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Legend of Zelda, The - Majoras Mask (Nintendo 64)

Defeat Majora Without taking Damage or using Masks. (Will Trigger at Credits)
A Curse Released (Flawless) (25) (276)
Defeat Majora Without taking Damage or using Masks. (Will Trigger at Credits)

Created by MoonLegend on: 05 Dec, 2017 20:18
Last modified: 22 Oct, 2019 18:50

Won by 26 of 680 possible players (4%)

Recent comment(s):
7 Feb 1:50 2019
Yeah I know. I think there's a youtube video you can watch where the uploader pulls off the damageless fight.
7 Feb 19:07 2019
This video is pretty good: Check out the comments about light arrows & using them to force him to the center of the room.
7 Feb 21:57 2019
I just did. Need to clarify some points here :- DON'T use your shield, because sometimes it fails and you get hit.- Great Fairy Sword helps a lot. (It can block Majora's Wrath)- Use Light Arrows to stun Majora's Wrath and get close to him.
7 Feb 21:58 2019
If you get close to Majora's Wrath when he is stunned, he'll jump into the center and spin, and he won't use the grab attack, which is impossible to dodge.
9 Jun 2:00 2019
Why does it say or if you still have to do both? i beated Majora without masks but did get damage but no achievement which is fine and all , but then why does it says 'OR' instead of 'AND' just saying.
28 Jun 14:11 2019
I'm trying to do this right now. Some tips:1. As soon as the 4 boss masks can be taken out, do so. Also move continuously.2. Form 2 can easily be comboed to death by spamming spin attacks.3. You can sneak 3 or 4 hits in on majora's wrath w/ spin
28 Jun 14:34 2019
Also, have your frame throttle set to X10 and have it on toggle. Ocarina, bow, goron mask on C buttons. Play the song of time with this setup, and with full hearts and magic. This will minimize time between attempts.
28 Jun 16:39 2019
That time I was about to deliver the final blow on Majora's Wrath and a top honed in on me from behind where I couldn't see it and ruined it -_-
1 Jul 11:38 2019
If you get hit, break the pot with the arrows, pick them up, and then let yourself die. You'll respawn with 3 hearts inside the moon. Saves a LOT of time on the setup. I highly recommend using Chateau Romani. Light arrows stun Majora's Wrath.
1 Jul 11:41 2019
Majora's mask tips: 1: try to hit the back with an arrow as soon as it starts spinning. Try to be really close to it when this happens. If you aren't able to, then don't risk getting hit. Use your shield and strafe.
1 Jul 11:44 2019
2: jump attack it when it's stunned.3: When the masks fly out of the wall, run towards Majora's Mask to Z-target it. Back yourself nearly against the wall while targeting and hold your shield up. Take out the masks asap. I recommend *CONTINUED*
1 Jul 11:48 2019
*CONTINUED* a combo of deflecting the laser vision to the masks and shooting them with arrows. Majora's Incarnation tips. When it starts, hold down-right for a sec, and then start spamming quick spins. This should be enough. *CONTINUED*
1 Jul 11:50 2019
*CONTINUED* If it starts shooting at you... Good luck. I haven't figured out a way to counter... Majora's Wrath tips 1: The second the battle starts, shoot it with a light arrow. Run up and quick spins twice. Take out your bow. *CONTINUED*
1 Jul 11:53 2019
*CONTINUED* Shoot it with a light arrow when it lands. The timing might take some practice. If it's too far away to roll to and spin attack, take out your bow and wait for the jump again. You'll know it's about to die when it throws a top. *CONTINUED
1 Jul 11:56 2019
*CONTINUED* After loosing an arrow, shield. Don't risk getting hit at this stage. Finally, I highly recommend practicing with save points. Whenever you get hit, just load the save point. Once you think you can do it, activate hardcore mode again.
1 Jul 11:56 2019
IT IS STILL LUCK BASED. Very difficult achievement. Those are all the tips I have.
1 Jul 12:05 2019
Btw, in Majora's Wrath, make sure when you do your quick spins, that you're Z-Targeting. This is so you can hit it with the light arrow when it lands.
29 Jul 22:42 2019
BenGhazi edited this achievement.
3 Sep 20:17 2019
Took me like 2 hours and headache
14 Sep 18:03 2019
DrPixel edited this achievement.


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Hardcore!13 Dec, 2019 04:23
Hardcore!21 Oct, 2019 14:53
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Hardcore!25 Mar, 2019 10:09
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10 Mar, 2019 13:51
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Hardcore!19 Dec, 2017 10:30
Hardcore!14 Dec, 2017 09:53


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