Legend of Zelda, The: Majora's Mask
Console icon Nintendo 64

  • Defeat Majora without taking damage or using any masks - achievement will unlock at credits.

    250 (211) of 5,442 – 4.59%

    3.88% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    4.59% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by MoonLegend on: 05 Dec, 2017 20:18
    Last modified: 07 May, 2024 12:29

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    GoJamBe 27 Feb 2023 20:00
    What a load of bullshit. Every phase change has a chance of screwing you over except the switch from 3 to 4, and then phase 4 itself has 2 moves that will basically kill your run no matter what; the beyblades and the grab. Someone mentioned you should be allowed one hit and I couldn't agree more.
    Jazmataz 27 Feb 2023 20:20
    Keep trying JamBe you can do it mate!👏🏻
    GoJamBe 27 Feb 2023 21:17
    Thanks for cheering me on dude :') FINALLY got it!
    GoJamBe 27 Feb 2023 21:47
    Lots of good tips on here but I'll still break down some things I picked up while grinding this, just in case they haven't been mentioned;

    -Use Chateau Romani
    -Take your health down to 3 hearts to retry faster
    -Double Defense (Sometimes damage is low enough that your hearts won't actually decrease)
    -Equip: Normal Bow, Ocarina (to play Oath), Great Fairy Sword
    -Make an Owl save in the last 5 minutes of the cycle, and make a copy of that Owl save in case you want to retry later

    P1: Track MM aggressively, do your best to stand under it, whenever you cross behind it it's possible to get an arrow in. MM can be shot when it spins, just before starting to move, and when it stops spinning. If MM is at ground level spinning around you, throw out quick spins with GFS.

    P2: Pray you don't immediately get shot, then target whatever you can, raise your shield and move around until most or all of the masks are visible, ESPECIALLY MM. Keep moving in ways that any shot coming from off-screen will be avoided, and the masks with light arrows if the situation allows it. When MM fire's its laser, let go of Z, face MM and hold your shield, destroy any mask in range and hitting MM too before the attack ends. Note: the 4 masks cannot shoot while MM is shooting its laser. MM will go down in 3 laser deflects or 1 GFS jump slash, make sure all other masks are dead before moving on to the next phase.

    P3: Pray you don't immediately get shot. If MI starts running, turn and hold your shield ONLY. If MI doesn't start shooting, do your best to Z target it ASAP. Strafe around to avoid the projectile spam, shielding it while targeting is extremely risky. Try to get a good angle and shoot a light arrow, then as fast as possible: GFS jump slash, 2 quick spins (will knock down), and another jump slash will end the phase if you're very close to MI. If not, adding another quick-spin to the combo should do it.
    GoJamBe 27 Feb 2023 21:58
    P4: Target and raise shield ASAP, stay at a fair distance to avoid hits going through your guard. Strafing may help avoid the grab but I'm not sure on that one. MW will usually throw out single attacks, but there is a 3-hit combo you gotta watch out for. Once you block something, quickly light arrow and move in for a GFS jump slash+quick spin, immediately pull out another arrow, MW will jump back. Let go of your shot just as its about to attack (tracking is kinda bad on the bow so don't shoot too fast or too slow), and move in again with the GFS. Doing that 3 times will kill it, but after the 2nd time it is extremely likely that MW will deploy some beyblades. Use quick-spins to push them out of your way.

    This fight is extremely random, so don't kick yourself too hard about it.
    ahstro 24 Mar 2023 18:15
    Oh daaaaaamn, I just got this after hours of trying and realized my internet was down!!!! 😭😭😭 Luckily, apparently RetroArch keeps trying a little bit, so I managed to reconnect and didn't have to do it again 😭😭😭💓💓 That was so scaryyyyy
    Whithbrin 29 Sep 2023 23:00
    I failed repeatedly on what the video above called "the easiest" phase. Passed the final phase on the first try.
    shugowah 19 Oct 2023 04:25
    got his ass \o/

    the run that did it was so scuffed. missed three spins worth on the first shot in phase one. missed several mask shots. blocked three full volleys of blasts in phase 2 and had to break targeting to grab more arrows

    and then somehow I had a godlike phase 3 where I two-cycled him with light arrow>GFS jump attack>quick spin, twice each. didn't even see beyblades
    NoahNocturne 3 Dec 2023 09:29
    This was a very difficult challenge, but after finally getting it, I have some tips.

