Metroid Fusion
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Complete the mission with a Missile capacity of 15 or less and no Energy Tanks or Power Bomb Expansions.
Bare-bones (100) (1071)
Complete the mission with a Missile capacity of 15 or less and no Energy Tanks or Power Bomb Expansions.

Created by Brian on: 25 Feb, 2014 17:52
Last modified: 23 Feb, 2022 03:38

Unlocked by 194 of 9,787 possible players (1.98%)

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Dumelax 27 Jan 2021 16:16
This achievement is probably one of the best of this set considering the new perspective it gives you going through the facility with very little ammo to help you out while any enemy can lead you to the Game Over screen if you're not careful enough.
Kyhek 2 Feb 2021 23:38
Wow, Nightmare really sucks in a 1% run lmao, though he's definitely not as bad as Yakuza damageless. If a bonus set is made, I really hope there's a 0% cheevo.
slashfour21 6 Mar 2021 15:32
It really is a very tense challenge if you think about it, because even common enemies can easily kill. And even if you use both the game's save game and the emulator, some bosses will give you some work.
RDPateau 15 May 2021 04:38
that cheevo was really fun, even tho i had to retry yakuza, nightmare and ridley dozens or even hundreds of times. just had to get real good lmao
24 Jul 2021 16:05
KingS1zzle edited this achievement.
VentMMZX 27 Nov 2021 04:58
I've realized how much I hate Nightmare omfg
Veldt 3 Dec 2021 03:48
^this. Nightmare almost put me in the hospital. Shout out to biospark.
23 Feb 2022 03:38
Infernox edited this achievement.
OmegaVideoGameGod 16 Apr 2022 06:09
Nightmare was easy for me it was ridley here's a video for ridley
ArmeniusLOD 20 Nov 2022 06:38
I agree that Ridley is the hardest part of this run. I wasn't able to do the "space jump in the corner" trick, so I had to maneuver around his AI states. His AI states are a pain because if you're too fast his flying pattern will get reversed, and it's harder to dodge his tail when he is in that pattern. Take your time with maneuvering around the room, but keep firing charged shots as fast as possible. Watch out during his dying animation, as the hitbox for his tail is still active.

Nightmare was a breeze compared to Ridley. It's so much easier to manipulate Nightmare's AI pattern compared to Ridley.
DaRabidDuckie 25 Feb 2023 14:08
Finally got this. Freakin' Yakuza took me six and a half hours, and Nightmare almost four. I'd say I'm happy to be done, but soon I'll get to do it again on the JP version. Whee. :p
TimeLink 9 Mar 2023 13:22
I've found you don't need amazing Space Jumping for Ridley for the top-left corner trick to work. Just get down-right shots in when he moves down or to the right a little to give yourself leniency in getting back up.
Other than that, watching a 0% Speedrun helped me a lot in reference for a lot of stuff. Especially how to fight Nightmare. Yakuza really sucks, but Phase 1 is very simple once learned and Phase 2 you just stand in a corner and Charge Shot once it approaches. This Achievement is also ideal for learning and perfecting a lot of bosses for the Wrecked Achievements.
CasualSauce 28 Mar 2023 20:08
challenge junkies smh
blood 19 Apr 2023 05:07
I thought the whole reason for bonus sets was so we could avoid bs like this in regular sets?
Dumelax 20 Apr 2023 18:04
In all honesty this way of playing allowed me to enjoy the game through an entirely different vision, and might be my preferred way of playing it. You are allowed to die and have no time limit to earn this one, so I'd say it's tough but fair.
BodeX3 3 May 2023 06:14
When did y'all get your missile tank? Is it in sector three? If so I have to restart :/
Dumelax 3 May 2023 15:13
First comment of this thread says “There is only one unavoidable item, and it's the Missile Tank in Sector 3 right before the Super Missile download. You have to roll right through it.”
If that's the only one you picked up, you should be good!
SNIvan 26 Jun 2023 19:07
You can avoid bob if you clip or do the bob skip spark that is borderline impossible RTA. The clip is fairly easy tho so 0% could be an achievement
OceanManow 4 Sep 2023 18:30
Really like this one, it transforms the game into a survival horror with resource management, the spike in difficulty on the run starts in the Nightmare boss fight and beyond, Neo Ridley being the most difficult since you need to do a godlike space jump on the corner of the room or dodge his weird patterns, overall it was fun and hard but not in the boring way.
MrDynamite 2 Oct 2023 18:50
Yakuza, Nightmare and Ridley are the 3 Bosses that's hell in this run. But I'm glad to be finally done <3

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