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G.O.D.: Mezameyo to Yobu Koe ga Kikoe (SNES)

Get all items in Home Town and Tsukubane Town , kill 1 of each enemy in Tsukubane Mountain and finish the prologue.
July 3, 1999 - The Date That All Reality Would Change (10) (13)
Get all items in Home Town and Tsukubane Town , kill 1 of each enemy in Tsukubane Mountain and finish the prologue.

Created by Alena on: 28 Sep, 2018 01:08
Last modified: 30 Jul, 2019 14:10

Won by 17 of 41 possible players (41%)

Recent comment(s):
28 Sep 2018
Alena uploaded this achievement.
28 Sep 2018
Alena promoted this achievement to the Core set.
28 Sep 2018
You need to get even the items given by npc to complete this achievement
27 Oct 2018
There is one item that is not included in any guide and it took me some time to find out. So if anyone else have trouble as i had check the house at the right of shrine in Tsubane Village for 100G. Might be the one you were missing.
27 Mar 2019
Not sure what's going on with this. I got every item mentioned in the FAQ for the game and even the one mentioned above that isn't in a y guide. I definitely killed the frog, the worm, the moth, and the mouse and nothing popped.
27 Mar 2019
I should warn you that the faq for this game does not cover well the hidden items. Anyway, if you want to send me your save in discord so I can see if you forgot any item or monster.
4 Apr 2019
*SPOILER*If you are having trouble with this achievement, check every fridge, buddha statue, and pot/bucket. The one I was missing was at the top right of Tsubane Village in the house, as Altomar said. It's in a cup next to the ornamental sword.
30 Jul 2019
Alena edited this achievement.


UserHardcore?Earned On
malasdairHardcore!03 May, 2021 03:35
kirakanaHardcore!21 Apr, 2021 00:17
FeriosHardcore!30 Dec, 2020 21:12
ZrudgeHardcore!28 Nov, 2020 16:26
shadzero24131 Jul, 2020 23:01
KaminaMoriyaHardcore!12 Apr, 2020 00:02
GrandMasterLynx18 Nov, 2019 12:45
ThanksHardcore!13 Jun, 2019 22:32
raizelHardcore!25 Mar, 2019 02:34
ProtoblubbHardcore!03 Dec, 2018 20:09
ceettouHardcore!15 Nov, 2018 05:15
BerserkerBRHardcore!02 Nov, 2018 23:06
metalbubble403Hardcore!31 Oct, 2018 03:02
AltomarHardcore!27 Oct, 2018 04:30
yoshter2011Hardcore!13 Oct, 2018 04:19
TheCactusNeedlessHardcore!05 Oct, 2018 05:10
psitasbelikeHardcore!03 Oct, 2018 14:48


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