    During the second half of Majora's Mask, instead of targeting and shooting each of the boss masks, I suggest getting up to the nearest wall and facing away from it into the arena. Now keep the shield held and hold Z-target. Make sure you aren't targeting any of the enemies. This way you can strafe left and right along the wall and use Majora's laser beam to burn each of the other masks. Just be careful not to strafe too far left or right because the beam may hit you. The masks usually hover at roughly the same height as the reflected beam, so moving left and right until you align with a mask will easily burn them very quickly. Once all the boss masks have been killed, just use your bow to stun Majora's Mask and jump attack her with the Great Fairy's Sword. Thankfully, holding the shield usually keeps Majora from hitting you during her spinning attack. It can happen though, so be careful.

    Once you start Majora's Incarnation, shoot her with an arrow as quickly as you get the chance. Once she's on the ground, run over to her and start quick-spinning with the Great Fairy's Sword (spin the left joystick in a circle then swing the Great Fairy's Sword). Keep spinning and you should be able to stun lock her and easily move on to Wrath. I had the upgraded spin attack from the Woodfall Great Fairy. I'm not sure if you can stun lock Incarnation as easily without it.

    Once Majora's Wrath starts, immediately switch to the Light Arrows and shoot her as quickly as you can. Then make your way over to her, and use the stun lock mentioned by Ness64. This video shows good timing for how to keep her stunned: https://youtu.be/RbsdnPafsyA?si=LE5Mchi9cIh0Q4PE&t=724

    If all goes well, you'll take her down and earn the achievement along with a slight stress headache.
    ChaosXeloc 4 Dec 2023 21:43
    With all the comments here, I was expecting this to be much harder. After I got past phase 2 (took a dozen tries or so), I got through the remaining phases on my first attempt. That said, I didn't realize that equipping the Bunny Hood before entering wasn't allowed, since the challenge indicator would stay on-screen, but I didn't get the achievement and had to do it all again...

    Anyways, Chateau is of course helpful in the event that you fail and need more magic for Light Arrows. As others have said above, it's mostly about knowing when to target and when not to target. The fight will then mostly boil down to hitting arrows/Light arrows at the correct moments, holding your guard otherwise, and then punishing Majora when they're stunned by using GFS jump-slashes and quick-spins. I never once saw an attack come out from Majora or the remains in phase 2 that seemed unfair or unblockable, but they can come at odd angles if you aren't positioned properly. Good luck!
    WaterFlow 26 Mar 2024 22:15
    Tip for the 1st phase: You can make it more consistent to not get hit by all projectiles by going to the corner by the entrance pillar and staying there. Nothing will hit you from your right/left side, and you can focus on the mask that appears on your side. When they leave your target range, hold shield and target to stay safe. Good luck, this was a tough one.
    Boomer69 30 Mar 2024 03:07
    I don't want to be that guy, but I'm truly at a loss as to why people think this is hard. The only phase of any difficulty is phase 1 and even that isn't too bad. Phase 2 is a joke and I've never seen him immediately fire at the start of the fight like some are saying. Phase 3 he can be stun locked with relative ease and he goes down pretty fast.
    Chows 6 Apr 2024 08:19
    The only two items you need are the bow and the fairy mask in your C-slots. The regular bow can shoot faster, and the fairy sword deals a lot of damage. I would only suggest using the fairy sword after the first initial attack, and always make sure to hit with the regular sword after you've landed an attack to regain access to your shield.

    Phase 1:
    First attack, Majora is preferably above you. Shoot an arrow while directly under him. Do a spin attack to make sure your shield is still out. Masks come out. Although the camera is reset, keep an eye on Link. Roll towards majora and reset camera. Lock onto Majora and hold shield for your life. Jump to the sides as necessary. Try to take out the masks with the beam of light. Wait until there are two or less masks left, and shoot one of them three times with arrows.

