Legend of Zelda, The: Majora's Mask (Nintendo 64)

Defeat Majora Without taking Damage or using Masks. (Will Trigger at Credits)
A Curse Released (Flawless) (50) (334)
Defeat Majora Without taking Damage or using Masks. (Will Trigger at Credits)

Created by MoonLegend on: 05 Dec, 2017 20:18
Last modified: 17 Jul, 2021 15:05

Won by 108 of 2602 possible players (4%)

Recent comment(s):
Luks18 24 Feb 2021 15:11
No problem! :D
wilhitewarrior 24 Feb 2021 16:24
Thanks :)
17 Jul 2021 15:05
AlexGatao edited this achievement.
MrDynamite 22 Jul 2021 13:46
First Phase get some rage for me by the cutscene where the remains drops and suddenly attacks. Second and third you can kill quickly. Using Light Arrows that hits instantly and bashing with the Fairy-Sword.
MrDynamite 22 Jul 2021 13:47
Then wait for the credits scene where the game starts^^
Zyvyn 5 Aug 2021 18:40
Worst part is every phase has at least a small bit of RNG
Olafur 5 Aug 2021 18:47
yeah it sucks. Great Fairy Sword is basically a must, it's just like the FD Sword, except without the beams.
Zyvyn 5 Aug 2021 22:16
also incarnation loves to start and then instantly shoot those energy orbs before I even target him
Zyvyn 5 Aug 2021 22:38
that has now happened 7 times in a row :/
Zyvyn 21 Aug 2021 01:37
Alright 2 weeks later and I'm still not having any luck. Might end up having to give up on this set with only a few achievements left.
hyperloony 16 Dec 2021 20:51
I feel that the video guide isn't showing the best strategy. For the first and second phase I find it's much better to use normal arrows, even with infinite mana. They have far less startup and end lag, plus they're not to damage Majora, they're to stun him.
gustavovaladares 17 Jan 2022 02:57
You don't need to be with full health at the start of the boss
Xiroes 1 May 2022 19:33
Ugh... I envy everyone that got lucky on this achievement. I kinda have the same problems that Zyvyn had. Phase 2, sometimes I get IMMEDIATELY blasted by Majora at the start of the phase before I can even have a chance to react to it. Then if I make it to stage 3 with no damage - I get grabbed and there is nothing I can do about it T.T
Xiroes 1 May 2022 21:33
Ok... Seriously - does anyone have any hints for maybe how to avoid the instant blast as soon as phase 2 begins or do I have to be anywhere NOT to get grabbed on phase 3? A large majority of my failed attempts is from those 2 things and it's frustrating when it feels out of your control. Is Majora just an ass on my game? Lol - most times I finish the fight just to practice and see how far I can go and I usually only get hit that once :(((
Xiroes 2 May 2022 03:00
FINALLY got it... I hope ppl don't have as bad of luck as I had with what I mentioned above. Makes the achievement very frustrating
RandomDuck 4 May 2022 21:44
Jesus Christ, that was some nonsense. This boss really highlights the limitations of the z-targeting system when you have multiple enemies. If you're targeting one of the masks while majora is firing his laser beam you will probably end up getting hit from them moving around, and switching to the right target is basically pure luck. I recommend to anyone attempting this, try switching to "hold" for z-targeting in the options, otherwise you won't be able to cancel the lock-on when you need to block the laser. Also, like the others have said, unless you get real lucky, you WILL get hit by undodgable energy orbs or the grab on the last phase many times before you get a chance at a fair fight. There's nothing you can do about it, just make sure to keep moving during phase 1 with the masks and finish phase 3 as fast as you can before he gets a chance to grab you.
Luks18 5 May 2022 02:18
Reply to RandomDuck: You can cancel the Targeting by moving the analog stick backward and pressing Z, that way you won't switch to another target instead, and to target on the enemy you want, just aim properly and press the button when the cursor is point at the one you want, I don't have any problem with the Z-Targeting.
RandomDuck 7 May 2022 23:00
Alright, good that you pointed it out (can't believe I never realized it before). That makes things easier, although I find that changing/selecting your target is still not consistent when the enemies are all bunched together and you have to target the right one on a seconds notice. The fact that Z is the only way to control the camera makes it even trickier.
Ness64 12 Sep 2022 06:55
Try doing this while you have 3 hearts. If you have to retry, die and you'll respawn at the field inside the moon. As for each one:
Mask - Target and keep a good distance. When it starts to spin, untarget and charge your own spin, then release when you see its shadow. Done correctly, it'll get hit, land behind you and you'll be unharmed. Then just jump with the GF Sword and it'll call the other masks.
Kill all masks fast (3 arrows or 2 Light Arrows each), but try to not have too many enemies offscreen (especially Majora), blind hits are the worst part of this entire boss. If you hear Majora preparing the laser, always untarget (if targeting anything) and either run or use the Mirror Shield to reflect it, at the masks if possible. Generally, the corners are relatively safe, but you may have a harder time hitting some masks from there, so move as needed. Destroy all masks before you're done.

Incarnation - Easiest, but don't underestimate it (pray you don't get sniped just after it starts). Target immediately, keeping it onscreen at a moderate distance is essential. Drop a Bomb near the flower at the middle of the room. This form oddly has a hurtbox at that spot; if a bomb explodes there, you'll always hit it. You can then go with regular arrows (and then immediately drop another bomb there) or the GF Sword for damage. If you don't have any bombs, use regular arrows + sword instead.

Wrath - Target, pause and switch to Light Arrows. Fire one asap, then go near Majora, untarget and attack one hit at a time. With good timing, you can stunlock Majora. Regular attacks work, but the crouch stab worked better for me. For a reference, your next hit should connect just as its knee hits the ground after it recoils from your hit. If it runs away, target, stay on the defensive and try to stunlock again.

The video and other comments cover the rest. GOOD LUCK, this one is rough
Olafur 12 Sep 2022 10:37
one more thing, I personally would recommend using Chateau Romani, giving you infinite magic.

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