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Pokemon - Crystal Version (Game Boy Color)

Catch 206 Pokemon without external trading or glitch to get all starters.
Gotta Catch 'em All - Crystal (50) (200)
Catch 206 Pokemon without external trading or glitch to get all starters.

Created by dude1286 on: 06 Mar, 2014 05:36
Last modified: 30 Nov, 2019 16:42

Won by 96 of 837 possible players (11%)

Recent comment(s):
6 Mar 15:39 2016
Stones? Crystal has a way to get more evolutionary stones that G/S doesn't. Again, more time consuming, OR you can even use a duplication trick.
6 Mar 15:40 2016
I've been streaming this game every Saturday for the past 3 weeks and I've gotten so close to getting this achievement in such a small period of time. Really not that bad....... think before you speak/complain.
7 Mar 2:30 2016
I thought the duplication trick only worked on Gold/Silver? Anyway there needs to be a guide on how to get all the pokemon Crystal has available.
7 Mar 4:23 2016
no, it works on Crystal too. As for a guide...I mean, Ognos pretty much posted the list earlier. Kind of just a process of elimination, and serebii and bulbapedia are pretty much created in the interest of having a travel companion guide.
7 Mar 4:24 2016
I'd be willing to maybe create a page that explains how to get each one in the purpose of this achievement, but it just seems kind of redundant, because again, the info is around.
7 Mar 9:42 2016
I can't believe I did this......( )Here you go, a complete guide for this achievement.....I'm insane.
7 Mar 9:58 2016
Sorry about that, I was meant to say a guide of which Pokemon are available which you already pointed out, you didn't really have to go through all the trouble to do that but it's appreciate all the same.
7 Mar 15:46 2016
Here's the thing about me......once I get an idea in my head....I run with it, good or bad, or even if I miss the point. So yeah.....the second this crossed my mind, it was happening, lol.
17 Jul 21:27 2016
can someone please say if i must have, for example, one ratata and one raticate or a ratata envolving to a raticate is enough in order to get this achievement
23 Aug 0:36 2016
If you evolve a pokemon, it counts as you owning the evolution and it's pre-evolution. As long as the pokedex has the ball icon, it means you got that pokemon
29 Jun 12:34 2017
Would these achievement be affected if I transferred in a Pokemon that I already have got in this version of Crystal(Full Evolution line) Asking because I caught a shiny Bellsprout in another version I was playing.
25 Mar 17:47 2018
a conquista veio quando consegui 205 pokemons na pokedex mas consegui 206 por questo de honra e tambem e a primeira vez que fao 100% nesse game
25 Mar 18:11 2018
so mais uma coisa, tem como voce ter o porygon nesse game voce tem que compra-lo no game corne em celadon city la em kanto bom essa e a unica dica que vou dar o resto voce vai ter que descobrir sozinho
27 Feb 16:23 2019
Is it possible to get this achievement if I have already traded a few pokemon to evolve them (like Alakazam and Gengrar)? Can I just catch and/or evolve the ones that are missing from the 206 mandatory ones for this achievement?
18 Apr 17:28 2019
mines just unlocked at 205. I was missing lapras btw. The last pokemon I got was hitmontop if that helps.
12 Sep 0:20 2019
12 Sep 8:50 2019 Just incase you need help with what 206 pokemon you need. Message me if you need help. :D
18 Sep 18:25 2019
Finally I got this one! It was kind of a nice challenge, but also a bit unnecessarily tedious.A big thanks goes to SlimKirby for their guide.
18 Sep 18:29 2019
The HEADBUTT pokemon are very easy to get if you know which trees to use it on. If you check the "Headbutt Tree" section of Bulbapedia you'll know what I mean.Also, make full use of the clock exploit(at your mom's) for evostones and clock reset.
30 Nov 16:42 2019
SporyTike edited this achievement.


UserHardcore?Earned On
Hardcore!13 Feb, 2020 06:48
13 Feb, 2020 06:01
Hardcore!04 Feb, 2020 16:42
Hardcore!04 Feb, 2020 00:59
Hardcore!25 Jan, 2020 23:08
Hardcore!29 Dec, 2019 23:45
Hardcore!04 Dec, 2019 10:20
Hardcore!02 Nov, 2019 12:50
Hardcore!17 Oct, 2019 06:39
Hardcore!12 Oct, 2019 03:51
Hardcore!27 Sep, 2019 20:34
Hardcore!27 Sep, 2019 03:31
Hardcore!18 Sep, 2019 18:16
Hardcore!13 Sep, 2019 01:56
Hardcore!12 Sep, 2019 08:21
Hardcore!20 Aug, 2019 21:48
Hardcore!05 Aug, 2019 05:02
Hardcore!30 Jul, 2019 14:38
Hardcore!19 Jul, 2019 21:15
Hardcore!17 Jul, 2019 22:54
Hardcore!10 Jul, 2019 13:30
Hardcore!01 Jul, 2019 18:46
Hardcore!29 May, 2019 22:44
Hardcore!29 May, 2019 14:13
Hardcore!18 Apr, 2019 17:25
Hardcore!16 Apr, 2019 00:59
Hardcore!14 Apr, 2019 01:23
Hardcore!09 Jan, 2019 01:01
Hardcore!05 Jan, 2019 18:48
Hardcore!01 Jan, 2019 05:02
Hardcore!16 Dec, 2018 15:59
Hardcore!09 Dec, 2018 13:09
Hardcore!30 Nov, 2018 21:25
Hardcore!04 Nov, 2018 21:28
Hardcore!31 Oct, 2018 00:03
Hardcore!13 Oct, 2018 01:00
Hardcore!02 Oct, 2018 06:37
Hardcore!17 Sep, 2018 01:52
Hardcore!15 Sep, 2018 11:37
Hardcore!02 Sep, 2018 05:08
Hardcore!09 Aug, 2018 23:12
Hardcore!05 Aug, 2018 23:29
Hardcore!12 Jun, 2018 16:45
Hardcore!05 Jun, 2018 16:01
Hardcore!01 Jun, 2018 19:45
Hardcore!14 May, 2018 09:59
Hardcore!10 May, 2018 09:44
Hardcore!30 Apr, 2018 01:14
Hardcore!24 Apr, 2018 15:26
Hardcore!21 Apr, 2018 09:56
17 Apr, 2018 14:04


Get your name in the Hall of Fame for the first time as quickly as possible.
Defeat Red at the top of Mt. Silver as quickly as possible.
Biggest Magikarp shown to the Fishing Guru. (Size in Inch)
Highest Score at the end of the Bug Catching Contest.
Get your name in the Hall of Fame for the first time as quickly as possible.