Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Console icon Genesis/Mega Drive

  • Complete the whole game without Spin Dashing. (Level Select Disabled)

    387 (323) of 11,769 – 3.29%

    2.74% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    3.29% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by ColonD on: 21 Dec, 2017 15:57
    Last modified: 26 Jun, 2022 19:50

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    ColonD 1 Feb 2022 22:48
    Good question, I do not know. I should have allowed continues on this achievement, but knowing myself four years ago there is a good chance that is not the case. I did not even write down the conditions in more detail anywhere, like in the forums. An old comment might have had more detail, but this website only shows recent comments. When I revised this achievement set back then, I did a real bad job of it. This was due to inexperience, lack of time, too much ambition without skill... you name it - it contributed. I can not check the conditions now, as I had my ability to inspect conditions revoked due to being inactive. Even if I could, I would need a team of scientists to decipher my old spaghetti conditions. If I am free this weekend, I will play the game without spindashing but using a continue to find see if it triggers or not.
    Tybo777 2 Feb 2022 00:13
    Thanks. If it works WITH. Acontiue used, will you try to get me the achievement unlocked manually?
    ColonD 2 Feb 2022 00:53
    Tybo777 2 Feb 2022 06:20
    Then what am I supposed to do? Just do the ticket thing and hope for the best?
    ColonD 2 Feb 2022 16:20
    A ticket is to request a bug to be fixed by a developer, ideally me since I made this achievement, but I am not in a position in my life to maintain the code for this set right now (I would delete all these achievements if I could). A manual unlock is where an Admin manually unlocks the achievement for you after given proof, I think a video would be appropriate for this achievement. Only you can record such a video, if you do not want to you could always just not unlock the achievement. I am not an Admin, nor even a Developer right now, so you have all the power that I have. For a manual unlock see:
    Tybo777 2 Feb 2022 17:11
    I glossed over it before, but I cant find it now. Where can I issue the ticket?
    ColonD 2 Feb 2022 17:53
    ColonD 5 Feb 2022 16:53
    After testing, I can confirm that you ARE allowed to use continues. Here is proof, first Game Over after 51:51, Achievement Unlocked after 1:19:12:
    Tybo777 6 Feb 2022 14:51
    Hmmm I didnt even spindash what about tegular spinning?
    ColonD 6 Feb 2022 15:05
    Regular spinning is fine. The only thing not allowed is Spindashing and Level Select. Other than that, if you beat the game, you earn the achievement. You probably spindashed. I have done all I can do.
    26 Jun 2022 19:50
    gollawiz edited this achievement's badge.
    KnockerKrazy 17 Nov 2022 07:53
    Achievement was easier than expected. Just disable the mapping for down in the Retroarch menu, except for three loops in Hill Top Zone. Had to die purposely in Metropolis, due to falling in an area that I couldn't make it out of. This achievements works with Solo Tails (who I prefer for his shorter hitbox). Regular spinning is allowed but isn't necessary. Fun achievement!
    coveredingas 7 Dec 2022 23:15
    If you're used to Sonic 1, this really isn't bad. Just take your time so you don't accidentally spin dash.

    With that said %^$& METROPOLIS ZONE. Easily the worst part of this for me. It took me ten to fifteen minutes longer than usual to clear because I had to learn the timing on some of the platforms. Protip: When you're trying to build momentum in tight spaces, jumping when you first hold down a direction speeds you up a smidge faster than running along the ground.
    salvadorbastard 14 Dec 2022 02:42
    Did it as Tails for anyone curious. Metropolis zone act 2 was the only place where it was annoying in one section but apart from that not too bad! Just pretend it’s Sonic 1 and you’re good!
    a8pineapple 12 Feb 2023 09:24
    True, spindashless (what a word!) Metropolis is hard, but it can be made trivial by collecting the 7 gems and having super sonic by the time you reach it.
    blackrook29 9 Aug 2023 23:20
    i did this no pop however i was in casino night and when i was on a flipper the game made a spin dash sound strange, gonna try again tomorrow need this and a tails playthrough.
    ColonD 10 Aug 2023 17:30
    @blackrook29 the Spin Dash sound is fine, going on flippers is fine. The only thing you can't do is Spin Dash. That is pressing Down on the D-Pad, and then pressing A, B or C when you are ducking. I see you have the achievement now, which I am glad to see.
    thekaufaz 17 Jan 2024 23:38
    Can a status icon be added like a lot of achievements have? That way you know you haven't accidentally spin-dashed yet.
    thekaufaz 21 Jan 2024 22:09
    Even though it's not necessary, I got this by disabling the down arrow binding on my controller. I just cannot keep myself from spin dashing. For the few times you need to press down I use an n64 controller and bound the "Z" button to the down arrow so I could only press down in a very intentional way and not by force of habit. I got this on my first try. There are a handful of slightly challenging jumps toward the end but otherwise it wasn't much different than any other run.
    19 Feb 2024 11:17
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