    Phase 2:
    In this phase, Majora can not only immediately run into you, but also shoot balls of light two seconds in. These balls of light can hit behind even when you're shielding. As soon as the phase starts, hold your shield. Try to Z target to get your camera its bearings. Majora moves randomly, but the times where you can hit are when Majora is moonwalking, ballerina dancing, or as he's getting up from his fake fall. While you can hit him during other phases, these are the safest times to go for the shot. Sometimes Majora will be moving too fast to hit immediately, just try to go for the shot when Majora is going closer towards you.

    Phase 3:
    This is by far the least RNG part of the boss fight, but if you don't know the timing it can mess up your runs. I'd suggest practicing the stun lock ChaosXeloc has linked. Grab your light arrow and shoot Majora. Watch Majora as he goes up and down when hit with the sword. Think of it like a metronome where you're hitting the third note. Up-down-hit, Up-down-hit. I've had better luck with the regular sword, but the fairy sword is always an option for a faster kill.
    Chows 6 Apr 2024 08:20
    I forgot to mention that in phase 1, you know where majora is because he is directly in front of you after the masks come out of the wall. Just look at the way Link is facing and go that way.
    TrashCity 26 Apr 2024 18:56
    I think the most trouble I was having with this achievement at the end of the day was the camera and lock on system. Not sure if It was just me, but that was the biggest hurtle about that fight. The actually fight itself is actually not that bad if you break it down into sections.

    Quick tips
    Make a save right when you have to go up to clock tower with 3 hearts, Chateau Romani, 50 arrows [Light] and fairy sword.

    If you get hit at boss, just die and it will spawn back around tree making easy reattempt. If you run out of arrows always 20 arrows at start of boss fight.

    P1-Always get underneath fire when about to spin, use fairy sword jump attack

    P2-Always run to a wall, hug wall/corner and shoot masks one by one once you killed mask quickly lock on to other mask. When MM is about to fire [sound que] always make sure you lock on with make sure to shield at right time for fire attack. Might get lucky and kill some masks with fire. Z+Down = Stop Locking on for quick MM access.|

    P3-Shield, then try to lock on asap. Follow target until you get good shoot with arrow [Light], once in range use fairy sword once fallen down. If you are not in range shoot arrow again for small attack. Quickly kill him or he will shoot projectiles, once he does you have to side jump or back flip your way out, don't shield.

    P4-Quickly arrow[Light] then fairy sword, if you are not there in time shoot again so MM doesn't get up. Quickly shoot arrow, then fairy sword until dead. If you think you don't have enough time to shoot arrow then always use shield until you have an open spot.

    You got this!
    thatoneguy1851 1 May 2024 23:21
    Oof saved this one for last, it was rough!

    Phase 1 - I found hugging a wall with Link’s back against it rather than a corner worked better against the masks and Majora and rarely got hit. When he does the twirly move, the shield works 90% of the time. Z target Majora and defend while he does the eye blast then un target him to aim the shot at either the other masks or him. The other masks will go down in a single hit (two for light arrows) and three for Majora.

    Phase 2 - Easiest phase. Just hope he doesn’t shoot blasts at you and shield defense is hit or miss here but it’s his only attack. Shoot Majora with light arrow while he’s stationary or doing dance moves. When he’s down, jump slash with fairy sword and use quick spins with Kokiri sword to immediately get Majora on the ground again. Keeping Majora on ground is key. Repeat until he goes into his Wrath form.

    Phase 3 - shoot Majora with light arrow as soon as phase starts to stun him and shoot arrow again as soon as effects wear off while he’s still dazed (you only got a split second). Just keep spamming with fairy sword. Deflect both whips with your shield and ALWAYS watch his right hand (Majora’s a righty), when his right whip retracts, that’s your chance to use the arrows again. Hopefully you can beat him before he starts using the spinning objects. If Majora does, then it gets tough but always hug a wall and the spinners can never hit Link from behind. Defend as needed and stun when you can to keep Majora from using either his whips or spinning objects, otherwise it’d be very likely for you to have to do the challenge over as Link will get hit.
    7 May 2024 12:29
    Nepiki edited this achievement's title, description.
    Kejs 21 May 2024 12:03
    For some reason, drinking chateux mid fight also gets rid of the achievement... very annoying
    ROESAITO 14 Jul 2024 10:48
    This is a video of me doing this one. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/2197350142

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