Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Console icon Genesis/Mega Drive

  • Zero Deaths

    (50) (418)

    Complete the whole game without Dying. (Level Select Disabled)

    507 (272) of 11,751 – 4.31%

    2.31% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    4.31% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by ColonD on: 15 Dec, 2017 20:23
    Last modified: 26 Jun, 2022 19:50

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    SonicRanticoot 4 Aug 2022 22:52
    I encountered a glitch that triggers upon beating Silver Sonic that locks you up in the Silver Sonic room until time runs out. I don't know how the hell you trigger this, and I had already died a couple times but that point, but my god. I would be furious if I found it on a deathless run.
    ColonD 5 Aug 2022 03:56
    Interesting, I have never heard of this glitch before. I can see three videos of the glitch performed on YouTube but I can not find any text based documentation on the glitch though, which I find weird. The videos all perform the same actions, they perform four hits on the right side with a spindash, then they perform four hits on the left side with a spin jump. The glitch appears to occur when defeating the boss whilst it is changing attack. It appears to be frame perfect, as in all three videos exactly 7s and 40 frames occur between the first frame of a white flash to the score increasing after the bosses defeat. I would suggest only hitting the boss seven times and waiting for its next attack to start before defeating it, this should make this glitch much less likely to occur.
    The worst glitch I used to have occur often was the Rexon crash glitch. I avoid the glitch by not killing Rexons anymore.
    iheartstriders 20 Oct 2022 05:15
    im guessing the answer is yes, but just in case, if AI tails dies this achievement still counts right?
    ColonD 21 Oct 2022 04:08
    Yes, If AI Tails dies, you can still unlock this achievement. This achievement considers death as when the lives counter at the bottom left decreases.
    Cavi3D 10 Nov 2022 17:55
    I can't believe I got all the way to death egg, and somehow jumped through robotic instead of bouncing off and died...
    DeliaSymbols 5 Dec 2022 12:53
    I got this, no spin dashing, and Tails all at once. My heart was racing and I was shaking at the final boss... You'll not believe how good that felt when I got all 3 achievements.
    salvadorbastard 22 Dec 2022 16:09
    It's tough but actually a really really fun challenge. Main areas to watch out for are making stupid little mistakes in Metropolis or the final boss fight. In the last phase of the final boss when he lands only aim for the head as if you miss slightly, you'll end up falling through his body and dying instantly. I recommend practising with Level Select first if you haven't played in this game in ages like me! One of the most rewarding feeling cheevos I've done so far and totally doable. Feels amazing getting this one.
    Whithbrin 8 Jan 2023 19:13
    Question. So Super Sonic is allowed, but are you allowed to use the code for super sonic or do you have to get all the emeralds first? Since you can't use level select, and the super sonic code requires level select active.
    ColonD 9 Jan 2023 03:39
    You have to get all the Chaos Emeralds to become Super Sonic. You can not use the Super Sonic code.
    In my opinion, Super Sonic does not help that much with this achievement, and can often hinder trying to unlock it.
    Metropolis Zone's enemies are a pain, large hitboxes and annoying patterns, Super Sonic can help with that, but at the cost of higher speed thus getting crushed to death in that zone.
    Getting crushed or falling to your death is a threat in other zones, and I believe Super Sonic is prone to dying because of that. I personally get careless as him.
    Most other enemies (apart from Rexon crashing your game) should pose not too much of a challenge.
    Super Sonic can help with bosses, but the only problematic boss for this achievement is the final boss, that Super Sonic can not be used on.
    If getting Super Sonic is a must, Emerald Hill Zone is your friend. You already have the Professional Collector achievement so you should have a decent amount of experience in the Special Stages.
    Whithbrin 9 Jan 2023 03:42
    Right, I did figure as much. I probably won't be using Super Sonic anyway because of those things you mentioned, but thank you for clarifying!
    Whithbrin 10 Jan 2023 00:30
    I did it! It was a challenge, but not even close to as hard as I expected. My recommended strategy for the death egg robot is to immediately run all the way to one side of the arena and wait for him to target you. When he lands, you can easily nail a hit as he crouches that *should* guarantee not dying. You can safely repeat that tactic for the whole fight. It takes a bit of time, but it's safe.
    Fragnus 12 Jul 2023 18:23
    1 mês pra conseguir :'3
    funtime547 22 Sep 2023 18:12
    3 months, and I'm still trying.
    Get this on HARDCORE is really tough, but actually kinda fun! Sonic 2 was so boring for me before, and now, it's just a massive challenge.
    funtime547 26 Sep 2023 04:29
    I did it!!!!! :DDD
    Cavi3D 26 Sep 2023 05:18
    Nice! Good stuff @funtime547
    Zyndeyqualarrin 28 Sep 2023 21:38
    Pain. Been on and off trying this for months, never got past Metropolis 2
    Zyndeyqualarrin 22 Oct 2023 19:21

    This video has helped me get past Metropolis for the second time in a row now, very helpful. Sadly died at Death Egg, then again at Wing Fortress :(
    Zyndeyqualarrin 25 Oct 2023 19:14
    Juaroomblah 13 Nov 2023 12:56
    first try. wow. and i thought this was gonna be painful haha.
    segagamer 6 Jan 2024 08:32
    For the final boss I generally recommend going behind him and hitting his butt instead of trying to hit him in front. Trying to hit his front is quite risky overall due to the potential of falling through him, and his spike arms being quite high up.

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