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  • Open your pokedex inside Prof. Birch's lab once you obtain all 212 Obtainable Pokemon without trading or glitches.

    365 (319) of 11,672 – 3.13%

    2.73% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    3.13% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by Blazekickn on: 22 Jan, 2018 04:13
    Last modified: 31 Jan, 2023 14:11

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    WKGames 8 Jul 2022 06:02
    Reached this milestone at 108:58 In-Game time. Some of the Pokemon that were easy to miss for me were the Sudowoodo / Smeargle / Meowth / Persian in the Battle Frontier and the Ditto in the Fossil Maniac's cave (I wish I knew you could get Ditto in this game, would have saved me some time with some of the Pokemon I was breeding). Overall, this is pretty annoying due to all the high level caps involved and it's definitely harder than Ruby / Sapphire due to the Pickup nerf. However, the biggest challenges of this set remain to be seen.
    Skairen 7 Nov 2022 17:50
    I have 213, and no achievement. I wasted a lot of hours to get hem all and now I feel disappointed. No cheats to spawn pokemon or getting items. Feebas alone was nightmare. It happened the same to me in silver, for me it will remain like this but maybe somebody should take a look on how the achievement works.
    Harkaz 5 Dec 2022 00:56
    What if I trade a pokemon that i already have ? the achievment would still pop out ?
    ExplorerBlaze 9 Dec 2022 07:57
    No trading also means you can’t trade with NPCs right?
    Skairen 11 Dec 2022 15:43
    I am trying a new speedrun checking multiple theories. One of them is internal trading Meowth and the other is to not dupe the moon stone. I am playing with save states so it should be easy to check both theories when I reach the end. I would say to leave those internal trading with NPC for the final pokemon. I will inform of my results as soon as I get to the point.
    Skairen 15 Dec 2022 17:17
    So following my previous message, try not to dupe the moon stone and get meowth for skitty in battle frontier. For good measure I didn't dupe any stone so I got the shards and the extra sun stone (by catching like 40 solrock) After you reach 212 go tot he lab in the start town and open the pokedex there. Internal trading with pokemon doesn't seem to affect the count but I would recommend not to dupe any stone just in case.
    31 Jan 2023 14:11
    gollawiz edited this achievement's badge.
    Jamberman 13 Feb 2023 23:00
    I think Meowth (and Persian) are mandatory for the game.

    You don't need to dupe any stones, the only choice you have to make when it comes to stones is for the Moon Stone and who you evolve, either Jigglypuff or Skitty, Sun Stone might be missleading but you need the extra one to either get Sunflora or Bellossom.

    Once you cleared the achievement you can feel free to hack in Pokemons that only evolve by trade or are not available in Emerald in any way
    Bka7x 5 Apr 2023 22:45
    For this achievement how do you get the pokemon you need to trade like alakasam, gengar etc?
    WKGames 5 Apr 2023 22:47
    @Bka7x, all Pokémon that require trading are not necessary for this set.

    In fact, don’t trade them over to your save file or you will be locked out of getting this achievement
    Bka7x 5 Apr 2023 22:56
    @WKGames, Got it thanks for the help, I was already discouraged thinking I needed to change
    georg3r 20 Jun 2023 14:39
    If I trade a pokemon with an npc, does this no longer count towards the achievement? T____T
    mrtylersquared 26 Jun 2023 05:33
    Pretty sure you need some in game trades to complete this @georg3r
    DanUwU 11 Jul 2023 21:07
    Para quem está perdido sobre a conquista, você pode pegar o Meowth por troca sim, porém ao pegar todos os pokémons e ter a quantidade requerida da conquista basta você literalmente abrir a pokédex pelo menu, estando dentro do Laboratório do Professor Birch.

    For those who are lost about the achievement, you can get Meowth in exchange, but when you get all the pokemons and have the required amount of the achievement, you just literally open the pokédex through the menu, being inside Professor Birch's Laboratory.
    Mupen 25 Aug 2023 22:55
    I don't see how to achievement isn't marked as missable, won't this cheevo be impossible to complete without restarting if you accidentally kill a legendary and save?
    captiveateher 28 Oct 2023 03:14
    I used the resource at [https://scripterswar.com/pokemon/completion/Emerald] to track the 212 attainable pokemon. Worth noting that surskit isn't one of them- while it's made available through swarms, the surskit swarm supposedly only happens if you've record swapped with a FR/LG game.
    Barcelos25 29 Oct 2023 21:21
    Graças ao captiveateher eu consegui descobrir quais me faltavam. Com esse site vai ser fácil completar nos próximos jogos.
    scottybugatti96 7 Nov 2023 22:51
    Does activating any cheat cause this achievement to be disabled? I want to get Deoxys, how is this achievement tracked?
    WKGames 7 Nov 2023 22:52
    In general it's a bad idea to activate cheats before unlocking achievements.

    I'd wait until after catching them all before unlocking Deoxys.
    Malgor 26 Nov 2023 10:41
    Does it work if i trade myself?

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