Legend of Zelda, The: Majora's Mask
Console icon Nintendo 64

  • Without entering a grotto, collect 400 Rupees in Termina Field using only the Blast Mask

    327 (297) of 4,799 – 6.81%

    6.19% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    6.81% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by MoonLegend on: 11 Dec, 2017 19:33
    Last modified: 26 Jul, 2023 19:07

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    Andrevus 27 Jul 2021 04:41
    Inverted Time is recommended, Shield is banned in this challenge.
    Zyvyn 30 Jul 2021 03:38
    typo in the description "Ruppee's" as opposed to "Rupee's"
    Andrevus 30 Jul 2021 04:16
    And even that would be a typo, because it's "rupees"
    ColtonKP 7 Nov 2021 16:30
    Something helpful I discovered is that if the Takkuri steals your Rupees and you get them back, it counts towards the achievement, meaning the achievement may pop before your wallet reaches 400. Of course this is RNG based and Takkuri may end up stealing your sword and disappearing from the game, so attempt at your own risk.
    Olafur 7 Nov 2021 23:32
    there is a way around that however. Drop your sword at the Smithy BEFORE attempting this. Of course, if you've already gotten the Gilded Sword you can't, but still. Also, make sure to fill up all your bottles and don't get GFS yet. He can steal that sword and empty bottles, but he won't steal bottles that have something in them.
    21 Mar 2022 03:13
    StingX2 edited this achievement.
    StingX2 21 Mar 2022 03:13
    Edited spelling
    Numberman 3 Apr 2022 19:38
    This didn't trigger for me
    donutweegee 21 May 2022 12:06
    aaaa toma no cu. nem ao menos deixa rola na porra da grama
    Rubicate 24 Aug 2022 20:09
    Here are some preparation tips: Do this achivo late when you have a lot of heart containers, and after you have the Great Fairy defense buff, and buy a fairy in a bottle as backup. Buy 2 Magic Beans and plant+water them on two soil patches (one south near the stump treasure chest, and the other one east near the pillars). Go visit the Astral Observatory and use the Telescope to watch the Deku salesman exit Clock Town until he despawns, then a Guay (crow) will fly out from the swamp and another one fly out from the mountains. If you keep watching them they will eventually each leave a red rupee on the field that does not despawn. Now enter Clock Tower, equip the Blast Mask, and go back out there and start collecting rupees. Rolling into any bushes or falling into a hole so that Termina Field is unloaded will fail the achievement. Open the 2 treasure chests you can reach (you can't get the underwater one), destroy every bush with the Blast Mask, ride the Magic Beanstalk for the rupees on top of the pillars, grab hidden rupees that are inside the water fountains to the east, kill the 2 adult and 1 baby Dodognos with the Blast Mask, and lastly, you can roll into the tree next to the Astral Observatory so that the guy climbing the tree drops two red rupees, this roll does not disqualify you. There are also a few rupees hidden in the tall grass but make sure you don't fall into a hole (watch for butterflies above the holes).
    22 Nov 2022 02:33
    ladynadiad edited this achievement's description.
    22 Nov 2022 05:38
    ladynadiad edited this achievement's logic.
    TheUberCamper 29 Jan 2023 16:59
    Got 446 rupees by killing dodongos, collecting grass rupees, opening both chests, getting the 40 rupees that the crows drop, getting the 40 rupees that the man in the tree drops, destroying every single blade of grass in the field, collecting the red rupee that's on the pillar leading to Ikana Canyon, destroying the rocks on the wall between the snow and bay area, then after the achievement not popping at 431 rupees I played the song on the wall to get 15 more rupees.

    The achievement still didn't pop.
    TheUberCamper 29 Jan 2023 17:23
    I have no idea why it didn't pop for me previously, but I do know that you can allow the days to pass and it still counts; this means that you can effectively kill the 2 adult dodongos on all 3 days if you're willing to wait that long for 300 rupees from them alone. The grass also respawns each day.

    My advice is make sure time-flow is normal before going into the field, avoid rolling into the tree just in case, just kill the dodongos, collect the free-standing rupees, collect all the grass rupees, then wait for the next day (don't play the Song of Double Time) and repeat.
    User280887 9 Feb 2023 11:34
    2 hopefully helpful tips for you:
    First, you can see the current state of the rubies in the RetroArch menu XXX/400 that helps a lot to check if everything is still ok.
    Secondly, planting & watering the beans resets the counter, so prepare the two places and then go back into town, put on the bomb mask and let's go!

    That the dinosaurs reappear after the day change makes the collection very easy, alone the two large droppen a total of 300 rubies, thanks for the tip!
    GoJamBe 24 Feb 2023 09:49
    Ayyyy this achievement is garbage lol
    26 Jul 2023 19:07
    Thoreau edited this achievement's description.
    BoldSniper 17 Jan 2024 16:05
    Be careful. If you reach your ruppee cap, all the other ruppees you pick up won't count towards the cheevo.
    manwitAplan998 29 Jan 2024 19:36
    This achievement is tedious, and you gotta play defensively. I was able to kill that thieving bird from walking and hiding behind the tree, stabbed it a few time and ran off after each explosion. After that bird died, it was smooth sailing by bombing the grass and dodongos.
    PixelRoast 3 Feb 2024 01:12
    I killed the Takkuri with arrows and then put the bomb mask on, collected my first 200 that way... how did no one else start this way?

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