: I hope you're good at Final Sigma.
    Zero can be AI-Locked easily. Keep Speed Burnering him from a little right of the second chair and play jump rope with him. Use a walljump at the start to avoid his first blows and get the positioning right.
    Neo Sigma is relatively easy. Your choice of Sonic Slicer, half-charges or full charges.
    Final Sigma sucks. You don't have enough Strike Chain to kill, even if you land every hit. Final Sigma has 64 HP, you have 28 Strike Chains for 2 damage each, which is 56. Try to get a weapon drop (and decent health) while he's orange. When he's red he'll try and trap you and you will not survive unless you can kill him super quick or have near full health.
    Freezing an enemy with Crystal Hunter guarantees a weapon drop but can be risky. Dodging the lasers at either wall instead of jumping over gives time for more hits but the laser does a lot of damage if you fail.
    Charge Shots deal 1 damage and are an option if you're currently stalling for drops in Orange. Also consider using it to kill the enemies instead of Strike Chain early on to maximize its usage against Sigma.
    coveredingas 21 Dec 2022 21:21
    For the final phase of Sigma - his pattern isn't too hard to get down, it's just really punishing if you slip up under these conditions. The health and weapon drops can come in clutch but can't be counted on. What I did on my successful attempt was use the charged buster for most of the fight and when he turned red I switched to Strike Chain and yolo'd the hell out of him once he appeared around me. Not the cleanest victory, but it worked.
    EvertonX22 27 Feb 2023 07:04
    A única conquista que falta para eu platinar, mas travei no neo serges💀
    Wolfric 2 Mar 2023 12:52
    My third world country ass couldn't even think of going for this achievement. Why are you making a retro game's achievements harder and more annoying than what Capcom officially has as its Platinum's requirements?
    coveredingas 2 Mar 2023 20:05
    One of my complaints with the platinum trophy requirements is they're way too damn easy. It shouldn't be a given that you'll master a set. I want achievements to actually be achievements - that's partly why I signed up for this site.

    And this is not that bad. It's one change away from being MUCH tougher - namely stripping out the ability to use special weapons. With the ability to use them? And die as many times as you want in trying to achieve it? And softcore mode allowing save states between the fights?

    This achievement is fine.

    I think where Mega Man achievements take it too far in core sets is when they have achievements for beating the boss rushes without damage - but even that's contextual. The classic series is brutal when you're trying to do that - there's a lot of RNG involved even when you know the fights. (Quick Man is the likely reason I will never master that set.) Mega Man Zero 3 - the boss rushes are split up, and the game has a combo system that rewards you with extremely quick kills once you master it. That's reasonable.

    Long and short of it - if you love the X series, this set will challenge you but isn't ridiculous in what it asks. I've been playing X2 since the 90s - I'd casually stroll to the end of any set of achievements that didn't have something like this in it, and that would be too boring to even bother unless I was already on the site and looking to kill a weekend.

    The X series sets got me to join the site.
    Wolfric 2 Mar 2023 20:17
    You really ignored the part where the first 8 stages are stupid easy to do with these settings but regardless take time to do and a single power outage can ruin it, huh? Acknowledging they're not a challenge but still take time, why not just allow passwords to get to the actual stages that are actually challenging in this?

    I understand that you feel they're perfectly fine for you and that's how you want to be "challenged" in videogames, but it's not the same for everyone. This website is supposed to revitalize love for these classics, not cause frustration. This one falls under what this ( thread is complaining about.

    Subsets exist for that super hardcore enjoyment gamers like you might desire (Understandably so). This one has that + an actual frustation due to that time wasting potential due to situations out of anyone's power.

    I understand the X series sets bringing you to join the site, but achievements like this one and other egregious ones (Speedrunning ones, every boss hitless ones, completion with X/Y/O/ limitations in one sitting, or whatever the fuck they've done for achievements in games like Xenogears) are the ones getting me and others to leave the site.
    atratus 2 Mar 2023 22:48
    Before you decide to bite at coveredingas further, I would like to direct you to his post literally a couple above yours where he agrees with me that the password restriction is not something that should be here since its a time sink.

    "18 Sep 2022 01:34", to be exact
    Wolfric 2 Mar 2023 23:15
    Don't get me wrong! I totally understand his POV. My post definitely seemed more "butthurt" than intended. It was the lack of explanation about my issues with the achievement that led to these post.

    My apologies, coveredingas. Of course I didn't realize how little I explained my stance on my first post.... lol

    Anyways yeah, the achievement in itself is fine. My issue is with expecting a full rub of the game in a single sitting. It just can't happen for some of us, due to that real life factor (That's putting aside how irrelevant the first 8 stages are).
    Ness64 8 Mar 2023 03:16
    Having just done this, I wouldn't mind passwords being allowed to skip straight to the first fortress stage under these conditions... But if that happened, this achievement should be nerfed to 25 points as well.
    As much of a formality the 8 main stages can feel when you're skilled enough to do this (or at least have a chance at it), as it is right now, you're still proving you did this for the entire game, not just the last 1/3 of it. I really feel 50 points is only fair for a full run of the game, especially because this is consistent for most of the other games.
    OceanManow 14 May 2023 22:31
    Question: can you get the dash boots?
    Olafur 16 May 2023 00:19
    no. Unlike in X1, the dash boots are optional. Absolutely no upgrades allowed.
    Jow9001 15 Jul 2023 20:22
    Que conquista insana, eu que sou um jogador mediano consegui, é totalmente factível, mas exige dedicação e paciência e um pouco de sorte.
    ArrozFrito91 24 Aug 2023 00:59
    Can only use x Buster ?
    williamgeesdorf 24 Aug 2023 03:01
    Pode usar as armas dos chefes, Arroz.
    ArrozFrito91 24 Aug 2023 12:26
    fell17 26 Sep 2023 23:26
    I finally did it, the bigger difficulties I had was getting through Violen (he sucks, total luck-based), Neo Sigma and Sigma Virus, though the latter I conquered by practicing with states and getting the patterns right. Patience, though, is key to getting this cheevo.
    Dasoc 10 Oct 2023 00:25
    Sorry but this achievement makes no sense, i mean, the password part, in x1 i had to exit because i was bored of trying final sigma i was like, "it is what it is", then closed the game for the almost instakill wolf sigma, then i used the password the game gave to me, and still had to repeat all stages, but like in the 3rd attempt i made it, someone can say the thing about bosses, but you can just beat at least one, and beat the nexxt boss which is weak to that new weapon and so on, probably will try it one day but it's quite discouraging know if i fail, i have to do it all over from beggining
    MakiMalice 11 Nov 2023 00:59
    Came here to say this achievement is painful but also not great. With Violen and Serges being the biggest culprit. After beating Serges, your chances of completing this achievement is back in your favour.
    yaddabing 11 Nov 2023 03:06
    I got every cheevo except this one and it really upset me so I went and mastered 27 games to cool off and was dreading returning the whole time and I did it today so yay im free

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